How To Lubricate Bearings

How To Lubricate Bearings

The question is, how to lubricate bearings. OK, Do you know the difference between lubricating and cleaning the bearings? If you say that there is not much difference between these two, then your words are somewhat correct. Two results are almost the same. Any vehicles or skateboard are run fast due to clearing the bearing. And because of the lubricating the bearings, the vehicle or the wheel moves fast.

If you know about cleaning the bearings, how to lubricate bearing will be very easy for you. Let’s look at the issue of lubricate the bearings, but separately we want to tell how to lubricate skateboard bearings.

Benefits of Lubricating The Bearings?

Bearing plays a major role in keeping the wheel moving. As the bearings lubricate, the wheel rotates faster; in one word the wheel can change its performance. The main purpose of bearing lubricate is to increase the speed of the wheels by reducing the friction ball. A wheel can be used for the long period when the friction ball is reduced between the wheel and the road.

How to lubricate wheel bearings?

There are several components to lubricate the bearing. The oil and grease are the main components among those. But if not applied correctly, the bearing efficiency can be broken and the bearings can be permanently disabled. So you should lubricate it regularly after cleaning the bearing. You can complete the process by adopting the following methods 

Necessary Belongings:

  • Plastic Pot
  • Acetone
  • Grease
  • Gloves
  • Oil

After assembling the necessary components, you can start working. But be careful while working.

  • First, remove the bearing from wheel: In order to lubricate the bearings, you must separate the bearings from the wheel. How can you complete this process? Read the complete method of opening bearings here.
  • Pop the Seals: There are two types of the seal on skateboard bearings. The seal is made with rubber and metal. Remove the seal by using the pin. In most cases, rubber made seals are available and comparatively it is easy to open.
  • Soak and Clean: After removing the seal, submerge the bearings in an acetone full container. After submerging it for 1-2 minutes, pick up and dry the bearing for a moment. Now it’s time to lubricate the bearings.

Bearing Lubrication Methods | Skateboard Bearing Grease

Expert users usually complete this task in two ways; by using oil and grease. But through research, we got more the uses of oil. Our discussion topic is going to be the same way.

  • Oil Lubrication: Considering the performance, lubrication with oil provides the best performance. The bearing can be lubricated in different ways with oil. This is a special advantage of oil use. Generally, enough oil is provided by the manufacturer when preparing the bearings. But when the vehicles are run through the dirt road, the dirt becomes attracted due to oil. The bearings are somewhat guarded against the high amount of dirt due to seal. Even which amount of dirt is attracted; the balls inside the bearings get stuck slowly. But the interesting matter is, this dirt is removed with oil.

After separating the seal from the bearings in the above-mentioned procedure, insert oil into a syringe. Then apply the oil on each ball’s joints place of the bearings. Although you cannot specify the amount of oil. However, the amount of grease can be specified. After applying the oil on the bearing, put the seal immediately.

  • Grease Lubrication: Before lubricating the bearing with grease; make sure that whether there is any old grease in the bearings. It should be cleaned if there have any existing grease. Otherwise, it will not be useful if you apply the new grease. And before applying new grease, check the grease that whether there is any dirt, grime and particles in grease. Lubrication with grease is relatively easy from oil lubricating.

It has been said before that it is possible to specify the amount of grease. For example, suppose you fill 20-30% space with grease. Basically, this percentage is compared between the internal space of bearings and the amount of grease. That’s how much space do you want to fill with the grease. If you want, you can fill 100 percent internal space of the bearings with grease. However, there is a suggestion to complete 20-40% by bearing manufacturers. It will be best is if you use grease by maintenance with the grade. It is good to use 0-1 grade because the bearing is rotated very smoothly in this grade. And this is one of the most effective solutions for skateboards.

What Can I Use To Lube My Bearings?

For the temporary period, you can lubricate the bearing without the oil and grease. This work can be done from household items.

  • Silicone-Based Lubricants: Silicon lubricants are the simplest components. Although water can be lubricated, but it does not last longer.
  • Mineral Oil: You can use this mineral oil if you do not find any suitable object for lubricating. You can lubricate the bearings using the abandoned oil of any vehicle.

According to the size of the vehicle, the size of the bearing varies. But all the bearings are made with the same material. So, if you use oil and grease to lubricate the bearings of the truck, you can ‍also use the same material for lubricating the skateboard bearings. But our recommendation is to use grease because it is a chronic and easy solution. Hope now you know How To Lubricate Bearings.

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