Best Skateboard Wheels For Street In 2020

The wheels you use on your skateboard have an impact on the riding experience you get. These accessories are very important and they determine how fast you ride the skateboard, how you will maneuver curves and corners, the intensity of the wheel bite, and the stability of the skateboard. Many people often choose the wrong wheel and only realize they have made a mistake after spending money.

With the wrong wheel, the ride will not be smooth, the board will be noisy, or the wheel will wear off too quickly. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skateboarder, you need to get the right wheels for your skateboard. Wheels come in various shapes, sizes, level of hardiness, and other features.  

With that in mind, it is important that you find the right wheels for your skateboard. In this review, we will be looking at the best skateboards wheels you should consider buying.

"Top Picks"

Budget Friendly

Everland 65x51mm Wheels

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  • Nice, soft and wide.
  • Perfect and inexpensive.
  • It doesn’t restrict movement.
Best pick

Spitfire Bighead Wheels

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  • Best for bumpy surfaces.
  • Great for any skill level.
  • Nice traction and grip.

1. Shark wheel California Roll 60mm, 78a Wheels

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One of the best features of this amazing Shark wheel California roll 60mm, 78a is its beautiful sine-wave shape. The shape of these wheels allows it to go faster when you compared it to others. They are also good when it comes to handling rough terrains and roads better than normal wheels.

When it comes to sliding control, these wheels excel. Additionally, these wheels do exceptionally when you use them for cruising. You should expect the when they start rolling. This is because it uses a new hybrid shape that you will notice in between a sphere and cub.

The altering pattern of the wheels grooves helps to minimize hydroplaning by channeling sand, gravel, or liquid away from its surface. This gives users a firm contact patch with the ground surface regardless of the terrain.

Another notable advantage of this skateboard wheel is that it gives you the smooth riding experience and a quiet ride. It also delivers a great performance even when riding on an uneven surface such as grass, rugged terrain, cobblestones, and dirt. It also has the ability to handle water; therefore, be rest assured that this is the perfect wheel for use on during rainy seasons. It is also the right skateboard wheel for longboards.

With this kind of wheels, you get an idea of how it feels to skate in the future. With these wheels on your skateboard, there are no restriction or limit on weather or terrain. These wheels will effortlessly and simply take you anywhere and you will stand out among other skaters.

 However, some people think it is expensive.


  • Has a sine-wave design which allows you to move at a fast speed without falling
  • It has the ability to handle terrains and rough roads
  • Boasts of amazing slide control and the ability to handle cruising perfectly
  • Offers the quietest and smooth riding experience you will ever get a skater
  • It is for use on longboards


  • It is a bit pricey

2. Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Longboard skateboard Cruising Wheel

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If you are looking for high-speed action, then you should consider buying the Orangatang Kegel. For people who love speed, you should consider getting these wheels for your skateboard. The wheels measure 80mm, which makes them really large and they can roll smoothly over almost anything at a very fast speed. In addition, they have square-shaped edges and wide bevel for race-worthy traction.

With a width of 56mm, it is much easier for riders to balance and respond quickly when sliding. Being large and wide, they are ideal for skateboard tricks and downhill sliding. They also have large cores measuring 46mm and feature deep valley-shaped cross section for better support and acceleration.

These wheels are also made with urethane formula which offers the best vibration damping so as to prevent slippage and accidents. They are available in two different colors: 83 A in purple and 80 A in orange.

Because of its sturdy material, width, and core, the kegel skateboard wheels are durable and highly enduring. With a maximum weight capacity of more than 200 pounds, it means people if all sizes can get thus wheel. Although this is a bit pricey, it is totally worth it.


  • They are large in size, making them ideal for rough terrain
  • They are ideal for longboards
  • They also offer maximum grip and speed, making them the perfect option for skating on the street and for tricks
  • They can also roll over anything easily. That means you can use them on grass and rough terrain
  • They also provide maximum traction, which is good for safety
  • They are designed specifically for downhill sliding
  • More durable and enduring
  • Happy thane formula
  • Two durometer/color options


  • When used too much on rough roads, they chip easily

3. Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels

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This is one of the good wheels you can find on the market today. It is manufactured by Ricta and features a 78A Durometer surface urethane and 78D Core. The manufacturer creates upper bouncy and fast skateboard wheels that roll smoothly over rough surfaces.

