Best Skating Helmets Reviews in 2021

Skating is one of the most popular and common sports today. In fact, there are only a few children who have not requested and received skateboards as a birthday present.

However, skating can be just as dangerous as other thrilling sports, and it is important for every skater to put on a helmet to protect themselves from injuries that may result from skateboarding. Many people, including those who skate and marketers, get conscious when it comes to using skateboard helmets. Today, you will find a wide range of helmets with newer designs and even better features.

You can choose the best skateboard helmet among so many options that are presented you on the market and each one of them come with some advanced and special features for specific customers. To find the Best skating helmets that meets your requires, you should list all your requirements. Although it can be difficult for beginners to find feature which features to choose and search for, you will out as you continue skating and build your experience.

But you don’t have to worry about that anymore because you will be able to choose the best from our comprehensive skateboard helmet reviews and buyer’s guide.

1. Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

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Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet is one of the best helmets that have been around for some time now and have always been at the top choice of many skaters. The helmet has a beautiful design that defends users against bumps and walls in the skate park.

These amazing skateboard helmets are affordable and cheap and offer much-needed protection while skating. The helmet itself has a sturdy shell built to absorb impact and shock. It is also built with a two-stage foam line that plays the vital role of cushioning your head against any potential accidents.

Skaters don’t like heat. This is because high temperatures are known to induce profuse sweating which can temporarily make skaters blind. Besides, scorching heating causes confusion if it is not dissipated well.

One of the main advantages of using Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet is that it has large ventilation that prevents the occurrence of such issues. When you use this helmet, you can be sure that your helmet will remain cool throughout and you will have peace of mind.

The helmet is advanced and it is able to enhance how skaters compete. For example, you don’t need don’t have to use something heavy on your head to enjoy the sport you love. That’s the main reason why this helmet has a lightweight design, thus making it interesting to use. Most importantly, it will not weigh you down or irritate you as you try to perform your favorite skating tricks.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Quality construction
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Provides good air ventilation
  • Moisture-wicking lines help to keep it dry
  • Versatile protection
  • Well-fitted


  • Often gets scratched as a result of friction
  • XXS pads included
  • Not ideal for children as the straps don’t tighten enough

2. Triple Eight Skating Helmet

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B007CMDRV8&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USTriple Eight Skating Helmet

If you are just starting out your skating lessons, you want to make sure that you get it right from the start. You perhaps want to replace your helmet which has cracked to keep your head safe as you skate. If this sounds familiar to you then you should consider the triple eight helmets.

This helmet conforms to all CPSC standards in the United States, and it’s of the most protective skating helmets you can buy in 2018. For those who want to enjoy skateboarding tricks and remain safe, you should consider this amazing helmet.

People who love skating cannot risk their lives by riding without the right helmet. These helmets are made from ABS plastic which makes them secure proof. And in the event of a fall, there is an EPS liner which protects your head from injury and trauma. 


These helmets have a sleek design and are lightweight. Because of its comfortable and lightweight features, you can be sure that it will be gentle on your head and will provide the protection you need.  There are a number of reasons why you should consider buying this helmet. You may have a tight budget, but going for a low-grade helmet may only result in serious injuries that may, later on, cost you a lot of money. This helmet will serve as your guardian angel and protect you from serious accidents.


  • Has breathable air vents
  • Complies with CPSC safety standards of the US
  • Soft sweat pads
  • ABS plastic that forms the outer shell of the helmet provides maximum protection
  • Perfect for bikers longboarding skaters, roller skates, and skaters
  • Adjustable strap
  • Sweat-saver Liner
  • Comfortable


  • You must make a good measurement to get the exact size that fits your head

3. Punisher Pro Series Skateboard Helmet

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00HARU6E6&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USPunisher Pro Series Skateboard Helmet

The Punisher is a name that is pretty common in the skating work. The company has been upholding its credibility and reputation for their high-quality products and customer satisfaction.

Punisher Pro series skateboard helmet is one such accessory that any skater would want to experience. For beginners as well as skilled skaters, one thing that usually comes to mind first is safety. You have to make sure that you are safe when riding.

This helmet provides protection against strong hits from all levels of skaters. It has air cooling vents that will keep you dry and make you comfortable as you skate. And if you are the kind of person that loves biking and skating at the same time, then you will this helmet very useful.

