Best Skateboard Pads Reviews in 2021

Skateboarding is a fun sport. However, it can also be quite dangerous. As a beginner, you will fall and pick yourself up a number of times before you can even take your first stunt right. Because of this, it is very important that you keep yourself safe.

Wearing the right skateboarding gears is therefore very important. Most of all, using the skating protection gear to protect your knees from bruises in case of a fall or an extremely low ride on your skateboard.

In this review post, we take a look at top 5 skateboard pads that you can go for today and pretty much their features.

Budget Friendly

Pro-Tec - Street Gear

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  • Great Quality
  • Long Lasting
  • Secure, Durable & Comfortable
Best pick

Triple Eight KP 22

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  • Definitely a great gear
  • Awesome strength 
  • Perfectly fit for large size

1. Triple 8 KP 22 | Best Adult Knee Pads

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Many people think what are the best skate protective gear? Then they ended up with the Triple 8 KP 22 for the Knees have ended up with nothing but praise for this super cool.

The is highly durable and will easily give you the value for your money. They provide a very significant amount of protection to the knees and can be used by any type of skater.

Unlike a few others that you will find, this one is tailor-made specifically for skaters who need extra padding around their knee for the best stunts around the best skate-parks.

These have been forged from the stylish heavy-duty EVA memory foam and come with a neoprene butterfly closure to provide a custom fit whenever you choose to wear them for the game.

Due to this heavy density foam, you will enjoy a high-end resistance touch upon impact. Thanks to this superior attachment that comes with highly dependable reinforced rivets.

They also enjoy an elastic top and bottom design that comes with a webbed and easy to adjust straps. This is pretty important for people who want to enjoy high end stretch with the perfect fitting touch.

This also have a high end air and moisture wicking capacity and will easily keep your knees dry even if you are the sweaty type.

They have a stylish design that allows them to show off their classic logo on exterior any time of the day.  

And to maximize its durability, these pads come with a flat cap design on the outer side that will withstand any form of demanding performance and in turn maximize the stability.


  • Heavy-duty EVA memory foam
  • High-density impact-resistant cap
  • Securely attached with reinforced rivets
  • Neoprene butterfly closure
  • Top elastic and bottom
  • Adjustable straps
  • Flat cap design for stability


  • Not ideal for machine wash
  • Flat cap easily holds dust

2. G-Form Pro-X | Protec Knee Pad

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Made totally in the USA, G-Form Pro-X Skateboard are perhaps the Best pads that you will find that are fitted with the latest technology.

They come in a variety of styles and colors that you can easily choose from and are designed with the patented G-Form’s Reactive Protection Technology (RPT).

RPT makes the G-Form pretty much soft so that you won’t feel any form of discomfort when you wear them. It also boosts the flexibility and uses superior foam which will stiffen on impact.

The foam absorbs any type of force for up to 90% on impact. More importantly, these are designs to be extremely light such that you won’t even feel that they are around your knees when rushing through pavements with your skaters.

In case you buy the G-Form's sleek, you will enjoy the top rated RPT technology and get that will fit you comfortably under any form of sporting gear that you might choose to have.

Mounted on the best compression fabric these are equally much more flexible and extra comfortable and will offer you the best moisture wicking thrill with a superior breathable quality too.

They enjoy a super cool ergonomic design that allows for a totally complete range of motion while at the same time also keeping in the perfect place at all times.

In case they accumulate dirt, there won’t be any hassles are easy to care for and comes with high machine wash compatibility.

Because of this, you can always throw these one pound weight in the washer every time you are from the skating park.

They measure 12 x 9 x 2 inches in exact dimensions and will actually fit easily in any gaming backpack that you choose to use for your gears.


  • G-Form’s Reactive Protection Technology (RPT)
  • Pretty much soft
  • Uses superior foam
  • Absorbs any type of force
  • Best compression fabric
  • Best moisture wicking
  • Super cool ergonomic design


  • No carrier bag
  • Catches dirt easily

3. Pro-Tec Jr 3 Pack Street Gear | Pro Tec Knee Pad

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Apart from the G-Form, another set of top rated are the Pro-Tec Jr 3 Pack Street Gear Skating Knee Pads.

Pro-Tec has been in the market for over 45 years and boasts one of the best heritage when it comes to producing the best and ideally most stylish protective gear for both skaters and other riders too.

