Best Longboard for Sliding

Best longboards for sliding

Do you know what’s the most fun part of longboarding? Yes It's sliding. Though it takes a lot of time to learn to slide properly. You have to survive a lot of crashes and falls but trust me that completely worth. Once you break off the traction and end up sliding for the first time, that feeling cannot be described in words.

However, there are a lot of tricks to do the longboard sliding in the right. Don’t just start without following any guide, otherwise, you will end up eating some road bricks and sand. Not only skill, for perfect sliding you would need a suitable longboard. Every longboard is not good for sliding. And we have designed a list of 5 best longboards for sliding, go through it, you will definitely find one for you.

Quick Answer: Top 5 Sliding Longboards listed below

Top Picks

Budget Friendly


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  • Perfect board for sliding
  • Extremely Impressed
  • You won't be disappointed with this board!
Best pick

Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout

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  • Very smooth in turns
  • Top quality
  • Flexible for overweight

All these 5 longboards have been chosen from dozens of longboards which was definitely not an easy thing to do. We had to compare a bunch of factors in order to choose the best one. However, these longboards are satisfying users well and has better quality compared to other models. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Have you ever heard of multi-purpose skateboards? The JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboards is one of them. You can use it as a cruiser board and also can use as a longboard. The impressive part of this very longboard is its deck, we are going to review everything about the deck. Not only the deck, wheels, trucks, bearing, etc. We will cover everything on this longboard.

The deck of this longboard is made five layers Canadian maple with two bamboo layers which makes it one of the best bamboo longboard decks. The FIBERBLASS BAMBOO construction of the deck is extremely durable without impacting the weight of the board. Moreover, it has unique and amazing graphics craved on it. The deck is 42-inches in length and 9-inches in width and that’s enough size for a nice longboard riding experience. On the other hand, the shape of the deck means the center of the gravity of the longboard is very low and that makes this a stable longboard.

As the longboard is stable it is suitable for the beginner rider who has never stepped on a longboard before. Not only for beginners, but stability is also a highly important factor when you a longboard just to use for cruising and transportation. JUCKER HAWAII craves different graphics in their different longboard decks but this graphics simply cool.

Wheels have a lot to do with your longboard riding satisfaction. However, this JUCKER HAWAII comes with high-rebound PU wheels which is enough capable to give you a smooth riding experience. Plus, the wheel size is 71mm x 51mm, that means they are large and larger wheels can go over the cracks and bumps effortlessly. But as the wheels are soft, you might not be able to ride on high speed.

The manufacturer has used high-quality trucks in this longboard. The trucks are 7-inches in size and made of aluminum. Plus, the busing in also top-notch high-rebound 83A PU bushings. There is one flaw in these trucks which is, they tend to get loose in a while but tightening them is a job of 20 seconds. In this longboard truck have been used JUCKER HAWAII Allround Trucks stonefinished/Black Matt. 

Another part of this longboard that demands to be praised is the bearings. The manufacturer has ensured high-quality in bearing too. The size is 9, made of complete steel and has a nylon ball case. And even better, they come pre-lubricated. Moreover, it also features a high-quality OS780 grip tape which provides the rider with needed traction and very helpful for beginners as they will get stability.

Overall, the JUCKER HAWAII Longboard a great multi-purpose skateboard. Design and performance, this model is holding the lead in both. On the flip side, it doesn’t cost a fortune. Beginner, intermediate and professional, this very unit is suitable for everyone.


  • Great entry Classic Longboard
  • Bearing comes pre-oiled
  • High-quality wheel, trucks, and bush
  • Durable grip tape
  • Looks good
  • Rides smooth


  • Botched kick-tail fiberglass job
Loaded Boards Longboard

Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Complete Longboard

Here comes the expensive yet another high-quality longboard which is ready to help you with the different tricks. And that’s none other than the Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Complete Longboard. As the name suggests, this very long board is loaded with all the core features that anyone would look for in a top-notch longboard. Style, design, durability, and performance, this Loaded longboard comes with everything.

