Skateboarding Safety | Key Equipment’s With Rules & Regulations

Skateboarding as a sport has come a long way from being the sport of some guys in the pacific trying to find their alternative to keep fit during surfing of season to one of the most stylish and adventurous games of recent times. More and more millennial’s are getting hooked with their skateboarding as a passionate hobby.

Although it seems a bit dangerous for those who haven’t done it, it is a far safer game than it might look. However, safety still plays the most crucial role in this game, like any other sport. There are many aspects of skateboarding safety. It includes everything from the equipment to basic stuff like wearing proper clothes as well. Without knowing about them, you should not do any skateboarding either. We have discussed all you need to know about skating safety and key equipment with rules & regulations here.

Skateboarding safety

How frequent is skateboarding death?

Skateboarding deaths are not quite common as it is a very safe recreational sport per se. But according to different surveys every year, more than 40 people die in the accidents of skateboarding. You do not want to be one of them. So follow the rules accordingly and ensure your safety. Most accidents happen because they go to the streets for practice, and the car comes to crash them. 

What is the injury statistics of the skateboarding?

What we have found about that in 2017 alone, more than 60000 people injured themselves while skating. Almost half of them are young people ranging from age 15 to 25 age. So if you are a parent of a skateboarder, make sure If your children are aged enough to handle skate then do not let underage kids go skating.  

Necessary Safety tips and gears for skating

For a beginner, it’s important to know about the equipment and gear you are required for your safety. With the right equipment in hand, you will be able to do skateboarding much more safely.

Keep your equipment fine-tuned:

A loose, broken, or cracked piece of equipment may seem o work fine right now. But when you are in the crucial part of your game, it may crash and put you into an accident. So before you go for a ride, do check the equipment ahead of time. No entertainment is more precious than your life.

Don’t fall for cheap skateboards

 If you skate for fun, do not take more than one person. For practicing, skating does not go on the streets for skating. Also, get a good quality skateboard because it will ensure a better balance. It prevents an accident to a certain extent. 

Get a well-built skateboard:

It may sound too obvious, but getting a good skateboard will be better than a cheaper but not so well built one. Because these are designed with special care on supporting the skateboarder. A better skateboard will have a lesser learning curve, and the length is also a little more comfortable to balance than the cheaper skateboard. It gives you a better balance and reduces the chance of accidents.

Use Hard-shell helmet for safety:

Without a hard shell, the helmet does not even plan for skate practices. Most accidents are only because of head injuries. A helmet without a face cage is better for skaters. If you get a bicycle or hockey helmet, it will work as well. Just make sure the shell is hard.

Proper clothing:

Proper clothing will keep you warm and help you be comfortable. Lycra material is best for skating clothes. Skater’s cloth should be stretchy, warm, and long-sleeved. Keep elbow pads also to avoid cuts there.

Buy Gloves that are cut resistant

Do not buy regular cotton, nylon, or wool gloves and think that you are sorted. These will not protect you for a moment even. Padded Ski or leather gloves are best in protecting your hands from getting cuts all over.

Get a Neck guard: 

When you fall in the wrong position, the neck is the most sensitive part to get injured. For being safe from this, get a neck guard that will cover your chest area. It should be cut resistant too.

Protection for the eyes

If the ice chips or wind hits your eyes, you will not see anything and take a wrong step. So an eyeglass is a must.

Get a wrist guard

Wrist injuries are the most common type of skateboarding injury that we have found. So getting a wrist guard is also very important. Do not neglect it. If you face an unwanted accident, a wrist guard can greatly help you to protect the wrists.


Can skateboarding make you sore?

Yes. Skateboarding is a good physical exercise that will require a great deal of coordination and balance from you and works with the whole body. So you are very likely to feel sore in the entire body in the day after skateboarding sessions.

Can skateboard help lose weight?

It is a physical sport. So you are likely to burn some serious amount of calories with all those twisting and turning in the road. Whether you will lose weight or not, will be very likely to depend on a particular person’s lifestyle and diet. But it can generally aid you to lose pounds. Details Here.

Can skateboarding cause knee pain?

It generally depends on the person, if you have been started to skateboard after quite a while and from colder climates, you will likely need some uncomfortable in your knee. If it seems unbearable, make sure to check with your physician. 


Sports like Basketball Football, way more dangerous than skateboarding. But like any other physical sport, injuries are quite common for skateboarders. It’s why keeping yourself safe is important. But more importantly, you have to know about them first.

That is why we have put together this guide on skateboarding safety so that you can enjoy the sport and still save yourself as well. Like any other sport in this world, it’s all about being aware and following some rules. 

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