How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks

After using some days, the skateboard trucks become looser. And it is not possible to run fast skateboards with loose trucks. Because, if the skateboard trucks are strong then skateboarding can be done smoothly. Body balance can be kept with the skateboard. But when it becomes looser, then skateboarding is interrupted.

So if you run skateboard regularly, then the skateboard trucks will normally be a bit loose. And as usual, it has to be tight again. So you should learn how to tighten skateboard trucks. We are going to discuss the main topics in this process, hope you will get some interesting things.

Necessary of Tightening Skateboard Truck

  • For larger skateboarding: Using a skateboard, you need a tight truck to travel a long way. Moreover, the skateboard body needs to be tough to get down the stairs.
  • To avoid wheel bites: If the trucks are not tight when skateboarding in uneven streets, the wheel can open at any time and the skateboarder may be in danger of losing his balance. Therefore, the need to strengthen the trucks.
  • To increase speed: To increase the speed of the skateboard and to run the curved way, the truck of the board must be tight. 

How to Tighten Trucks on Skateboard

  • Fixed the looser point: There is no need to skateboard the night after skateboarding on the day. Then you can identify the problem. Invert the skateboard, and check the main pin on which the skateboard is standing. If it is loose, it should be understood that the main problem is here.
  • Use skate tools: If you have to identify a loose nut then you need to tighten it by using the skate tools. The pin on which the skateboard is standing means the kingpin; it is in the middle position of the board. Because the balance of both sides should be maintained. Remove this peg using a skid wrench and the truck hanger will be loosened after removing it. Now you can easily separate the truck hanger from the skateboard. If the hanger’s socket is sufficiently damaged then it is the best decision to change it.
  • Go out for a ride to test your trucks: If you think that it has been abandoned after opening the socket, and then replace it. After the replacement, take a little tight with the skid wrench and go out to try skateboarding for a while. Try to rotate and Ollies. If everything is okay then it should be understood that the hanger’s socket has become fully damaged.
  • Re-tighten: If you successfully run the skateboard as a test, you do not need to make completely tighten. As a result, you can easily identify the pros and cons. Basically, tightens the skateboard trucks is the easiest thing among skateboarding tasks.

A skateboarder usually knows all the things about the skateboard. The most interesting task is to ride a skateboard. Although we discussed how to ride a skateboard. The work of making a skateboard needs to do for once. But skateboard trucks are required to be tightened after a couple of days of use. Otherwise, which problem will have to face?

  • Skateboard hanger can be opened in a dangerous way while rotating on the curved path.
  • There will be difficulty in doing Ollies.
  • There is a possibility of losing balance.

Some Important Tips For You

  • The main nut or pins should be more powerful. Because the skateboard is dependent on these pins. Lower pins are convenient for Ollie’s.
  • The wider wheel can determine. Basically, you can make the skateboard trucks as you want. The skateboard trucks should be wider because of wider wheels. Both trucks and wheels are needed to be wider for obese people.
  • The skateboard truck is fitted with four kingpins. If the surface of the truck is thick then the skateboard runs very smoothly and does not create any vibration.
  • Save the nut while opening the trucks.
  • Replace the hanger if necessary.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it essential to keep the balance of tightening of the front and back truck of board?

-Both tracks should be equally tight. Otherwise, there may be a discrepancy when running the skateboard.

  • How much do I need to tighten my trucks?

-According to one skateboard expert, it is not right to be tighter. Have suggestions for keeping in the middle.

Final Verdict

Safety is needed for skateboarding. And tighten skateboard trucks are essential because of ensuring security.  Otherwise, there is a possibility of the wheel being separated from the trucks when the skateboard trucks are loose. So check before using it, and enjoy skateboarding beautifully. Hope you will be able to tighten the skateboard trucks. For more info click here. Happy Skateboarding.

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