These wheels are made with modern shapes which make them lightweight and not bulky. For those who love cruising around the town, performing some crazy stunts, or need a maximum grip on those sharp turns, then these are the perfect skateboard wheels for you.

The wheels have standard shapes that make them perfect for all terrains and ideal for beginners. In addition, they have a shiny coating on their surface, also known as mould release or skin, which adds more traction and grip as you ride.

With good acceleration and extra grip, it is almost impossible to fall even when riding on bumpy roads. These wheels are also great when it comes to cruising. You can use them to perform some tricks, but they are good at cruising with average control and speed.

Ractis wheels come in the following durometer range and colors:

  • Red or black duotone: 86A
  • Red or white: 86A
  • Blue or black duotone:78A
  • Crystal blue: 78A
  • Crystal Red: 78A
  • Crystal clear: 78A
  • Blue or white: 78A
These are the small wheels for beginners as you can sure that you will not be rattled around by bumps and cracks in the pavement.


  • The wheels are available in multiple colors
  • Durometer and diameter range is offered for different riders
  • The perfect wheels for filming and cruising in rough terrain
  • It also modern shape which makes it beautiful
  • Not heavy or bulky, making it the perfect wheel for cruising and pulling stunts and tricks
  • Designed to guarantee smooth rolling
  • Comes with a guarantee against any defects from the manufacturer
  • Offer good control and balance
  • Ability to roll over almost any surface
  • Ideal for cruising
  • Made of soft urethane with a 78a rating and a solid core with a 78d rating


  • It is slightly expensive

4. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Wheels

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You may also notice that Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue S-Wheels is one of the excellent wheels in the market nowadays. It functions very well to voyage as well as skate stopping.

It’s a great wheel that you will want to get for your skateboard. In addition, it is recognized noteworthy soundness and footing regardless of whether used at rapid. That’s what you get when you use such wide wheels. With this, there is a lower risk of your slipping and falling. These wheels work easily yet quickly.

Another point of reference that you will love about Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Wheels is their capacity to ride perfectly on urban landscapes. In addition, the wheels will give your skateboard a faster ride while keeping your stable on the road.

These wheels are ideal for use with long-board and regular skateboards for the ultimate skating experience. They come with a durometer of 85a which makes them more stable and balance well on the surface. If you are looking for cruising wheels, then these are one of the best options on the market.

The softness of the wheels allows it to gain speed and traction by minimizing the risk that comes with sudden sliding. While you find them a bit pricey, they are certainly the best option that you can get on the market.

Another thing that you will love about these wheels is the ability to ride well on urban terrains. In addition, it is easy to maneuver with these wheels as they are totally impressive. When compared to softer wheels, these ones promote quicker ride whole handling more aggressive cuts and slides.

 These wheels work perfectly for longboards as well as penny board. It is however small for performing some tricks.


  • Perfect wheels for cruising
  • Operates smoothly and quickly
  • Ability to handle aggressive cuts and slides
  • Easy to maneuver while being responsive
  • Boasts of great traction and stability


  • Some users find it too small for performing some tricks

5. Orangatang in Heat 75mm Downhill Skateboard Cruising Wheels

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Are you looking for the best wheels for racing, craving, or downhill? Then there are the best wheels you should consider buying. These wheels have solid construction and they promise a great skateboarding experience.

These are solid wheels with 75mm and are designed to maintain speed with the help of better grips, sharp edges, and the right thickness. In addition, you will find rippled inner walls that provide progressive inner energy return on a sharp turn.

In addition, these wheels are designed to give you the grip you need and have that smooth feel on almost any terrain. Because of the sharp edges and firm grip, they don’t slide easy.

They are also made for skateboarding at a very fast because of the width and size of the contact patch. Generally, they offer outstanding durability, performance, grip, and traction on the surface. For people who love riding skateboards at high speed, then this skateboard is the perfect option for you.

They have a 75mm diameter which provides enough balance. The wheels have a rippled-urethane pattern which provides optimal rebound.

For skateboarders who want to ride fast, then these wheels are the perfect wheels for you as they are built with a large diameter. They allow skateboarders to move quickly and balance at a very high speed. In addition, the wheels have sharp square lips which allow them to provide optimum grip and allow users to slide smoothly. When you combine this with the rippled urethane pattern, you get an amazing rebound.