Powerslide, downhill, freestyle, and freeride, you can do all of them with this loaded longboard. This very longboard is constructed with two vertically laminated bamboo cores which is pressed in between fiberglass and epoxy skins. These materials and the way the manufacturer have designed this very model; it is very lightweight. Though the size doesn’t agree with that. Plus, the deck of this longboard is thick enough to withstand regular wear and tear.

This longboard size doesn’t come as advertised but that’s not a problem though. The size of this board is 39 inches and this longboard gets a large amount of its agility from the wheelbase length. The wheelbase length is 26-inches and that makes this longboard enough capable of riding around the city with ease. And as the wheelbase length is short, it makes this longboard highly responsive so that anyone can easily perform different tricks.

The deck of this Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo longboard comes with a symmetrical rocker shape which creates a great footlocker. And having a good footlock means you will get nice stability, you will have proper control, you will be able to take quick turns, you will be able to perform different tricks and above all, symmetrical shape reduces the chances of falling, means you will be on the top of the board to the entire time.

Grip tape is mandatory for any rider as they provide them with needed traction. However, this Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo complete longboard comes with a high-quality grip tape which would not tear off with regular use. And it also features kick tails which will definitely help you to perform some impressive tricks easily. The wheels of this model is solid and durable. Because of their solidness, you would be able to ride this longboard faster.

 But as the wheels are hard, they are only suitable for riding is plain and smooth surfaces such as skate part, ramps, tracks, etc. These wheels have the capability to withstand the daily hardness you would encounter. If you are on a tight budget, then this Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo longboard is probably not for you, as it comes with an expensive price tag.


  • Highly durable board
  • Solid and durable wheels
  • High-quality grip tape
  • Offers great responsiveness
  • Offer gentle stability and control
  • Feature symmetrical rocker shape
  • Classy design


  • Very expensive model
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00JSNU8D4&Format= SL450 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USsector 9 lookout

Are you a beginner rider who want a longboard for safe riding? Then you should take a deep look at the Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout Longboard. It is the last review of this article and another good one. Like others in our review list, this one also comes with classy graphics and durable longboard parts.

People who are looking for a longboard for performing tricks, they also can choose this one. The drop through platform of this Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout longboard offers the rider a great freeriding experience. Downhill riding or performing slides, this one is perfect for both. The low center gravity gives great downhill riding and because of the stability, it will allow the rider to perform slides easily.

If you want a longboard just to ride around the city, this Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout fits in there too. The deck of this longboard is highly durable and that makes this entire model perfect for both advanced and entry-level riders. Since it is a low profile skateboard, it offers great stability and control which makes it easier for beginners to ride.

You would be able to perform different tricks easily as the grip tape will provide you with the needed grip. The manufacturer has used A3200 Jessup grip tape on the entire deck, and this grip tape is highly durable. The trucks of this model give the rider control over the riding and also helps to ride in rough surfaces. The bearings run very smooth which means you would be able to move faster with this Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout Longboard.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Durable deck
  • Smooth bearings and wheels
  • Grip tape
  • Great stability
  • Perfect for both entry-level and professionals


  • In flat surfaces turning with this longboard is very tough
  • Weight over 200 pounds is not suitable for this longboard
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The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard is a piece of longboard that attracts everyone by its graphics. Oh my god, what an amazing design. This one is our personal favorite longboard. Style, performance, artwork, this very model is holding the lead in everything. It has a really big fan following, don’t believe us? Go, give a check on its ratings and review. It is one of the top-rated longboards.

Another satisfying part of this longboard is, it comes at an affordable price tag. That means you are getting everything stunning artwork, performance, style, durability at a low price. The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop is designed in a way you will be able to ride miles effortlessly. The deck is made of 8 ply construction which is highly durable and can withstand daily wear and tears.