Although there are skaters who may not be satisfied with the fitting of the helmet, particularly for kids, it is an amazing helmet that you can find online


  • Fits perfectly
  • Comes with straps that are easy to adjust
  • It is comfortable on your head
  • Comes with extra padding
  • Dual safety standards certified skateboard and bike helmet
  • 13 air cooling vents
  • ABS protective shell
  • Removable foam pads allow the helmet to fit as large, medium or small
  • Multiple Color available


  • A bit larger for kids
  • Foam padding isn’t attached as well as it should to the outer shell
  • Some users believe it goes for a bit higher price than its actual quality

4. Triple eight 3037 Dual certified Skating Helmet

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00M569K6M&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USTriple eight 3037 Dual certified Skating Helmet

The triple eight 3037 is a reasonable certified skating helmet with robust building and is smartly modified and engineered to meet safety requirements. This helmet is known as the best multi-impact skating helmet because of its unmatched quality and exclusive design.

The manufacturer also made top quality longboarding kits and skateboards helmets. The design of this skating helmet is unique and better than its challenger. Its side-cut is stylish and it looks really nice on your head and features customized tripe 8 logo rivets.  It is also ventilated properly to help avoid bacteria and bad smell.

You will also get the perfect because it has a 360-degree cover design. This eliminates liner division in the center. In addition, this helmet complies with the CPSC Safety Standard in the US for bicycle helmet for people age 5 and above, in addition to the ASTM F-1492-08 Safety Standard for skating.
The helmet also comes with two sets of fits protection for people who are looking for a modified fit.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Affordable pricing
  • Dually certified skating helmet
  • Triple eight customized logo rivets


  • No drawbacks

5. JBM Skating Helmet

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B017W0F4DS&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USJBM Skating Helmet

JBM helmets are basically the best skating helmets you can find on the market and they cost less than $25 to get this amazing helmet. This is the ideal skating accessory that both beginners and skating professionals should own. The helmet is ASTM and CPSC-accredited.

If you have a helmet that does not offer the protection you are looking for, then you should consider buying a JBM skating helmet. This helmet has an effect-resistance plastic shell with a soft inner liner that provides the protection you need to safe skateboard riding. In the event that you bang your head on a pillar or lamppost at high speed, the helmet’s plastic shell reduces the risk of breaking your skull or sustaining any injuries on the head.

For people looking for a cheap helmet, then JBM helmets are ideal for you. These helmets are very affordable and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the protection you need while enjoying your skating ride

In addition, when using this skateboard helmet, you will get enough circulation of air in your head because it has good ventilation that keeps you cool. You won’t hear of skate helmets that make you overheat and sweat during summer when you using the JBM skating helmet.

It is important to keep in mind that high temperatures can increase the risk of being involved in an accident or it can cause misconception. Last but not least, this skating helmet has three sized to choose from. In addition, they have adjustable straps as well as a side buckle that can be easily adjusted when you feel like loosening or tightening the helmet so that you can feel comfortable.


  • ASTM and CPSC safety certified
  • Breathable and cool foam
  • Impact resistance plastic
  • Durable multi-sport design
  • Ventilation channels


  • Ill-fitting sizes

6. Nutcase Skating Helmet

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0178A5H4I&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USNutcase Skating Helmet

If you are looking are the best helmets for adults that is good when you are riding a skateboard or bike, then a Nutcase helmet is a perfect choice for you.

Nutcase skateboarding helmets are convenient for users and are also stylish in design to match your needs. This helmet has considerate features, amazing graphics, dual certification and signature magnet buckle for both biking and skateboarding.

In addition, the helmet is sturdy, lightweight and has a modified design that allows you to modify easily. It also has 3 sets of pads to maximize comfort when you are wearing them. The pads measures 9 mm by 6 mm by 3 mm and you can easily remove and swap them.

Both kids and adults can use the Nutcase skating helmet. The helmets have a sumptuous chip pad and magnetic buckles that hold them well so that it can provide the much-needed protection.

This model will protect you when you engage in indoor and outdoor sporting activities. And if you are looking for a helmet that will not shatter on impact, then you should consider buying the nutcase skating helmet as it will offer maximum safety because it is made from ABS plastic that makes it last longer and provides protection.


  • Provide maximum protection to your head in the event of an accident
  • It is ventilated to keep your head cool as you ride on your skateboard
  • It also has a unique dial-in system to help you make adjustments easily
  • It also comes in a wide range of color options
  • Comes with a visor design which helps to keep rain, snow or light away from your eyes as you ride your skateboard


  • It is expensive
  • It has a slow drying interior
  • You cannot adjust the vents because they are fixed

7. TSG Pass Skating Helmet

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00H55M6DC&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USTSG Pass Skating Helmet

For people who are looking for a skating helmet that blends safety and good looks, then TSG Pass helmet is a perfect choice. Although it is extremely lightweight, it has attractive looks, and the fact that it is a full-face helmet makes it a much better choice.