They come with the unique neoprene backing that makes your riding extra comfortable at all times. More importantly, they also enjoy a full wrap hook design and additional loop style which will help you to easily fasten and also secure these sets once you buy them. Thanks to this unique technology and design it is easy to get a secure fit style for your riding thriller and at the same time a beautiful set of pads.

They are best for the level B set of riders, which means that they will work for riders between 25 and 50 kg in weight or simply 550 to 110 lbs of weight.

They use the stretchy lycra on the interior such that you can easily have a tight fit once you slip them in.

In addition to that are some of the most dependable and high performing sets of straps that will give you the perfect support for both the upper and lower section of the knee cap.

They are light and will be pretty much unnoticeable once you wear them. At around one pound in weight, you can always carry them easily on your bag for long distances.

At to put the right mark on the product is a trademark (logo) that adds style and super design to these ones.


  • Unique neoprene backing
  • Extra comfortable
  • Full wrap hook design
  • Additional loop style
  • Best for the level b set of riders
  • Stretchy lycra on the interior
  • They are light


  • Fewer colors to choose from
  • Lower air wicking capacity
  • Tied to riders that weigh 25-50kgs

4. 187 Killer Pro | Skates Protective Gear

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Rated as one of the skateboard of the time, 187 Pro Derby are not only stylish but also very much dependable.

They come with a high end fabric that’s fitted with the best heavy duty foam with top quality air and moisture wicking capacity too.

This have a slim fit design that will ensure that once you slip them over your knees, they will remain in place throughout your skating spree.

At the back is an adjustable Velcro strap that will help you to fit on your knees in case you feel like you’re some kind of wobbling.

This had been boosted by webbed elastic touch on the top and the bottom side of these best skateboarding knee pads. The elastic design allows you to enjoy a firm hold without even having to pull.

More importantly, for riders who love to hit the road in style, these will be a cool addition to your sporting gear as they come with their trademark logo in the front section that allows them to stand out.

It has also been reinforced with a flat cap in the outer section that minimizes the impact or force before the foam can actually absorb the rest.

This is not only good for added strength but it is also effective if you want to prevent scratches and tears on your knee pads cap.

In case you are wondering if you will easily get your style, you will be happy to know that come in a variety of hues that you can easily choose from too.

If you want to skate in the ultimate gear, trust me you will not second guess these sets.


  • Top quality air and moisture wicking capacity
  • Slim fit design
  • Adjustable velcro strap
  • Webbed elastic touch on the top and the bottom side
  • Trademark logo in the front section
  • Reinforced with a flat cap


  • Slightly pricey
  • Not for kids
  • Not machine wash friendly

5. PROJIE-L Skating Gear Set

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0832TD8LY&Format= SL450 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USir?t=sdtnly 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0832TD8LY

If there is a set of best that any parent would easily buy for their kid then it’s for Inline Skating Roller Blading and Wrist Elbow Blades Guard.

For starters, this is comes in a variety of colors that aren’t simply stylish but also very much attractive to the kids. From pink to purple, you gal won’t second guess these at all.

It offers some of the best quality that you can find. They also provide top rated wrist guards sets for kids and will guarantee superior products for your personal use.

Even better, these come with a set of highly adjustable elastic straps that will offer the perfect fit irrespective of your kid’s age, size, and weight.

In addition to that are a super cool velcro strap to help you secure and a thickened design that won’t only be good for absorbing force upon impact but also for keeping sweat and moisture on the low.

The thickened design is made from the high-density EVA padded material that is always very dependable, and which comes with some of the best plastic plates to add top-notch breathability and durability.

Because of this dependable design, you can easily double up their and use them for cycling, inline skating, and more importantly, skateboarding among other things too.

In case you have a Children's Day Out, Christmas, Birthday, or any kids’ celebration plans in the near future going for this will be super ideal as they are designed for a 3-7-year-old kid.

They are best used for kids with a body weight range of between 33 lbs and 55 lbs. They also come with the stylish trademark such that your kid will easily step out in the most stylish way possible.


  • Much attractive to the kids
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Highly adjustable elastic straps
  • Super cool velcro strap
  • Thickened design
  • High density eva padded material
  • Top notch breathability and durability


  • Designed for less hardy rides

Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Skateboard Pads:

There are very important factors that you have to consider in case you want to end up with quality sets of skating pads. In this section we include some of the most necessary options that you cannot ignore.

