Penny Board Vs Skateboard | Head to Head In-Depth Comparison

penny board vs skateboard

Skateboarding is fun, surfing the street with the wheels is something that only regular skateboarders can feel. But that amazing feel requires a lot of sacrifices, patience, and dedication. You cannot ride like a pro, in the beginning, however, let’s not get to that part. If you are a pro on skateboarding, this article might not have anything special for you but if you are a newcomer and just decided to be a skateboarder, then pull a chair and sit tight. You are going to thank me later, trust me.

I have seen most of the newbie struggles to choose the board at the early stage of the skateboarding, even I did too. There are few types of boards but penny board vs skateboard is what most newbies get stuck on. Although both of these look the same, there are actually some differences. Nevertheless, is your situation also the same? Well, no worries. I have done all the works and prepared a comparison of the skateboard vs penny board. You would definitely love it.

So without any further ado, let’s get straight to the business.

About Penny Boards

Let’s start with the penny board, these are versatile skateboards made of plastic. This board was introduced by Australia in the ’70s. Penny boards look classy and they are as famous as cruiser boards. All their parts are removable and if you want you can purchase all the parts separately or a complete one. Though buying the pre-assembled penny board would be wise for newcomers.

As these boards are made of plastic material, they are lightweight than traditional skateboards. Even after being so lightweight, penny boards are highly strong and durable. Penny boards come in different sizes and the most popular size is 22 inches in length and 6 in width. Actually, the size depends on you, if you have large feet, then you would need a wider board.

Penny boards have an amazing ability to survive critical damage. If penny boards crash into any curb very hard, you would barely see any scratches on the body, it’s because of the high-quality plastic material. That’s not something you are going to find on any other boards

On the other hand, no boards have color variations like penny boards. They come in a large number of different colors which allows you to choose the one you like. Not only colors but penny boards also come in different designs, the designs are really impressive. Penny boards are best for urban areas.

Advantages of Penny boards

  • Penny boards are lightweight and that makes it perfect for teenagers, who need a board to ride to the school or any near place.
  • These boards are portable so students can store it under the table or anywhere with ease.
  • Penny boards offer dozens of design and color choice, there are very few boards which offers such flexibility.
  • As the boards are made of plastic, they are completely waterproof. On the other hand, they are highly durable too.
  • They roll smoothly on uneven or rough surfaces; this enhances the riders riding experience.
  • Another satisfying perk of getting a penny board is, most of them come at an affordable price.
  • Penny boards provide strong deck, trucks, and cruiser wheels.
  • These boards can withstand heavy damages.

Disadvantages of Penny boards

  • Beginner rider might find the penny boards very hard to control.
  • As these boards are small, the rider would have less space for the feet.
  • Penny boards are unstable at higher speeds, as they are very lightweight.

About Skateboards

Skateboards are the mother & father of all boards, yes. All kinds of boards penny, long, short, etc. are skateboards, wondering how is that? Well, Decades ago, when people invented a board with four wheels that were named as Skateboard. And with the time that was developed into different types and shapes. Skateboards were the only and popular choice until long and shortboards were introduced.

All the traditional skateboards come in a rectangular shape along with four rounded corners, the size of the board actually depends. Most boards are 7 – 10 inches wide and 28 – 33 long. Nowadays in skateboards manufacturer are using specially designed boards which are made of maple wood. Not only that, but the board also gets a polyurethane coating. All these things make the board highly durable and smooth.

Once the manufacturer used some kind of heavy woods in order to increase the durability of the board. But thanks to the technology, manufacturers are now using some woods which are lightweight and highly durable at the same time. Although skateboards are now made of lighter woods, they will always little heavier than the plastic materials. On the other hand, the heaviness of the woods also increases stability.

Skateboards have wider space than the penny boards which makes it comfortable for the rider with wide feet. These boards also do come with different colors but not as penny boards. The deck of the skateboards is comprised of a grip tape that looks like sandpaper. This grip tape was installed to increase the grip of the rider so that they can perform different tricks. Newcomer and pro, everyone can use the skateboard.

Advantages of the skateboards

  • Skateboards deliver more stability than the penny boards and that makes it the best choice for the newbies.
  • These boards are wider than the penny boards, people with large feet will be comfortable with skateboards.
  • Wheels of skateboards are highly durable; they are mostly made of polymeric resin material.
  • Skateboards are faster than the penny boards and less likely to tip off when in speed.
  • Some skateboards come with affordable price tags.
  • You will be able to perform different tricks with the skateboards, as the deck comes with grip tape.
  • Skateboard offers far better control than the penny boards.
  • The boards are highly durable.

Disadvantages of the skateboards

  • Skateboards are a little heavy than the penny boards which makes carrying a little harsh.
  • As skateboards wheels are small, they don’t work smoothly on uneven grounds.

Skateboard vs Penny board: Which one should I choose?

Well, that depends on you. Are you a newbie who just decided to learn skateboarding? Or one who has been riding boards for a length of time? If you are a newcomer, it would be wise to avoid penny boards. The reasons are, when you will step on the board for the first time, you will need minimum stability and control, which is tough to gain is penny boards.

Penny boards are small, so you will have less space to place your feet and if you are among those with large feet, then don’t even think of choosing penny boards. As penny boards are made of plastic materials, they deliver less grip which a newbie needs the most when they are skateboarding for the first time.

My suggestion for the newbies would be to go for the traditional skateboards because they offer way better stability and control than the penny boards. Skateboard decks are wrapped with the grip tape which provides enough grip to the rider and that’s really important to have for the first-timers.

Skateboards have wider boards than the penny boards which enables the rider to place feet comfortably and because of the wiser space, people with large fit won’t face any issues. On the other hand, because of the woods, skateboards are little heavier than the penny boards and because of the weight skateboards are less likely to tip over when in speed.

And when it comes down to professional riders, every skateboard is suitable for them. If I talk about only penny and skateboards, both are perfect for the pro. But they may use them for different purposes like penny boards are stronger and can withstand heavy damage. On the other hand, traditional skateboards are perfect for performing different tricks. They might use penny boards when they are looking forward to speed and skateboards to master the tricks.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Which board is easy to ride?

According to my research, I have found that skateboards are easier, as they allow you to have maximum control and stability.

  • Why are they called penny board?

Actually, the name is Penny Skateboard. Later it was shorted by Penny Board. These boards are called penny boards because of their plastic materials.

  • Are penny boards like cruiser?

Yes! Penny boards are known as a mini-cruiser. And they are as popular as cruisers. 


And the time to wrap up the article. I hope you have to find penny board vs skateboard differences. Both of these comes with their own set of benefits and flaws, and it’s up to you to choose one wisely so that you don’t end up complaining. I have given all the advantages and disadvantages of both types, just to give you a clear vision about these. On the other hand, Longboard is another version of a skateboard, that’s longer than skateboard and penny board. Next time we will talk about different skateboard vs longboard vs penny board. Hopefully, It will more interesting.

However, if you have any kind of disagreement or any valuable suggestion, don’t forget to hit me up through the comment section, I’ll get back to as soon as possible. Happy riding!!!

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