How To Make a Skateboard Rail | 6 Step To Follow

Do you know, to make the skateboard rail is the most difficult and risky task in skateboarding. If you can make it right, it will be interesting for you. If there is an error in the preparation of rail of the skateboard, then it can cause serious accidents.

Skateboard Rail
Skateboard Rail

Basically, due to the help of the skateboard rail, you can perform with the right balance of the foot. It’s like a kind of exhibition that gives pleasure to both the viewer and the performer. If there is a mistake in making the rails or if you have any inefficiency, it would be a terrible injurious for you.

Even your groin can cause damage. So first you need to know how to make a skateboard rail and this is how to run skateboard on the skateboard rail? So we would like to discuss the process of making this skateboard rail.

Stored all the materials in a garage that will be needed to build the rails, all that is needed can be dragged by hand. Because all materials are small, so it is easy to pull by hand.

Although many skateboarders buy ready-made rails, however, this is the best decision. Although it is very expensive all the necessary components are available with this rail.

But your idea might be that making skateboard rail is a lot harder, actually making skateboard rail is not too complicated. If you follow this article, hopefully, you will learn the procedure of making skateboard rails.

Tools Required

  • 12 mm steel drill bit 1 Pis
  • 12 mm *200 mm long auger/ wood drill bit 1 Pis
  • 1 ¼” spade drill bit 1 Pis
  • Drilling machine 1 Pis
  • Tape measure 1 Pis
  • Ruler 1 Pis
  • Pencil.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Earplugs.
  • Drop saw.
  • 3/8” spanner 1 Pis
  • 3/8” socket with ratchet 1 Pis
  • Steel hand saw.
  • Scissors 1 Pis


  • Welding masks.
  • Gloves
  • Jeans and a long-sleeved sweatshirt.

Start To Know | How To Make Rails

Blueprint Of Making Rail

The tools you need to build the skateboard rail are mentioned above. Before starting the work, these tools should be collected. You may have to think about collecting these things, so the easiest way to go to a hardware store and let them know the whole thing. For the main bar, use a wide rectangular steel pipe.

Use a square steel leg for steel pipe. Steel pipe should be at least 3 inches wide and 4 inches long. And use 10.5 inches long and 3 inches strong feet for this leg to stand. With this leg, your pipe rail will be able to stand. So both leg’s size will be equal. Only then the rail will work beautifully. If you determine the steel leg will 4 inches, then measure the two steel pipe evenly.

Now get advice about cutting it off from a hardware store near you. They can advise you to use the power saw to cut the pipe. And that’s the easiest way. Now after cutting the leg pipe using the power saw, it should be ensured that whether the size of both pipes is alright. Your skateboard rail will get the proper balance when you are done in the right size and rule, and you can also run safely.

When You Are New Skateboarder

If you are new to a skateboard driver then another way can be adopted. In that case, the length of the rail leg has to be reduced. Suppose you will participate in a skateboard competition as a new skateboarder and if everyone is an expert there and you’re the beginner then it is more difficult and risky for you to Ollie up in long leg rails.

So the rail leg can be shortened. So you have to use an adjustable leg for this purpose. But the length of the rail must be increased. In that case, you will make a rail with a large steel pipe and use three legs instead of two legs. To provide support for a large steel pipe, you will need to put a leg in the middle of it.

You have surely been informed about the object of building the skateboard rail. Now let’s start work with the necessary equipment and tools. It would be better to do this work in a garage. Because the garage has all the necessary tools that you may need.

Wrapping Up For Welding

Skateboard Rail Making

 Above we have mentioned that a rectangular steel pipe for the main bar, and the 4-inch leg and 3-inch wide feet to support this pipe. Basically, these are the main materials. Combine these tools. Now notice the two ends of the steel pipe. It may have a random and sharp position on both sides. So, to fix them, you need to hit with the hammer and crush them. If luck is good, then this situation may not be the case for everyone.


Welding Rail
Welding Rail

All your materials are ready, now it’s the time to combine all of them. All will be welded together. Combine all the ingredients; make sure that whether the highest point of the house made with steel pipe is smooth. If it is not smooth yet, use the grinder to smooth.

Basically, this is the main reason to causes the problem behind building the railway. It is a bit more difficult to smooth the two edges of the rail; here you will get a hard experience.

Moreover, you will need to cast to four places in total. The place where to attach rail pipe with the leg, there need to be welding. And weld twice on both ends to connect the legs with the feet.

Different Designs of Skate Rail

There may be some types of design for the skateboard rail. However, there is a slight tilt on both ends of all types of rails. Again, there are some rails that are completely curved. Those parallel rails are placed in a slightly curving portion on both ends. Cut the 5/6 inch pipes from the two ends of the main bar, now cut off these two parts slightly, and again cut off the two ends of the pipe bar in the same way.

Notice that whether the cutting part is properly fit with the pipe. If it fitted properly then weld it here. Although this is not a very important thing, however using it will be very helpful for you.

Add Curved Ends To The Rail

First, add a curved pipe at the end of the rail. But it does not cut into the above-mentioned method. In this case, you have to adopt different methods. The main bar of the rail was made of steel pipe as before as it has to be curved at a 30-degree angle at two ends of a pipe.

As a result, it will become a curved pipe. When you are tired of skateboarding, there is no chance of a sudden falling from the rail. You can use the hammer to bend the pipe.

Make Adjustable Legs

Rail Design

Use the adjustable leg to make the skateboard rail more advanced. This is not an emergency, but it would be challenging for expert skateboarders. And the job is to make with a very complex process. To create the adjustable leg, the section of the foot where will have to set the leg of the rail; it has to be more width.

Let the two lead be combined together. And the leg ‍should have the ability to slide. Due to being adjustable, it may be necessary to disconnect at any time. Therefore, both parts of the leg must be drilled with a drill in a particular place. But be careful though, otherwise, it cannot be fitted with the nut and your work will be in vain.

Hopefully, if you work in an above-mentioned way then, you will be able to make several types of skateboard rail. But always take care of your own safety. We’re going to mention a few small points for your convenience; hopefully, it will also be beneficial for you.

Make Skate Rail | Important Note for You  

  • Be careful during use drill or grinder. There is a possibility of an accident if these are not used properly.
  • Check out the expert’s videos before work, your work will be easy.
  • Before welding, check the size of each steel pipe.
  • After making the skateboard rail, check with the water on the rail, if the steel can absorb water then there will be no possibility of rust attack.
  • Do not make extra holes.

Video Credit: “Into The Dirtshop” (Youtube Channel)

Final Word

It is normal for you to work harder. Because a lot of many machines are needed to make a skateboard rail. But you can make the rail by yourself to enjoy it, otherwise, buy the prepared rail. That’s would be the best decision for you. We have tried to explain the whole process; hopefully, you will get a full idea of making a skateboard rail from how to make a skateboard rail article. Make your skateboard safely and successfully, that I wish.

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