How to make an electric skateboard | 7 Easy steps to follow

People like to do stuff on their own nowadays. Well, buying a pre-assembled skateboard can cost a lot more than making your own one. Some people love skateboarding a lot, but cannot buy one as they are not that cheap for you to have. There are cheap e-skateboard out there but still, they cost at least 100 bucks. So, why not make your own one? When you make your own skateboard, chances are that you won’t get the best of finishing or craftsmanship. You ask how to make an electrical skateboard at home. But you will get a good quality skateboard. In this tutorial content, we are going to teach you, how to make an electric skateboard. Make sure you read the whole content.

Instructions and tips: How to make a cheap electric skateboard at home

Here are the 7 steps listed below:

  1. Make a blueprint
  2. Collect your skateboard materials
  3. Collect all the electric drive
  4. Complete your deck
  5. Assemble your skateboard
  6. Build the enclosure
  7. Make additional changes

You can find all 7 steps in details in this article.

If you search to make an electric skateboard within cheap budget. than I assume that you know what an electric skateboard is. An electric skateboard is just like a normal skateboard. But it comes with a pre-installed motor drive so that the skateboard can move. You will get better control over your ride as the skateboard has a digital navigation system. But when you want to make an electric skateboard at home, the thing is a little tough. Many people face a budget problem before purchasing an electric skateboard. They can make their own electric skateboard. Yes, you can make a skateboard just within $35 bucks. Now, we are going to talk about some of the steps you need to follow before making a skateboard. Make sure you check them out.

Step 1: Make a blueprint

Before you start off with something, a blueprint can help you get the best of results. A blueprint is mainly a plan where you mark your goals. For electric skateboards, you will get an architectural design on the blueprint. The blueprint is a guide for what materials you need before making an electric skateboard. You will also get a crystal-clear view of the number of your materials. You can search online and you will find a lot of electric skateboards available. You can choose just about any blueprint. But make sure the blueprint meets your taste and the design offers a great and stable ride. But before you choose your skateboard blueprint, you need to keep three things in mind.

– for whom you will build the skateboard and what you want to do with your skateboard

– Is the blueprint design suitable for your physic

– Does the blueprint match your budget

If you keep these three things in mind, you can always get the best blueprint.

Step 2: Collect your skateboard materials

The materials you need before making your own skateboard are:

– 6-7 plies of Maple wood/ plywood/ solid wood (30 cm*10 cm)

– a pair of skateboard reverse kingpin trucks

– two pair of skateboard wheels

-Eight pieces of skateboard bearings

-A set of eight bolts and nuts

– Grip tape for the deck

-Two sets of riser pads



– drill machine

– Esc

– Battery

– dual hub motor

The Deck

First of all, you need your deck. The deck is one of the most important parts for any skateboard. Moreover, you can make your own deck. For the deck, you need to collect all the material. You need to decide the materials you need to buy before making your deck. You can collect maple wood or bamboo for the deck construction. I like longboard decks rather than skateboard deck. The reason is that longboard decks are more stable. Skateboard decks are smaller in size. So, you will face difficulty while riding it. Top mount, drop mount, drop through and double drop decks are perfect in this case. There are lots of deck styles depending on the riding style. You need to make sure you get a good idea about these things.

The Trucks

You need to choose the reverse kingpin trucks for your skateboard. You can use the standard kingpin trucks on your skateboard. But reverse kingpin trucks offer more control over your ride.

The Wheels

After that, you need to collect 2 pairs of wheels. Surely, you cannot use just about any wheels on your longboard. The diameter of the wheels largely depends on the size of the deck. You cannot install larger wheels on a smaller size deck, but you can use a smaller size wheel on larger size deck. The diameter of the wheel is important. Another important thing is the hardness of the wheels. You need to choose the hardness depending on the surface you will ride on. The countdown of hardness starts from 70A to 90A. The A indicates the hardness. So, you need to check out these things before you collect all the material.

Step 3: Collect all the electric drive

For electric drives, you mainly need to collect three important things. The motor, the esc, and the battery. Now we are going to talk about these drives.

The Motor

Electric motors need to have suitable power and torque. You can use a single motor or dual motor. Some motor operates using a belt. But I personally do not recommend them. Belt motors are not easy to operate when they are broken. You will find plans online.


Now you need an electronic system controller for your electric skateboard. Otherwise, you cannot control the ride. An Esc can help you to operate your ride using a remote controller. You just cannot depend on the judgment of the motor itself. You need to control your ride. To get a good idea about cheap Esc’s you need to check them out online.

The Battery

Now with the battery. The battery is the most important part of your electric skateboard. Most people do prefer the Lithium-polymer battery for their skateboard. Li-po batteries are great for an electric skateboard. But their main disadvantage is that you need to keep them out of the fire. The battery needs to be water resistant. Otherwise, you may get injured.

Step 4: Complete your deck

You need to make your deck by yourself. Making your own deck will cost three times less than buying a pre-built deck. So, when you think, make an electric skateboard, we always suggest you make your own deck. If you ask, how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35, making your own deck is the best decision. You will need 7-8 plies of wooden sheets. After that, you need to mold them, press them, place them under a vacuum and leave them for a few hours. After that, you will get your deck. The press will shape the whole deck and after you get all the sheets joined together, you need to cut the deck to give it a good shape.

Step 5: Assemble your skateboard

After you got your deck, you need to assemble the skateboard. You can use an old board to get a good idea where you need to drill your holes for the trucks. When you have cut out your deck shape you need to drill holes on your skateboard. Simply place an old board over the custom deck and mark the holespot using a pencil. After them drill the holes using a drill-machine. Install the trucks properly. Make sure, the trucks are placed centered. You need to drill 8 holes in total. Assemble the trucks centered and install all the wheels on your truck.

After you have installed the wheels and the pair of trucks, you need to check out the wheelbase and the concavity. Wider wheelbase provides wider turns. You will find a lot of information about wheelbase online. Check them out and get a good idea about the whole thing. You should also check out the concavity of your skateboard.

Step 6: Build the enclosure

Now, you need to make the enclosure. The enclosure will keep your expensive and electronic parts such as motor, Esc, and battery safe from outside. The enclosure needs to be sturdy and easy to hold. Airflow is another important segment of the enclosure. This will always help you to get the best riding experience. You can use metal on your enclosure so that it stays sturdy as hell. Install your Esc, motor, and battery according to your blueprint and place them in the enclosure.

Step 7: Make additional changes

Making additional changes is not that important at all. You can simply just add graphics on your skateboard deck, give them color or install stickers to give the deck a gorgeous outlook. These things are out of the blueprint. So, you should do them according to your own taste and accord.


Finally, we have reached a conclusion. It is important to follow blueprints and do stuff on your own. The same goes for an electric skateboard. So, when you say, how to make an electric skateboard, we will tell you to get a good blueprint. You can make a blueprint by yourself too. Anyway, we hope that this helped you to get a good idea to make an electrical skateboard at home. Well, yes a short brief is not enough to satisfy you. But we hope that after reading this content, you will be able to look for the necessary information online and get a good electric skateboard for yourself.

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