Longboard VS Skateboard

Skateboard vs Longboard

These two; Indeed an argument that ends up at a conflict which tantrums between intense sports fans, particularly those who like to dive out doing tricks at the stomping ground and those who voyage the streets, looking for the appropriate hill they can get enthuse out of stampede down.

However, the newbie’s point of view, It’s quite similar. But if you observe deeply the boards’ categories, you will realize austerity subsist for a reason. Different riding experience depends on what type of board you are choosing and your riding move depends on the specific type of skateboard. So you have to have a profound knowledge of them and meticulous differentiation between them.

Skateboard & Longboard


The starting of skateboarding held in the 50s as being the side project of surfing. To bring out the most of the drab days a surfers’ group caused to be the very first generation of skateboarding by embedding wheels on the wood made planks. No doubt, the earliest skateboards were far from what now they are, but after these years, they were consummated into the structure we know today.

Skateboards are light weighted, compact in design, very convenient to carry out, and can be set flat into a skateboard backpack, stored in the school locker. For the beginners who are enthusiasts to adopt tricks, skateboards tend to be affordable. But, unlike bicycles or scooters, you cannot lock it up. It is pretty much up to how you prevent the skateboard from being chartered.


Longboarding invented later and became trendy in recent years. In the 1950s, after skateboarding became popular, It started to come into a thing. In the search for something new, while the surf wasn’t mowing down, the surfer’s decided to create board essentially for surfing on the ground which was comparatively longer in the 1990s. This was the historical period of time when the snowboarders and sea-surfers adjoined their hands to feel the real excitement of surfing on the land. It’s similar to surfing, and so is easy to uphold for surfing lovers.

Though It offers you a wide range of various sports like the commute, cruise, carve, race, and even several tricks; it is heavy and bulky in size. They are roomy, so easy to keep balance. But they are often much expensive, even it is the beginner basic model skateboard.

It’s a debate that has been going on for years as to which one gives us more fun and which one is preferable. An inexperienced person cannot differentiate while the conflict is about these two boards. Obviously, there are stark discrepancies between these two types of sidewalk surfing.  

Difference Between Longboard and Skateboard

In the following, we have made an attempt to make you apprehended about 4 differences.

  • Structural Variation

Variation in the form or shape of these is the major point, which you must rethink before you select which kind of board is right for you.

Usually, longboards are 35-60 inches in length and 9-10 inches in width. On the other hand, the width of skateboards is 28-32 inches and the width is 7-10 inches.

It is actually their form of constructional shape that makes longboards allowing the users to keep balance and provides stability. This is why beginners’ first choice is them.

Though skateboards can be of various designs, their shape remains quite the same. Its deck is generally bent on each ends upward which allows doing the users Ollie as well as the flip.

On the contrary, with narrow decks and various different shapes as well as sizes longboards provide the users with a contrasting experience of surfing.

  • Wheels And Trucks

As per the wheels are concerned, longboards contain softer and bigger wheels that enhance them with speed and suitability for all types of surfaces. And they are also capable of bulwark the bumps on the road like cracks and pebbles and creating much more comfort in your longer rides.

On the other side, the smaller wheels of skateboards are ideal for playing with tricks and keeping balance. But, there is apparently a chance to be thrown off easily by road bumps.

wheels trucks

Well, there are trucks at the bottom of both of them, yet they are constructive. The trucks of skateboards are more rigorous that makes them ideal for grinding and allows performing tricks easily.

Basically, skateboard trucks are confined and use an old-fashioned TKP or kingpin. They come in miscellaneous sizes and exquisitely, you should grab the one that is as similar to the maximal width of the deck. Just as an example, you should pick 6″- 7.25″ truck arbor for 6, 5″- 7, 25″ decks.

The trucks of the longboard are more durable that enhances the board’s overall flexibility. And this is because riding on the longboard is comfortable and smooth. Their trucks are roomy and work with reversed RKP or kingpin. The hangers are most often 150 mm or 180 mm.

As with skateboards, your truck choice should be as per the longboard’s width. For example, 180 mm trucks are required for a 9” and more width deck. You can pick 150 mm for petite boards.