Material of Design

The very best skateboards sets are usually made out of the most durable materials. The best material which is most recommended today is one that has the heavy duty nylon material. This type of material will easily protect you on irrespective of the type of riding surface that you choose to go with.

Additionally, that have been made out of this material are never in any way bulky. They are super light and you will hardly notice them around your knees. They are the best ergonomic designs that will not only give you the perfect fit, but which will also appear exactly like the shape of your knee would.

And if you are into the knee pads that have a flat high dynamic plastic shell on the outer region you should be aware that such cool if that plastic attachment really blends in well to the type of padding that has been included under the reinforced rivet.

Look at the Reviews

Reviews from previous users will help you to have an insight into what your personal experience will look like in case you purchase that you have chosen. Read reviews that have been left behind by previous users on online buying sites. These are often much more authentic.

In addition to that, you can also focus on the top rated expert reviews such as what we have given you here as these ones are often well researched. We usually take time to compare various aspect/ features and also try out a few models to see how they perform.

Affordable Price

Another fairly important point to consider is the pricing. Favorable pricing is pretty much important in case you want to buy your best pads. Nonetheless you should focus more on what you can afford rather than what you will have to strain to get.

In case you want a higher version than what you can currently afford, it won’t hurt if you hang onto your old pair for a while as you save for the targeted brand. Just remember, the best one is typically in high demand and their prices might not go down easily. So never wait for a price drop.

Nonetheless, focusing on discounts, warranties, money back guarantees, and possibly low shipping fees will help you to keep the buying price under control and eventually spend a reasonable amount of money.

Note: In order to strike a balance, it will be very important that you focus on a price that gives you a reasonable price and at the same time provides you with both top quality design and maximum performance.


While size is relative as most of these are very much adjustable or come with elastic additions to make it quite compact and slim fit when you wear them, it is important to know what works for you.

Look with adjustable lycra fabric, Velcro straps, or elastic reinforcements on the top and bottom end of the pads. Such designs are often ideal and will work better at providing the best protection to your knee caps, bones, and the skin around it.

The easy way to do that is to determine your weight vis-à-vis the amount of weight capacity that should actually support.

Remember Comfort

The type of material used to design will also determine the type of comfort that you will enjoy when riding on your skates.

The heavy foam will keep your knees comfortable. The same applies with high air and moisture wicking capacity as they will also keep sweat away and leave you with a relatively dray and non-slip knees.

Always focus on the perfect fit so that you can end up with a comfortable for the absolute skateboarding experience. A very comfortable will leave you with a full range of motion.

Why this Review?

The reason we recommend this review post to any skateboard lover out there is very simple. In order to round up these sets of products, we took out time to look through a number of skateboard knee pads.

We trimmed down to the best sellers, top rated, products with the best user reviews, and we also bought some and tried them out while at the same time comparing their performance. In short, we saved you so much work so you could only pick what’s best in the market.

In addition to that, we included some tips for new buyers. These tips will help you to land the most ideal for your skateboarding experience.

Take a look!

Other Top Skateboard Protective Gears:

Apart from that we have seen, there are quite a number of skateboarding protective gears that you should also still buy. They include the following options that we have listed below.


Helmets are designed to provide your head with maximum protection against any form of injury that you could sustain in case of any eventuality but more specifically in case of fall. Helmets will prevent cuts, bruises, and also concussions. A good helmet should enjoy the correct certifications.

Elbow Pads

In this review post, we looked at the best pads for the knees. Apart from that we also have the right ones for the elbow. They more or less serve the same purpose only that these ones will serve the elbow.

They prevent scratches, bruises, and more importantly, will keep you from hurting the exposed sections of your body.

Hip Pads

Few people even think about buying any pads for the hips. Well, don’t write them off as some of the areas that usually sustain so much injury when you fall from a skateboard are usually the hips. Buying a hip pad is therefore worth the course.

"Note: These sets of protective gears are best bought with your pads for the knee caps too."

Getting the best pads for skateboarding is not easy if you are new to the game or have no expert pointers to go with. That’s why we are glad if our pads reviews really proved helpful.

Nonetheless, it is important that you take your time to go through every product keenly and see the specs before you can actually tie it to your riding needs. It is the easiest way to get a pad that will last for you.

Best of luck and you give your loved ones an early birthday present!