How To Ollie On a Longboard | With Step By Step Tutorial

Can you ollie on a longboard? If you are a beginner or about to start to ollie on a longboard then you are in the right direction. How to ollie on a longboard is the most important step to do more advanced tricks with a longboard.  Actually, it is one of the fundamental steps of longboard ollie. It’s fun and effortless if you come with the knowledge of basic terms and regular practice as well.  We are going to discuss here the easy ways of longboard ollie.

Quick Answer: 5 Basic steps for longboard ollie listed:

  1. Know the basic terms and prepare yourself
  2. Know the types of longboard
  3. Let’s adjust to your board
  4. Keep your foot in the right position
  5. Jump & Descend

Now read those 5 steps details here and learn how to do it (with video tutorial).

  • Know the basic terms and prepare yourself

Always remember that you will learn with every fall during the practice. More practice makes more progress. Today’s best professional boarders have come across the way you are today. Their journey was full of inexperience, falls and loses. But your hard work, perseverance and motivation can make you successful at what you are trying it. Most of the beginners commonly do a mistake of taking longboard ollie and skateboard riding as the same thing. Though they look quite similar, there is little dissimilarity. So it is necessary to know the basic terms, differentiation and prepare yourself for several falling and injuries as well.

  • Know the types of longboard

If you want to learn really stunning ollies then you should have knowledge over the different types of the longboard. You can distinguish different categories of longboard based on the size of their deck and truck. The deck is the board body that you stand on while doing freestyle. For Freestyle, you should use over 40″ long-board. Before anything else, check if the deck size suits you. Basing on your weight, age, height and shoe size you would be able to select the perfect size of the deck. However, for an almost perfect ollie, we recommend flat-cave and wider decks.

Every single part from bolts, axles and screws, kingpin and wheels- all these are included with trucks. You will find a drop down and drop through- these 2 kinds of truck system. However, we recommend a drop through the deck for ollie due to its stability.

  • Let’s adjust to your board

Now that you are ready with basic concepts and acknowledgement of primary steps, let’s start to step on your board. In this stage, you have to concentrate on a few points, like-

  • Observe your longboard
  • Try to understand the comfortable trick to keep your board balanced, stable and controlled
  • If the trucks are too tight to move or are too much wobble or have a small deck- check on these issues
  • Find out your preferred foot for balancing

It doesn’t matter how expensive or good your longboard is, only important thing is to get comfortable with it. You should get adjusted with it and the board should be your alternative feet.

  • Keep your foot in the right position

It’s not magic, it is all about the technique of keeping your foot in the right position on a longboard. Keep your front foot around or near the deck centre and the back foot on the rear kick or rear tail. However, there is no particularly correct way to stand on a longboard. Whatever the way you feel natural just go with that.

If your forward foot is left food, then you are a regular stance skater. And if the right foot is forward, then you skate as a goofy stance. Now get your position at correct place with the right foot positioning.  Your front foot should be synchronized with the deck’s centre while the back foot is hanging half off the edge of the rear tail or kick.

  • Jump & Descend

The next procedures are jumping and descend. With the primary compilation of footwork, concentrate on bending and crouching your upper body. As for longboard Ollie upper body motion is as much important as your force, weight and inertia. You should crouch your torso enough to harborage and form a good level of pressure through your feet upon the deck. Your knees should be bent not more than 90 degrees and try to do this as much natural as possible.

At this position, you are all set to make a jump. Well, there is a simple trick for this as well. And that is you should make a jump with one of your foot at a time. First, use your front foot to jump and then the rear foot. And when descending, make sure that you jump or descend on the level both of your foot. This will surely level your board up. The most important thing to remember is that keep your feet at the same position while jumping and landing as well.

Though the tricks and techniques look easy and fun, but to make it perfect, you need to analyze and anatomize them. You will do awesome with persistence and hard work.

And one thing always keep in your mind. Safety first. Here are many example, longboard accident happened only for carelessness. Always wear helmet and safety gear.

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