Rollerblades Vs Roller Skates – Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to start skating but confused between two different types? And looking for an in-depth comparison of Rollerblades vs roller skates? 

Then you have landed on the right page! 

A lot of beginners get stuck in this, whether to choose blades or skates. But this very guide is going to clear the fog!

I have created an in-depth comparison of Rollerblades and roller skates. From their features to which one is suitable for whom, I have covered everything a beginner needs to know. 

Go through the entire guide, you will thank me later!

Highlighted Features

Roller Skate Roller Blade
Roller skates are the traditional skates that come with four wheels placed in pairs side by side.  Rollerblades also come with four wheels but they are placed in a row. They are also known as Inline skates. 
These are best for indoor skating. Inline skates are great for outdoor skating. 
Roller skates are extremely stable and great for cruising.  Suitable for sports skating such as speed, hockey, freestyle skating since they are fast. 
Comes in different boot styles such as old school leather, sneaker looking boots, etc.  Not as stable as roller skate and that is why inline skates are not suitable for beginners. 
Suitable for Derby skate, Artistic skate, and jam skating.  Doesn’t come in different boot styles. 
Since it is very easy to learn, it is best for beginners.   

Roller Skate

Roller skates are widely used due to their incredible stability and wide grip. It is a traditional skate and works great indoors. It consists of four wheels which are placed in pairs. Roller skates are also known as Quad skate and they come in different boot styles. 

Roller Blade

This is the updated version of a roller skate, it is advanced. It also comes with four wheels but they are all placed in a row so that grip is super narrow and isn’t as stable as roller or quad skates. Rollerblades are also called inline skates. 

Inline skates are sports skates. They are used in hockey, art, freestyle, and speed skating. These skates are speedy and require good strength to find the right balance. 

Well, that was a small summary of each of these skates, now let’s move on to broad details of how actually they differ from each other. 

Differences Between Rollerblades & Roller Skates:

Learning Difficulty 

If you are new to skating then obviously you would want to start with the one that is easy to learn. Inline or roller blades are tough to learn compared to roller skates. And there are several reasons why roller skates are easier than rollerblades. 

In roller skate, you get a wider grip since the wheels are placed in pairs, which gives enough stability to stand on foot without any assistance. Meanwhile, with the inline skate or roller blades, you get a very narrow grip because the wheels are placed in a row. 

In the beginning, you will find it even hard to stay on your foot, it is very unstable. So yes, if you are a beginner start with roller skates they are very easy to learn. That being said, if you are completely new you might find roller skates hard at the beginning but trust me, it is way too easy than inline skates. 


Every inline or rollerblade skaters boast that they are the fastest! And that is true, inline skates are way too fast than roller skate. Since roller blades or inline skates come with a narrow grip they beat all the corners, curves, debris on the road easily and keeps going.

However, in some ways, inline blades still struggle to roll smoothly on the road due to their four big wheels. They require a big space for movement while skating and that makes most roads unsuitable for them. Inline skaters need a dedicated smooth road to be able to perform at their best. 

Those who love speed and smoothness they should definitely go after inline skates. Once you get a dedicated terrain, you will fall in love with inline skating. 

On the other hand, roller skates are not as speedy as inline blades due to their wheel placement. Roller skates or quad skates are designed to give the optimum stability and it does it well. So if you want speed then roller skates are a no-go! 

Body Movement 

Skating engages all the body parts. When skating with roller skate all the body parts get involved apart from the hips. For those who have the intention to do a flexible workout with skate then roller skate is a good choice for them. 

On the other hand, inline skate or rollerblades includes every part of the body. The hip moves under speedy movement in the case of an Inline skate. In roller blades, you need good strength to balance yourself and due to that all the body parts get intensely involved. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Rollerblades & Roller Skates?

Roller Blades Roller Skate
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Very speedy. Hard to learn.  Highly stable and easy to balance.  Not speedy hence not for racing. 
Gives intense full-body exercise.  Not very stable.  Super easy to learn.  Trouble in maneuvering. 
A good option for all the skate sports.    Gives good upper body exercise.   
Increases self-confidence.    Very little chance of tipping off often.   
Feels very satisfying to ride smoothly.    Comes in different boot styles.   
Suitable for tricks and fancy moves.       

Let me summarize the entire article here. If you are new to skating then you should go for roller skate since they are extremely stable and is very easy to learn. And once you completely learn that then you can move on to the rollerblades. 

You can skate with a roller skate on most roads but rollerblades for the street that is dedicated would be easier. You won’t be able to ride comfortably and smoothly if the road isn’t inline skate or rollerblade dedicated. 

But dedicated I mean completely smooth. 

However, that is all about Rollerblades vs roller skate comparison. Hope this provides you with enough information to decide which one is for you.

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