Swagtron Swagboard ng-1 Electric Skateboard Review

This guide is made for the skateboard enthusiasts, people that really care about their skateboards. The latest trend in the skateboarding community is the electronic skateboard: a skateboard which combines all the things that we love about our skateboards plus some added horsepower for convenience.

Swagtron is a pioneer in the electronic skateboarding segment, and with the Swagtron Swagboard ng-1, they have made a winning product. This comprehensive review tries to examine all the features that this amazing product brings to the table and whether your hard-earned cash should be spent on it.

This review guide will enlighten you on all the pros and cons regarding this product and the in-depth nature of this piece is something you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. So, buckle up and keep reading on why the Swagtron Swagboard ng-1 should be your next electric skateboard.

Swagtron Swagboard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard

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The Swagtron Swagboard ng-1 offers unbeatable throttling and it has superior acceleration and deceleration that offers the user a lot of control while using this product. This skateboard weight is 9 lbs. This skateboard has a top speed of 11 mph and it can run for up to 10 miles on a single charge. It can carry a person with a maximum weight of 176 pounds (78 kg) and its power output is 24 V.

The battery of this skateboard is made with water-resistant Lithium Poly Phosphate and is constructed with a durable casing. This durable skateboard is also a long-lasting product that is perfect for teenagers and older children who care about functionality. This skateboard is a good product for beginners as the controls are simple to learn and it can run for several hours with little charging. The Swagtron Swagboard ng-1 is lightweight and the motorized rubber wheels will enable you to have smooth riding experience.

The deck of this product is made with maple wood and it also comes with premium taping on top of that for added traction. The skateboard also comes with an LED remote that is wireless and you can control the speeds and braking with this remote. This remote also shows the battery status and speed.

The wheels are made from a durable polyurethane material that has shock-absorbing features, so you can rest assured that you won’t feel the bumps of the surface while you are riding on it. Finally, the Swagtron Swagboard ng-1 meets all safety standards as it comes with a UL 2272 certification.


  • Very affordable skateboard for beginners.
  • Made with durable parts
  • Controls are very easy to use
  • Cons:

  • Only supports a maximum weight of 176 pounds
  • Buyers Guide Of Swagtron Swagboard

    With a weight of fewer than 10 pounds and maximum power wattage of 250, the Swagtron Swagboard ng-1 is a perfect entry level for young adults and beginners who are starting out as skateboarders.

    Speed and Range

    This electric skateboard has impressive speed and an even more impressive range; thus, it can be good for several hours of use. The remote is very easy and portable, and the controls are user-friendly, so you can get a hang of it in no time!


    The batteries of this electric skateboard are energy efficient and charge up quickly. Out of all these good points for this skateboard, the only downside is that it can only carry a person with a maximum weight of 176 pounds, which we believe is a limiting experience. Other than that, this skateboard passes our tests with flying colors. This ng-1 model is an upgraded model from the previous version and it manages to improve on the previous iteration’s shortcomings.

    Materials used in the base

    The construction includes durable materials, such as the maple wood and extra taping for added traction while on the move. The wheels are based on a single motor which provided sufficient torque and acceleration for the rider. The skateboard truck is also designed in such a way that it is easy to balance your body and the design helps to streamline the center of gravity of the rider. The truck is also held into place with a strong metallic base that adds more balance while traveling at a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour.

    Wheel Design

    The Swagtron Swagboard ng-1 also comes with a wheel design that enables you to experience adequate friction so it safe to maneuver across long distances, so all in all this is a highly safe electric skateboard for riders with little to no experience at all. The cruise control features that this skateboard offers is also impressive. The speed and range it offers are optimum for riders and it ticks most of the boxes for a skateboarder.


    • What is the best durable material for electric skateboards?

    Skateboards that are constructed with metal and contain materials such as maple wood in the instance of this skateboard offers longevity and can withstand rough surfaces. These skateboards also require less maintenance and can offer good value for money as they last for a long time.

    • What kind of skateboards is good for riding across rough surfaces?

    Electric skateboards that offer good body balance and provide good friction and torque while riding are good for rough surfaces. These skateboards offer more support and are usually safer than other skateboards.

    • Is it important to buy skateboards with good range?

    Yes, it is very important to buy skateboards with good range as they can last for several hours without requiring getting charged up again. An electric skateboard with limited range can sometimes ruin the skateboarding experience as the rider will have to constantly charge more than twice every day just to ride for a few hours.

    • Are lightweight skateboards better than heavier skateboards?

    Yes, lightweight skateboards offer more flexibility and speed compared to heavier skateboards.

    • Are electric skateboards safer to use than conventional skateboards?

    Yes, electric skateboards that come with certifications are safe to use and offer a better riding experience compared to the conventional skateboards. Nowadays, battery technology has improved leaps and bounds and are very safe to use on electric skateboards.

    Additional Information

    You can use the LED remote that comes with the Swagtron Swagboard ng-1 to control everything regarding the skateboard. With its LCD display, you can check battery status, access cruise control features or checks the speed of the skateboard. The controls are very user-friendly. Another thing to note is that the battery takes three hours to charge to 100%.

    Key Features Involved in an Electric Skateboard

    Skateboarding is a very popular activity that is a major pass time activity for a lot of teens and young adults. Once you perform a Google search to look for a good skateboard, you will find various results all advertising about how good a product there skateboard is. It’s at that time that you should look for some key features that your preferred skateboard should possess.

    • Speed
    • Material
    • Range
    • Design

    A good electric skateboard should be constructed with durable materials and have an impressive range and a good amount of speed to make it into a desirable product. It should also have an attractive design that attracts the eyeballs of its users. These are the major features that all skateboards should have in order to be classified as a decent product.


    The Swagtron Swagboard ng-1 is an all-rounder when it comes to electric skateboards. It offers very impressive features and easy to use controls that are great for a beginner. It’s perfect for older kids or young adults who are starting to learn the art of skateboarding.

    This skateboard has very few shortcomings, and most of its features are geared to offer a great skateboarding experience. It is also an extremely safe electric skateboard, which offers great balance and a streamlined center of gravity to the rider.

    This skateboard also passes with flying colors in a lot of categories, and the lightweight and portable nature of this product means that you can carry it around easily. The mechanism of this skateboard is very efficient, and the battery is also respectable as it offers a good range on a single charge. Once you learn the basic tricks of navigation and the cruise control features, this skateboard will become the perfect entry-level product for you!