How to Ride an Electric Skateboard | 4 Important Step To Follow

How to ride Electric skateboard

Do you love to skate your way to run errands nearby or things that need your immediate attention and presence?

Many find it particularly thrilling to skate with their friends or solo. Even if you know your way around regular skating, learning to ride an electric skateboard can take some time and effort. So if you are worried about riding an electric skateboard, we are here to help you with it with a step by step guide.

What is an electric skateboard?

It’s your average skateboards on steroids aka with a battery, remote control, and motor.

The idea of an electronics powered skateboard might as well be decade old or so. But electronics skateboards have only been patented and started manufactured in early 2000.

Since then it has gone insanely popular for quite a few reasons. The existing skateboarder community helped to get the head start it needed too.

Don’t own any electric skateboard yet? Looking for some affordable and cheap electric skateboards? You can have a look as we have picked quite a few for you. Looking for something different? Try a battery powered scooter.

Benefits of an electric skateboard

There was an existing craze of the skating, and the community happens to be just picked up a motorized version of the board. It happens to be quite fast and fun as well. But electric skateboard comes with quite a few advantages and benefits over the traditional one. Being faster is just one of it. Here a few to make up your mind if you haven’t already.

  • it doesn’t run on oils or any other types of fossil fuels
  • It doesn’t make any pollution
  • Totally water resistant
  • You can control it with just a remote control.
  • Quite easy to use even though it might look scary at first
  • Comfortable to ride it downhill or uphill as the control is great

What do you need to learn riding an electric skateboard?

Before I give away the basics, here is what you need to learn how to use electric skateboard safely.

One of the first and foremost rules of electric skateboard safety is you need to get an helmet. The other electric skateboard safety gear can be the shoulder and knee pads. They are necessary for you for not getting any scratches if you fall at the beginning, which is quite common.

Beginners guide on how to ride an electric skateboard.

Are you worried that you don’t know the electric skateboard basics? Well, then we got you covered here about all the electric skateboard tips for riding with no previous experience at all.

Step 1

First thing you will need is learning to position yourself on the electric skateboard. If you don’t even know how to stand on this thing properly, how can you be safe when riding it at 40 kpm of speed?

If your skateboard is bigger than 30 inches, then start by placing your front foot in the front truck and back foot just on the bolts of the back truck. For a better balance and avoid wobbling around, place them over the 1st and 2nd tow of the following trucks.

Don’t ever put your front foot away from the front truck you can lose your balance before you even know.

Step 2

Now the second thing you will need to learn is how to brake on an electric skateboard. It is quite critical and one of the most necessary thing to understand when acquiring the skill of riding an electric skateboard. Because its a quick way of transporting yourself and even the most experienced rider’s brake can fail sometimes.

Just imagine unable to brake when facing any obstacles in such speed. Scary right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You can stop your skateboard with the controller that comes with it. That’s why it is necessary to check your batteries beforehand so it can power itself to stop when needed.

Never try to break hard if you are on skating at high speed. It can be quite devastating because stopping hard at such speed will throw you off balance and the road as well. Also learn to shift and use your weight to stop it manually, just in case of any turbulence with the controller.

Step 3

Now you have mastered your stance and learned how to successfully brake or stop yourself without, you know breaking a toe or two.

It is the time for you to get to know one of the most trivial electric skateboard tricks that you might have been waiting for. And that is my friend is how to learn to go from zero speed to the fastest speed you can handle, AKA acceleration.

You can’t learn it properly in one day. Nobody can learn to accelerate from zero speed to 20 km/h without practicing it first.

You need to learn to handle your balance properly and smoothly shifting your weight from one leg to another leg. You also need to learn to leverage your weight as well. Now it can take some time to get adjusted to this whole handling and using your body as it will take more than just your full body control. It will take some getting used to it as well 

Step 4

Last but not least, now is the time for what you might have been waiting for and that is how to do carving and other tricks on the skateboard. If you have gone through all the steps above and haven’t had any issues and mastered them successfully, then all you need to do now is learning to handle all the angles and adjustments you need to do while doing it at different speeds.

It won’t come to you just a single day. If you have learned the proper stances and controlling your body, then it won’t take much of your patience and practice to learn.


Now as we have come to the end of this tutorial on riding an electric skateboard, the most practical approach to the whole thing is to not go overboard with it. Take it slow and be safe and you will be on your way to cruising your way down to compete with SUV at the street in no time! I hope, now you got an idea, that how to ride an electric skateboard.

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