It features a 31-inch wheelbase and the wheels are bigger than 70mm. The wheels are also little soft. Larger wheels will allow you to ride faster and softer wheels tend to slow down the speed. On the other hand, because of the soft wheels, you would be able to ride smoothly and larger wheels can roll over cracks and bumps.

This longboard also features enough wide deck where you can place your foot comfortably. Plus, the deck also comes with grip tape for providing the rider with needed traction. The bearings of this longboard are ABEC9 rated which are super smooth and gives outstanding performance for a very long time. Since this model comes with high-quality parts, it might get little heavy, right?

No. It is still super lightweight, can be carried under the arms and stored anywhere. Despite of featuring a lot of helpful things, we must you would barely find a similar longboard at that price point. Overall a great longboard to get started with.


  • Affordable
  • Great graphics
  • Smooth bearings
  • Larger wheels
  • Grip tape
  • Reasonable price


  • Soft wheels don’t allow faster riding
  • This longboard allows limited tricks performances
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01EMO7X0E&Format= SL400 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USLandyachtz Dinghy Longboard

Are you looking for a classy compact longboard for sliding? Then you would definitely want to take a look at this Landyachtz Dinghy. This very longboard has been around for over 20 years and still very popular. Why? Because of its brand authority, durable materials, and nice design. Another top reason is its price.

Landyachtz is one of the top longboard manufacturing brands which is serving the market with high-quality materials for 20 years. This brand also owns two other reputed brands, Bear trucks, and hawgs wheel. The Landyachtz uses their very own trucks and wheels in their all products. Thinking about quality? You’ll get to know that once you step on it.

This skateboard is smaller is the size and also lightweight which makes it easier for people to carry it under their arms or in bag or plane or bus. On the other hand, because of its small size, it is also very easy to store. The Landyachtz Dinghy is a great commuter skateboard, if you need transportation just to move your regular places, this could be a great catch.

The deck is made 7 ply maple wood; maple wood is a top-notch deck building material which most professional skateboarders use. The deck of this longboard is very durable and perfect for flipping and sliding. And the mellow radial concave shape will allow you to have a proper foot placement when you are sliding, riding fast or downhill or taking a turn.

And it has a clear grip which provides the rider with needed traction, the grip tape is highly durable so that can withstand regular wear and tear. Some longboard model comes with thin foam between the deck and grip tape for extra comfort. It features an ample kick tail which will allow you to make small jumps and perform kick turns.

This longboard also features 105mm traditional polar bear trucks and in order to offer better turn ability, the truck is enlarged with bushing seats. The Landyachtz Dinghy longboard is not very stable as the deck is little higher than the ground and that makes it not suitable for beginners, intermediate riders are perfect for this longboard.

 However, if you are an intermediate rider and looking for a longboard for performing different tricks along with sliding, then the Landyachtz Dinghy complete longboard would be a good choice for you. It is highly durable and the price is also reasonable. On the flip side, the graphics on the deck also looks classy.


  • 7 ply maple wood deck
  • Durable grip tape
  • Reasonable price
  • Strong trucks and wheels
  • Classy graphics
  • Perfect kick tail


  • Not a stable longboard
  • Not for beginners

Factors Need to Consider Before Buying the Best Longboard for Sliding

There are a bunch of things which you should check before buying a longboard. Though we have already shown some longboards above but below we have also designed a buyer guide to ensure that you don’t get your hands on the wrong longboard. Go through the buying for more secure purchase. Have a look

Symmetrical Shape: When literally comes down to sliding, the symmetrical shape is what works impressively. Symmetrical deck shape will allow the rider to ride the longboard in two ways and moreover, will even allow him or her to switch when they are looking forward to perform 180s. This shape also offers a great amount of flexibility.

Drop-through mounts: The drop through mounting is what offers the great stability and also makes it easier for the rider to push out slides and also break traction. On the other hand, drop through mounting also allows the rider to perform slides easily. If the rider wants more flexibility, traction and responsiveness, then drop through deck can be top mounted.