 In addition, you get the support from the wheel’s strong core, and the urethane core looks not only grippy and plush but also smoothly slides.


  • These wheels look really cool
  • They ride awesome as they are designed with a material to guarantee this
  • Provide the grip you need to ride on rough terrain
  • They are designed for speed, so you don’t have to worry about falling
  • They are also easy to install and can be used on all types of skateboards
  • They provide maximum traction on the road
  • They have a solid core which makes them reliable
  • Well-proportioned and quick


  • The edges get ragged quickly
  • Require a lot of energy to push around

6. Bones Wheels STF Street Tech Formula Skateboard/longboard V4 Wheels

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The most interesting thing about Bones wheels STF street tech formula skateboard V4 wheels is that they are designed with the Street Tech Formula, which helps in making the product only contains high-quality components. The Street Tech Formula helps the wheels to deliver that impressive performance you are looking for as a skateboarder, especially when riding on the streets.

This wheel has one of the best hardness you would want to see in your wheels as it uses STF that has been tried and tested. Therefore, the wheel has high resistance and will not flat spot easily.

These wheels are designed to be not only fast but also hard while performing excellently for slides. So, this wheel especially works for slides longboard. In addition, they are known for their high rebound feature, which allows them to go at a high speed while boosting its slide capabilities. This wheels are able to do this while retaining resistance to flat spotting. This is very important in preventing falls and even injury.

With a wide profile, the wheels are able to provide riders with great traction and stability, which is a good thing particularly for skateboarders who like skating at a fast speed. This wheels are also treated, thus improving grip and traction, particularly when they are contacted with smooth surfaces.

 However, some people have complained the wheel is too wide.


  • The wheels make use of STF, thus allowing it to deliver that impressive performance on the street
  • They are also hard and fast, making them work perfectly when it comes to slides
  • With a high rebound, which helps to improve speed and slide capability
  • Designed to provide great traction, grip, and stability on the surface, making it the right option for use on slippery surfaces
  • They are also designed to resist flat spotting
  • They are also very durable
  • Standard color
  • With a wide profile, it gives the skateboard the stability you need to go fast
  • The wheels are also threaded to provide traction


  • Some users say it is a bit too wide

7. Everland 65x51mm Skateboard/Longboard Wheels

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These are great wheels for skateboards and longboards. Everland 65x51mm Wheels look really attractive, especially when looking at them for the first time. They have a sleek design and you can find them in different colors on the market.

One of the most interesting things about these wheels is their strength. You can rest assured that the wheels are strong enough to handle flipping and cornering. They are made of polyurethane material, which means that you have some level of assurance that they will provide excellent grip and ability to absorb shock. This is particularly important if you will be riding your skateboard on rough terrain and you are looking for wheels that will give you a soft ride.

These are also great wheels for people who skateboard regularly. The wheels are also known to be a bit hard considering they have a durometer rating of 99a. In addition, they come with really nice spacers and bearings to make your ride smooth and comfortable. The wheels also run with minimal noise while giving your adequate control and balance over the skateboard.

These wheels have a diameter of 51mm and they are powerful sufficiency to turn, flip, and grip. However, some users have complained that it has a weird chemical smells when new.


  • It has an attractive look, which makes it the perfect wheel for anyone looking for wheels that will turn heads
  • It has a sleek design despite that fact that is available in many different colors
  • It is also strong enough to handle flipping and cornering, which makes it the ideal skateboard wheel for people who like performing tricks
  • It is also made of durable and shock-absorbent polyurethane. So you can ride with these wheels on rough terrain with confidence knowing that you will have a good skateboarding experience
  • The wheels come with bearing spacers
  • The wheels are available in over 12 colors
  • The perfect wheels for beginners
  • It is strong enough to handle heavy users
  • Lasts longer than most wheels on the market


  • The wheels have a chemical smell when you first buy it

8. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard/Longboard Wheels

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Spitfire is one of the most reliable brands on the market as it tries to meet the needs of their customers by providing high-quality products. Spitfire Bighead Wheels is one of the best products manufactured by the company.

This wheel has a diameter of 52mm and comes in a set of 4. They are all designed to high-grade and are built to last longer than other wheels. With durometer rating of 99a, they have just the right amount of hardness to make your ride comfortable. Such durometer rating, the wheel is ideal for riding on parks and pools while providing better grip than harder wheels on the market. In addition, these wheels offer a bit more slide than extremely soft wheels.