Unlike many skating helmets you will find online, TSG pass does not have EPS form visible around its edges. In addition, the helmet comes with a magnetic cheek pad that makes cleaning a lot easier for you and it also has a liner for additional comfortable fit.

You should, however, keep in mind that its finish around the mouth is flawed to some extent and you have to make sure that you are careful so that you can pick the right size for you.

This review will not be complete without talking about the ventilation system of this amazing skating helmet. The venting system keeps your head cool. In addition, if you are the kind of person that loves wearing goggles, then it is possible with this skating helmet.  This is possible because of its spacious front opening which allows users to do so.

The liner in this skating helmet also feels comfortable when wearing it and even in hot days when you are saturated with sweat, you won’t experience any problem wearing it and riding your skateboard down the street. In addition, you will love the fact that it has a double D-ring closure system.

When compared TGS Pass skating helmet to other helmets at the same price, you will realize that its chin guard offers more flex and also passes the squeezer test; thus increase your confidence when riding your skateboard on the street.


  • Precision design with maximum visibility
  • It also has an anti-fog coating and fits perfectly so you feel comfortable when speeding down the hill or riding your skateboard on the street
  • It has EPS impact foam lining and its International Downhill Federation Certified
  • It comes with one electric silver, two spherical rounded visors and one clear


  • It is expensive

8. Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00LGUU0X0&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USBern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

Bern Unlimited is a helmet that has been manufactured with the aspect of comfort and sturdiness in mind. With safety being the top priority of any helmet, this helmet excels in this field.

The outer shell of the skating helmet cannot be ignored considering the fact that it is what protects your head from any hard surface you may come in contact with during an impact.

This is what inspired the manufacturer of Bern unlimited watts EPS summer helmet to use ABS plastic when making the outer shell of the helmet. This not only makes the helmet durable but also tough and durable enough to handle any impact.

Ventilation also makes a critical part of ensuring safety and comfort. Try to imagine a helmet that holds stiff and tight, then isn’t ventilated enough to allow air in or out. It is can be very uncomfortable. The Bern Unlimited helmet is ventilated to ensure safety and comfort to users.

In addition, it is easy to use this helmet. A simple button on the back of the helmet eases the loosening and tightening of the straps of the helmet. It is always important for skaters to choose e helmet that meets all the safety standards and certification. If the certification of any particular skating helmet is assured, then you can be sure that it is safe to use.


  • Well ventilated to allow cool air to your head
  • It is constructed with a tough outer shell to protect your head from injury
  • It is also easy to operate
  • It also meets all the safety standards, making it a safe skating helmet
  • Useful throughout the year
  • It is a multipurpose helmet
  • The helmet is designed in a way that you can listen to music while skating


  • It is not constructed with earpieces to keep your ears warm
  • Unusually small size

9. ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01F2JY1QC&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sdtnly 20&language=en USProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet

Featuring a solid and tough built, ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet is a performer in its own form and way. The helmet has a safe and protective construction that is not only futuristic but also unique.

The helmet stands out from similar products because of its trendy skill design, which is popular among many bikers and skaters. Another great trait about this skating helmet is that it has a vent system. The placement of these vents at the front top and rear sides of the helmet allow for the direct flow of air to your head. In addition, the helmet has a soft padded lining that is soft and comfortable.

The outer shell of the helmet is made of hard plastic, which also happens to be of the superior quality that imparts strength to the helmet. Aside from its outstanding designing feature, it is also available in different colors that you can choose from. Many people often confuse this helmet to be heavy and bulky but that is usually not the case.

 The helmet only weighs 11.2 ounces, which is pretty surprising to many users. Because of this lightweight feature, it does not cause pain or strain in your muscle or neck and is ideal for the kids.


  • The design of the helmet allows for multi sport designing which is hardly and rarely available in many helmets. The construction, however, protects you in a manner that useful and innovative
  • Pain or strain in the neck and head can never be associated with this helmet because it is lightweight
  • The craftsmanship in the shape of the helmet is the most amusing factor about it and is Indisputable when compared to similar products on the market


  • There are no drawbacks with this helmet but when you consider its usage for the kids, it could generate more sales if it could come in a range of pattern and colors
  • There are cases where the color of the helmet has drastically faded after only a short period of time

10. Flybar Dula Certified Skating Helmet

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It goes without saying that safety begins with you and taking that skateboard on the streets without a certified helmet is not the best idea. You have to make sure that the skating helmet you are using is not only comfortable but doesn’t expose you to any harm or danger. If you have a skating helmet that is uncomfortable or has a design that seems irritating to you, then you need to consider replacing it with Flybar.