  • Rallying On The Board

Both get the basic intrude by getting off the turf with one leg.

For ramps traditional skateboards are ideal. Their tight turns and lightweight make them perfect for flips and leaps. Though, these same features turn them uncomfortable and unstable.

On the other hand, keeping in mind the transportation method, longboards are designed in such a way that the riders are allowed to cruise for miles smoothly on any terrain. They are suitable for both downhill and cross-country.

With skateboarding, you need to use your feet on the land to get the push and speed. For cruising at high speed, this method is neither practical nor safe.

However, it is possible to shift your weight back and forth with the longboard instead of pumping it.

Without the feet leaving the board, this method can create force and thrust. Both on the downhill and flat terrains, longboarders can indefinitely cruise with feet placed on the board.

  • The Function

With all the differences, these are absolutely dissimilar when the question is on their function.

Skateboards are best for use in skate-parks where the turf is flat, hard, and spacious to do tricks since their length and wheels are not suitable for long riding. You can also surf your skateboard in the streets using the obstacles to perform nifty stunts, but this is generally called grinding.

In short, they are ideal for practicing Ollie, dark sliders, kick-flips these kinds of tricks. If these sound like the things all you need, then skateboarding is for you. Unless it is better to tell you that in some parts of the world it is forbidden to use it on the street as it is dangerous and less stable.

Especially for cruising and transportation, longboards are best. When it comes to street riding, its design is so perfect for that. It has amazing maneuvering on a rough surface due to its flexible truck, shape, and soft wheels. It is also suitable for longer trips. Moreover, with the longboard, few tricks are also applicable. Considering the model, you can apply downhill sliding, carving, hand-paddling, and nose-riding.

It is common to see a grouping like skateboarders vs longboarders in your society. The main reason behind that is the functionality that offers to us. Where the skateboard offers you the functionality of practicing various tricks, on the contrary longboard widens the variety of purpose of it.


  • Which is better?

This is a tough question to answer. Longboards are mainly designed for smooth turning at high speeds. You get a lot of space on the deck rather than a skateboard. It depends on your activity. Skateboards are great for completing daily errands. On the other hand, longboard offers better support for the riders to dance or perform stunts. When you are performing any types of freestyle stunts that need more space you need a longboard. The popular longboard dancing needs more stepping point to pull off a stunt.

  • Is longboarding easier than skateboarding?

Longboards are equipped especially for curving and fluently cruising over long distances at high speed. Allows you to do various tricks like commute, race, and cruise, carve, etc. It is roomy for bigger feet and this is why easier to sustain balance. So, the answer to the question- is longboarding easier than skateboarding?- is quite obvious that longboarding is easier than skateboarding for extended downhill runs or long riding.

  • Which one is best for beginners?

For a beginner, the main issue is to keep balancing on the board. And if you are searching for something that will do it for you, then a longboard is the right option for the newbie. As they tend for smooth and easy riding, and as being heavier it is easier to keep the balance for the inexperienced user.

  • Which board is for intermediate skaters?

As intermediate skaters have come ahead from the preliminary stage of skating and now about to hang out at the skate park, playing tricks and man-oeuvre through a crowded place, a longboard would be ideal for them.

  • Which board is for advanced skaters?

As advanced skaters limit is the sky, they are now prepared for the versatility that skateboard offers as well as the aesthetic longboard.

  • Which board is safer?

If you want fast riding and commuting with safety then go for the longboard. And if you are about to ride in tight spaces with safer riding tricks then a skateboard would be ideal.

Well, sum-mating these two arguments into a single content is not so simple. Both of them come with many advantages and disadvantages and at the same time, they both are best in particular types of skating. But, the main thing is which one to choose will depend on the level of your skill and skating type you want to apply.

It is wise to realize the options before you make a decision. Skateboard and longboard both are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skaters depending on their purpose and experience. Now you know the differences, hope you can make an appropriate choice on them for you.

  • Which is more expensive than those two?

Look, if you want a smooth ride, then you should get a good board. If it is pricey, it will give a safe ride. There is no risk of breaking it on your journey. Longboards are a little expensive than a skateboard. 

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