One of the main reasons why skateboarders get these wheels is because they are manufactured in the United States. Considering that the manufacturer has a good reputation, it instills some level of confidence to the consumers.

These are the soft skateboard wheels for street designed to offer you a smooth ride whether you use them on the street or in the park. The manufacturer works well for people who have moderate skills and would like to skate on the streets. With a wide profile, the wheels provide the stability and traction that skateboarders need while riding fast.

One of the main drawbacks of spitfire bighead wheels is that it is difficult to install bearings into them.


  • They are high-graded wheels designed to last longer
  • They are ideal for riding in parks and pools
  • They provide better grip than harder wheels and provider better slide than soft wheels
  • Ideal s-wheels for people with moderate skills
  • Traction and stability is quite impressive because of their wide profile
  • These wheels are also offered at an affordable price
  • They also look good, so you will want to get them if you are a skater who likes attracting attention
  • The wheels also ride like minibeasts


  • It is a bit difficult to install the bearings
  • The Spitfire logo usually comes off easily

9. Sector 9 Nine Ball 69Mm 78A

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B009ZC8DZS&Format= SL450 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USir?t=sdtnly 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B009ZC8DZS

This is another great skateboard wheel for beginners. It has the right measurement and its size is right for people who don’t want to skate so fast. The Sector 9 Nine Ball 69Mm 78A is made with the right concentration of urethane and a core that makes the wheel more flexibility. In addition, the contact patch is right and provides the grip you need for your skateboard, and it’s not too hard to the extent of accelerating the board.

These wheels are also good for riding on concrete surfaces and sliding off ramps. The contact patch is also big and gives you the right amount stability and control. This enables beginners to predict their moves better with allowance to easily move around.

They are made of good shelf urethane, 78A hardness, 49mm contact patch, offset core and gives users better control on slides. These wheels get good reviews from skateboarding enthusiasts. Many users like the stability and design of these wheels. The material used to make it is not only dependable but also offer comfort.


  • These wheels are well-received by skating enthusiasts who were looking for stability and strength. They say the 69mm diameter added more comfort in riding and sliding on the skateboards
  • The contact patch is also bigger and provides the right amount of grip to the ground surface. It also feels safe because users are to predict their moves, making it easier to perform tricks
  • Some skaters say the wheel is durable and are able to withstand a lot of abuse. They last long even for people who use the skateboards regularly
  • The wheels are able to withstand the heavy pressure from the road, and it is a lot easier ride on curbs, sidewalks, and verts because the wheels are designed with the right amount of hardness. You will not experience any problem even when you go downhill
  • Riding down the road is also easy and fast and beginners can learn quickly because the wheels are versatile. It is highly recommended for parents who are looking for wheels for their children


  • The wheels flat spot easily
  • Not efficient on rough terrain

10. Blood Orange Morgan Pro Series Freeride Longboard Wheel

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This is another great skateboard wheel you can find on the market. Blood orange Morgan pro series freeride longboard wheel should be your go-to option for slide jams. This wheel is long lasting and has a “sugary” slide and gives users huge thane lines even when you are little. It also has a small supportive core that helps the wheels even and prevents the icing out

These high-performance slide wheels are designed to give you optimal skateboarding experience. The wheels are designed by one of the leading freeride skaters in the world, Liam Morgan. In the design of these wheels, Liam was for three things:

A sugary slide: it goes without saying that no one is looking for an icy wheel or a grippy freeride wheel that bounces and chatters. The wheel is designed to ensure a consistent, smooth, and predictable “sugary slide”

Long thick thane lines: urethane used for painting long, white thane lines of pavements. Groms and pros also love seeing than lines and track their progress. The thane never disappoints.

Skateboard wheels that cover all occasions: With Liam being an all-around skater, he wanted wheels that could accommodate everything he does without having to sacrifice quality. Inside every skateboard wheel in the lineup is a large, wide saddle core that provides support to improve stability while sliding. This gives you better control while sliding.