Drop Platform: Drop platform is another beneficial thing when it comes down to freeriding (slide, tricks, jumps, etc.). It contributes to perform tricks, slides, etc. Lower platform offers extra stability and the top mounted truck offers needed traction, control and decent ride.

Low flex: Flex means how flexible and bouncy the board is. It is always wise to choose a stiff board that has less to no flexibility. Because bouncy longboards wouldn’t allow you to ride faster safely. And stiff boards will give your full control and stability.

Enough concave: Concave means the curvature of the deck and half of your stability depends on the concave shape of your deck. Generally, you should choose a deck that has a gentle or high amount of concave, so that it will lock your feet when you are riding. And having needed concave on the deck will help you to stay to of your skateboard and will offer you good comfort.

Never try to perform any tricks with a flat deck, there is high chance that you would end up falling. And if you are beginner, stay 1000 meter away from trying even a trick.

Rocker: This is another important factor you should check if you are picking a longboard for freeriding. Having a rocker in the longboard will allow you to push easily, create stability and slide easily.

Wheel base: Wheelbase is the distance between the trucks in longboards. If you choose a longboard that has large wheel base, it would be stable but not much responsive. Similarly, if your longboard has shorter wheel base, it would be less stable but highly responsive. Responsiveness is what a rider needs the most when performing tricks.

Deck length: Choosing a deck of 38-inches to 42-inches length is okay. These much length will provide you with nice responsiveness and stability. On the other hand, this length is not so bulky either. The deck width doesn’t play a big role but nevertheless, picking the width from 9-inches to 10-inches would be fine.

Top 10 Best Longboard Brands

1. Landyachtz

The Landyachtz is producing skateboards from 1997 and their mission is to improve people lives through that. However, they make varieties of skateboards but they have gained the most success in their longboards and people are considering this brand as one of the best for longboards. In their production, they follow some rules and regulation.

Which is their products go through some hard tests before they are launched in the market Plus, they don’t launch a single product until a professional rider gives approval. And that results in great outputs. All of their products are high-quality, functions well and last long. This brand also owns two other reputed brands, the Hawgs, and bear trucks.

Both of these brands are also very popular. The Landyachtz uses their very own deck and bearings in all their skateboards. However, as they ensure top-notch quality, their products also come with expensive price tags.

2. Rayne

This brand is from Canada and producing longboards from 2004. The goal of this brand is to exceed the expectations of the customers. They only focus on the quality and nothing else. They say a high-quality product will get sold easily. Like others, they don’t focus of multiple categories, they are only focused on producing more top-notch longboard than the previous one. Want to know the main reason behind the popularity of this brand?

The Rayne longboards have been used in freeride events and world cup races. If their quality is not extraordinary, why would professional skateboarder choose their board to ride in big tournaments? Makes sense, right? If you are a newbie, stepping into a skateboard for the first time, then this brand is not for you. Rayne longboards are perfect for intermediate riders.

3. Loaded

If you have been onto a place where riders usually ride, then you must have seen people riding Loaded Longboards. Loaded is a brand that, newbie riders also know the name. This company started back in 2000 but wasn’t successful at the beginning. They had to struggle a lot and then the world noticed the quality of their skateboards and they haven’t looked down since. They are working with distributors and shops in worldwide in order to get long-term success in this industry.

They mainly produce dancing, freestyle, downhill and freeride boards. People are so in love with their skateboards, only because of their quality. You can’t even imagine how amazing their boards are unless you ride one. The loaded brand also owns the Orangatang brand. This is a wheel brand and this brand is also very popular for top-notch wheels.

4. Riviera

This brand is kind in producing impressive skateboards every time. All their graphics are completely unique and so stunning that anyone would have a hard time taking his or her eyes off the board. Even, you will just enjoy staring at the boards, they are that beautiful. Riviera produces different types of skateboards such as micro, drop-through, street, downhill, etc. And each category boards comes out highly durable.