The Flybar helmet has all the required certification you would want to see in any skating helmet (CPSC and ASTM 1492 certifications) and would, therefore, make a good skate and bike helmet.

The helmet also comes with the same adjustable dial system you would find in the Triple eight Gotham helmet. This means that you can get the right fit or adjust it so that you can fit a hat or beaning under it.

It also has great ventilation as it comes with 12 vents. This is an amazing feature for skaters who live in hot climates as this will help to keep the head cool. In addition, it prevents the buildup of moisture in the helmet.

The affordable helmet also has many aggressive color options you can choose from. You can actually find helmets that have graphics on them and others that have plain colors; therefore, there are many options to choose from.

In addition, the helmet is priced reasonably and should be able to fit in most budgets. But you cannot find options for the kids. You may want to consider other helmets that accommodate smaller heads. But generally, the helmet makes a wonderful skating helmet for adults.


  • Soft padded interior
  • Breathable air vents
  • Meets all the safety standards
  • Built with a strong ABS outer shell


  • A few designs and color options are expensive

Advantages Of Using The Skating Helmets:

It is always important to wear a helmet when riding a skateboard. Wearing a skating helmet and a skateboard pad is the required new standard for avoiding injuries when on riding on a skateboard. As a matter of fact, most skate parks require skaters to wear skating helmets before entering the park. All experience levels, from beginners to professionals require you to wear a skating helmet.

The moment you step on that skateboard, you are putting yourself at risk because the control is not in your feet anymore but the board. It doesn’t matter whether you have never crashed from the time you started skating because you never know when your first crash will come. It is good if your head never knows how hard the concrete floor is.

You might not be an aggressive skater, but you can fall even when you are riding at a slow speed and even the softest impact can crack your delicate skull. Your collar or wrist may heal easily but the skull and brain won’t.

Always ensure that you buy your skating helmet and don’t choose an ordinary one. Helmets are made for specific sports depending on the level of safety it requires and physical activity it needs.

Always make sure that you buy a helmet that has been certified and meets the safety standards that have been put in place. A helmet that does not comply may be durable and good but it is not trustworthy.

In order to protect your head, make sure that you measure your measure it properly for the perfect fitting. Regardless of the skating helmet, you choose to buy, fitting skating helmets should have a protective padding, shouldn’t shift around as you skateboard and must fit snugly across your forehead.

Most importantly, make sure that you replace your skating helmet regularly, especially when it is damaged. For younger skaters, it is a good idea to get a new skating helmet when your helmet feels small.

Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Skating Helmet:

Now that you understand the importance of using a skating helmet, it is important that you know what to look for when buying skating helmets. Continue reading this guide to find the most important points to consider:


Bike helmets have been controlled and regulated for many years by the CPSC. As a matter of fact, for a helmet to be regarded as a “bike helmet” it must meet a number of guidelines and rules that have been put in place by the CPSC. The role of these rules and guidelines is to reduce the risk of skull fracture in the event of an accident. It is also a good idea to replace your bike helmet after a serious impact to ensure that you are getting maximum protection.

For many years, skateboard helmets were not regulated. But this changed with the introduction of ASTM 1492. For a skating helmet to become ASTM 1492 certified, it must be able to withstand the impact from different angles at any particular moment and have better coverage than is needed for bike helmets. In addition, unlike bike helmets, skating helmets are built to handle multiple impacts. You should also replace the helmet if you see any cracks or defects on it. When buying a skating helmet, you should always look for reliable certification from bodies such as ASTM.

Strong outer shell material

Many skating helmets are made from ABS plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar. The material used doesn’t really matter with regards to the protection provided the helmet meets the safety standards that we have discussed above. The price may differ slightly depending on the kind of material used; however, many people would not be able to tell the difference.

Padding comfort and durability

You also need to consider how durable and comfortable the interior padding of the skating helmet is when making your choice. After all, it is less likely that you would want to put on something on your head for a long period of time that was very uncomfortable or even painful. Many skating helmet manufacturers use a two-layered style of padding. The first layer is basically a hard material that is mounted to the hard outer shell of the helmet. This material might be very durable but it is not comfortable because it’s not meant to come in contact with your head. The second layer is softer and it is usually attached to the first form with Velcro to easy cleaning and replacement. When you want to judge how comfortable your helmet is, you should focus on the second layer. In addition, some skating helmets don’t come with replaceable padding; therefore, that’s something you will want to consider if you are looking to use the same helmet for years to come.


