How To Make a Skating Ramp | Even Your Child Can Do Skating

Creating your own ramp can easily become a fun experience. But how to make a skating ramp or how to make a skater ramp? The same question can be asked as for how to build a scooter ramp? Well, if you can build a skating ramp you can easily use it as a scootering ramp.

But to do that you need to have proper skate ramp plans. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasonal skater or a regular one. Going to the skate park daily can be a pain. But if you have enough space in your backyard and you can use it why not make your own skating ramp?

In this content, we are going to discuss skate ramp plans, how to make a skateramp.

What is Skate Ramp Made of?

Skate ramps are generally made of woods. People use plastic or even plywood for the top layer. The skating surface is made of plastic or resins. This is the primary materials in terms of making a skating ramp.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Ramp?

This a common question among people. They are worried about the cost. In terms of making a skating/scooter ramp, the cost is not that much at all. Mainly the reason is that the materials you use in making your skating ramp are the important factor here. Manufacturers manufacture their products of different qualities. These qualities make a difference in price. But if you can spend at least $500 to $700 you can make a good skating/Toddler Scooter ramp lasting for years. You can also read here scooter for toddler.

Making Your Blueprint


First, you need to design a blueprint for your ramp. You cannot have a good skate ramp plan without a blueprint. A blueprint will enable you to utilize your free space and so on. You can plan how you will build the ramp, what materials you would need. Even you will get the measurement of your required materials. You will find a lot of blueprints out there on the web. When you have chosen your blueprint for a skating ramp your halfway there on making a skating/scooter ramp.

What Kind of Ramp Do You want to Make?

You can get a blueprint, but the blueprint needs to be efficient, by efficient I mean your blueprint needs to utilize all of your free space without the need for extra space. Try to keep your skate ramp as versatile as possible. Mini skating ramps generally don’t offer you to practice various tricks. But it depends on your ramps space and location. So, you need to think about your space and location.

Materials For a Skating Ramp


As I have told you earlier a skating or scooter ramp is mainly made of plastic or plywood. The surface of the ramp is made of resins or plastic. This keeps the ramp smooth and flat. If you are thinking of making a mini skate ramp, we can help you with a little bit of information.

If you are thinking of making a mini skate park in your backyard or in your room, you can use these materials:

  1. ¾ inch thick Plywood
  2. ¼ inch thick Masonite
  3. 15/8-inch screws
  4. 21/2-inch screws
  5. Resins or plastic sheet
  6. Plastic Paint (not mandatory)

Tools For Your Skating Ramp

You need to have some tools before making a skating ramp. The tools are:

  1. A pencil
  2. A Tape Measure
  3. Drill machine
  4. 3/8-inch drill bit
  5. 3/16-inch drill bit
  6. A hammer
  7. A screwdriver
  8. Hacksaw

Now For The Foundation


When you have chosen your blueprint and designed your ramp you are ready to make your ramp. But the most important part of making a ramp is the foundation. Every time the foundation of the ramp is overlooked. But if you want your ramp to last long you need to think about giving the ramp a good foundation.

When you ask how to make a skating ramp or how to make a scooter ramp, we tell you to make a skate ramp plan. But in your skate ramp plan, you need to think about your foundation. Good foundations offer the ramp to last for years and keep you out of injuries.

Try keeping the outdoor ramps portable. The foundation needs to be portable, lightweight but durable. You don’t need to attach the ramp on the surface. But the ramp won’t move on its own if you don’t try to move it.

Start Building Your Ramp

We have talked about the basics. Now you need to start making your ramp. When you have made a blueprint for your ramp you can now easily cut your plywood. Try to make the ramp as big as possible. But be careful of your available space. You don’t want the ramp to take away more than your available space.

Start making the sides. Cut the plywood according to your measurement. Before cutting the plywood mark the board with your pencil. Your tools will help you to reduce time. You can use the drill to make small holes. But if you use regular screws you can use the hammer. Use the hacksaw to make your side pieces. Anyway, it’s all there on the blueprint.

Start with the sides of the ramp. Then frame the ramp according to your skate ramp plan. Now put in the ramp support. Attach the remaining plywood on your ramp support. After that create the surface of your ramp. Be careful about the surface. You don’t want to ruin the surface.

Before cutting your plywood measure it twice to avoid unwanted mistakes. Cut both the side pieces according to the blueprint. After that stick it on both sides of the foundation.

Be careful about the screws. Make sure they are in the right place.

Organize your lumber. Well, if you can get help from professionals your work will get easier. But if you are stuck with a strict budget then you can give it a shot.

Protect Your Ramp

You need to take care of your wood. Try preserving your ramp. You don’t want it to get ruined. After building the ramp you can paint the surface. Plastic paints can help preserve wood for a long time. Attach steel plate to the bottom of the skating ramp. This will protect the corners of the skating ramp.

Try covering the ramp with a tarp. This will give it an extra layer of protection.

Some Extra Tips

Well to get a better result, try using screws instead of nails. Using nails can sometimes damage the ramp. You can paint around your ramp to get a better view. Keep the ramp as clean as possible. Try to keep it from the reach of water.

Some Final Thoughts

I have told you earlier building a skating ramp is a fun thing to do. But how to make a skating ramp? Or how to make a scooter ramp? Well, actually both are the same.

Before making a ramp, you need to make a skate ramp plan. Without a plan, you cannot build one. But before that, you need to consider your budget, plan, blueprint, materials, and tools. If you build the ramp by your own this may take time. But if you hire a professional your work will be perfect and will cost less time. Skateboard ramp plans are important indeed

Anyway, it doesn’t matter by whom it is built, you can enjoy skating in your backyard now.

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