  • They paint the road with Thane. These wheels are designed in a way that when you slide with them, they leave a long chalk-like urethane line on the surface of the road
  • Buttery smooth slide: these wheels are designed with a very supportive core to make the sliding easier. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater, you can slide easily with these wheels
  • Consistent to the core: these wheels are also designed to provide a consistent slide on many different pavements, giving you a more confident slide and drift anywhere you like
  • Extremely reliable


  • Some users don’t like the fact that they paint the road when sliding

Perfect Wheels For You | Buying Guide

Here are a few important factors you need to consider when looking for the best skateboard wheels:

Material used to make the wheel

Most wheels you will find on the market today are made from polyurethane materials. The main reason why this material is used is that it is a hard complex material that makes the wheel last longer. This material has been used since the 1970s. Wheels brands that process this material have improved its quality significantly so as to suit the fast-growing need for high-quality skateboards. In addition, this material is also resistant to corrosion, making it the perfect option for a wide range of applications. The wheels made from this material are also available at a very affordable price.


Diameter is a measure used to quantify the size of the wheel and is usually measured in millimeters. Wheels that have a smaller diameter are used on smaller skateboards. Most of the wheels have a diameter of 50mm to 75mm. The advantage of larger wheels is that they enable you to ride faster and easier. On the other hand, if you are looking for a slower ride, go for smaller wheels. In addition, the diameter of the wheel plays a key role in determining the acceleration and turn ratio.

Durometer value of the skateboard wheel

Durometer measures the hardness of the skateboard wheel. There are many types of durometers. Many companies employ scale durometers, which is usually a 100-point scale. A skateboard wheel that has a higher number on the scale is harder. Some manufacturers use b scale durometer to measure the hardness of the skateboard wheel. It is recommended to choose a skateboard wheel that has a wider and more precise hardness assortment. Let’s give you an idea of how durometer works. Here are the guidelines:

  • 78a-87a: wheels that have this durometer are considered soft. This softness makes them the perfect option for street boards, rough surfaces, and longboards. They are also great for skateboards that require a lot of grips, particularly when you want to roll over cracks and pebbles. Wheels with this durometer are ideal for a smooth ride, cruising, longboards, cruising, and rough surfaces.
  • 88a-95a: wheels in this range are considered a bit harder and faster. These wheels provide a good grip, although they are a bit lower when you compared them to the above option. These wheels are ideal for streets and rough surface
  • 96a-99a: these wheels are all-around considering their impressive speed and excellent grip. They are ideal for beginners and pools, skating streets, ramps, smooth surfaces, and skate parks
  • At least 101a: wheels with this durometer are the fastest and the hardest. However, the downside is that they have the least amount of grip. In addition, they are not effective on slick and rough surfaces. They are ideal for professional and advanced skaters.
  • 83b-84b: wheels using the B scale are very hard. When you compare them to the A scale, they measure 20 points lower. In addition, it allows the scale to extend 20 more points in the event of really hard wheels

Contact patch

The contact patch of a wheel refers to the measure of the performance of a skateboard. Large wheels have a large contact patch. The contact patch is usually directly proportional to the size of the board. The advantage of a large contact patch is that they guarantee the even distribution of weight on the ground surface. This makes the ride more comfortable. Contact patch is important in lowering wheel urethane compression.


 Price is a very important factor to keep in mind. However, you should not go for cheap skateboards because they will disappoint you at the end of the day. At the same time, don’t choose the most expensive with too many expectations. The goal should be to choose a product whose price corresponds to its quality.

How to clean your skateboard wheels

After using your skateboard for some time, the wheels on your skateboard could be blocked dirt, thus affecting your ride. You may want to pull some tricks and stunts, but with the seized up the wheel, it is may be impossible to pull them smoothly. The good news is that you can clear the wheels and bearings. You only need to dismantle and clean safely. You don’t need unique skills and you can do it yourself. With clean wheels, you will cruise around your wheels effortlessly.

Final Verdict

Finding the best wheels is very important in ensuring that you have the best skateboarding experience. But you can’t just buy any wheels you find on the market without figuring out which one suits you. If you like skating on sidewalks and asphalt, then you should choose wheels that are designed for sidewalks and asphalt.

If you are looking for wheels that you can use for skateboarding and freestyle kicks, then you can be certain that you can find reliable wheels for freestyle. You can get lots of Cheap skateboard wheels in the market but before buying it’s good to research and read reviews online. That will also help you to make good decision. In addition, make sure that you buy the right size of the wheels.

We hope that the information we have provided here will help you to make an informed decision when looking for the best skateboard wheels to buy. Good luck!