One of the most common complains you often hear from people don’t wear skating helmets is that they make them feel uncomfortable during hot weather and they sweat too much. Although there is some amount of heat is unavoidable because of the nature of protective materials, a lot of brands have been able to come up with ways to combat this by creating technology in the second layer of the helmet. If you are concerned about sweating, then you should consider choosing helmets that advertise sweat resistant and breathable padding like Pro-Tec and Triple Eight.

Size of the helmet

One of the most important decisions you will have to take aside from which helmet to purchase is the size. This is very important because a helmet that is too big for your head will leave you susceptible to injury and concussions, whereas a helmet that is too small can be uncomfortable on your head and even cause headaches. Although each brand and helmet may be slightly larger or smaller, the generally accepted guide for helmet sizing is X-small, small, medium, large and X-large

Additional Information

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports today, especially for the young generation. It is very important that you choose the best skateboarding helmet as this will go a long way in ensuring your safety. Consider the points we have mentioned above in your selection process. The most important point to keep in mind is to always choose a skateboarding helmet that fits your head perfectly.

Key Features Involved in Skating Helmet

As you probably know, skating is quite similar to biking and it’s one of the most popular sporting activities among youths. Some people use skateboards as a mean of transport to cover a short distance. When you perform a search online, then you will find many results but you have to make your pick carefully; otherwise, you may end up sustaining injuries. Some helmets are designed with adjustable spin dials, different color options, padded interior, and meet CPSC requirements. The most important features that are involved in making a skating helmet are:

  • Design
  • Material
  • Size
  • Style

There are many risks that come with skateboarding, and in serious cases, people have actually suffered bone fractures. Many people today suffer from debilitating injuries on the head. If you want to avoid this kind of problems, then you need to look for premium quality skating helmet. Before you buy any skating helmet, you should always check the material that has been used to make it.

Keep in mind that although style might not improve safety and performance outside, it boosts your confidence. It is also important that you understand the side of the skateboard helmet and you can also use a tape measure to measure your head size so that you have precise measurements.

If you wear an uncomfortable helmet, then it is likely to interfere with your performance, and your overall skating experience might not be a pleasant one. In today’s technological world, many people are looking for helmets that meet the safety standards that have been put in place by the relevant bodies.

As mentioned in the buyer’s guide, when buying a skating helmet, check to see if it has a breathable design. If you buy a helmet that a poor design, you may not get the best results, thus slowing you back from becoming a pro skater. Some helmets also come in different color options; therefore, you can be sure that you will get one that has made with your favorite color.

Measuring Your Head For a Skating Helmet

It is important that you buy a helmet that fits properly if you want to stay safe while skating. The size of your head plays a key role in determining the size of a skating helmet you should purchase. There are different helmet sizes on the market but knowing your head size will make it a lot easier to use the sizing chart of each brand. Knowing the size of your head will help to ensure that your helmet fits perfectly even when you purchase it online. Here are simple steps for measuring your skating helmet:

  • Wrap a soft tape measure around your head. The tape measure should rest just above your eyebrows and ears because your skating helmet will be resting low on your forehead. The measure should be level from the back to the front. Don’t wrap the tape too loose or too tight. Write down the circumference of your head
  • A string can also be used in place of a tape measure. Just follow the steps we have listed in the point above and mark it, then measure against a ruler.
  • If for one reason or another you are unable to measure the size of your head, then you should check the size on your hat. There is a tag on your fitting hat that will give you a rough estimate of the size of helmet you should buy.

It goes without saying that there are indeed many options to choose from when it comes to buying skating helmets. For many people, quality always stands out when it comes to buying this all-important gear because many people usually want to find the best quality product for their money. If it is going to protect one of the most important parts of your body, it is always a good idea to choose the best on the market. Many people sustain serious injuries just because they decided to skate without a helmet or they were using a bad helmet. But we hope that none of these horrible circumstances befall you. That’s why we are here to help you an informed decision and understand the importance of using skating helmets.

In addition to safety, if you are going to wear the skating helmet for extended periods of time, then you have to make sure that you are choosing one that is comfortable enough. All the skating helmets we have reviewed here will provide the protection you need while skating. But depending on your individual preferences and other factors, you may be a bit picky and that’s why we have covered the best skating helmets with the best features you might be looking for.

We hope that this guide will be useful enough to help you pick the Best skateboard helmet so that you can stay safe while riding on your skateboard at all times.