Riviera is California based brand who are providing their users with worthy skateboards for very long. They use different types of high-quality materials in building skateboard decks and the materials are, fiberglass, bamboo, carbon fiber, maple wood, etc. Another satisfying part of this brand is, they produce skateboards at an affordable price.

5. Sector 9

Sector 9 is a San Diego based skateboard manufacturing brand formed in 1993. At the beginning, they were producing skateboards out of snowboards and later it turned into longboards. Now Sector 9 is one of the best longboard brands for beginners. The stability, balance, and traction their longboards offer, make it suitable for newbie riders.

This brand produces differently shaped decks; the different shape is suitable for different need. Composite downhill decks, bamboo cruisers, simple wood ply deck, double kick cruiser, and so on. This brand has something literally for everybody. Though people can get confused while choosing from their large varieties. They don’t use outsider’s wheels and trucks. They produce their very own wheels and trucks.

6. Arbor

This brand is also called as Arbor collective and motive was to produce the best skateboards in the world. They make their skateboards environment-friendly, sustainable, and durable. They use recycled materials to produce durable skateboards. Moreover, to ensure the highest quality this brand has partnered with Paris trucks and Sucrose initiative wheel brands.

These two brands are so popular for their top-notch productions. However, all the parts of this very skateboard is premium. All their productions, downhill deck, cruiser board, street board, large pintails, etc. Comes with unique and beautiful graphics. Moreover, this brand not only produces skateboards but also snowboards, knives, glasses, clothing, and other outdoor items too.

7. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is probably the oldest skateboard manufacturing brand in the earth. They started their brand by making plastic cruisers back in the 70s, and over the years they have developed to match with the competitors and in sometimes to lead the industry. Santa Cruz has some product which held the lead in the industry for a long time. Have you heard of the brand, Road rider, OJ wheels, and Independent?

Santa Cruz is the sister concern of these brands. This brand produces a deck of different shapes and their longboard is perfect for newbie and intermediate rider. They don’t manufacture longboards for professional riders. Deck, truck, wheels, everything comes from their sister companies which are good in quality.

8. Atom

Atom is highly popular for their affordable price. Anyone can afford their longboards effortlessly and they have gained the best badge in manufacturing entry-level longboards. This very brand always tries to meet the customers need at a low cost and somehow they manage it. They mainly produce longboards and electric and all-terrain skateboards.

If you need a board just to do longboarding or cruise around the city, then you won’t get wrong with this brand. Their longboards will satisfy you from everywhere. They have the lowest price tag and delivers better value than anyone would ever expect from a longboard of that price point. However, this brand doesn’t have longboards for professional riders.

9. SCSK8

One reason, why this SCSK8 brand is so very popular, is because it doesn’t crave the brand name in any parts of the longboard. The deck comes clean, no graphics on that. Wheels and trucks are althe so same. And this makes it easier for people who their very own design and names on the entire skateboard. Plus, this brand produces longboards at an affordable price like ATOM.

SCSK8 has started their journey ion 2010 and as they don’t put any graphics on the deck, it saves a good amount of money. Plus, they also focus on providing longboards at a very low price. Their products prices are cheapest but not the quality. Even at a cheap price their longboards offer great value.

10. Rimable

Rimable is the last brand of this list and another best longboard manufacturer for entry-level riders. They also try to manufacture longboards at an affordable price and that makes sense, as their longboards are for beginners and most beginners won’t go for the pricey boards on the first go. Rimable produce different types of skateboards. However, this brands longboards have all core features that a beginner skateboarder would need.

Final Words 

Pack up! Hope buy now you have got the best sliding. The buying guide will definitely help you to choose the best one, when you are picking a longboard from the market. However, if you have any kind of suggestion or disagreement, don’t hesitate to hit us through the comment section. Happy longboarding!!!