How to Longboard Dance | Step by Step Guide With Tutorial

Here is the truth; nothing looks more relaxed than dancing freestyle with longboards on the roads. It shows off you are well balanced, and your coordination is something that people will envy. But how to longboard dance if you haven’t had any prior experience even with the longboards, let alone dancing? It’s why we are here to help you with finding the proper dancing set up on the longboard to perform various longboard tricks as well.

What do you need to learn Longboard Dancing?

First of all, to master the dancing, you need to learn to ride the longboard properly. Think about it, if you can’t control the longboard well enough, then how can you dance on it?

Ride on your longboard regularly and keep trying to improve your balance and control on it. So the first step you will be required is to get a dancing longboard.

How to get the proper Dance Spin Board setup?

Now one thing to have a closer look at before getting started is your longboard setup. Now you might already know that it is possible to dance on almost any kind of longboard, even on freestyle ones. But there are factors you can work on that can help you with your dancing experience.

Dancing Builds and Features

There are several features longboards need to have to do better dancing on a longboard. Some of the highlights of the longboard are designed to make you feel more comfortable so that you can hop well enough on the board. Here are those necessary Longboard features you will need to dance like you want to.

Deck Space:

The Deck space of the board should be longer. Longer Desk space allows more space for your foot to stumble around, and you get more area to balance off, have better control, and have more room to perform various steps for better dancing on the longboard. A sturdy enough Deck will not only provide a good pop but will also give you a somewhat comfortable ride overall.

Kick nose and Tail:

Having a decent Kick nose and Tail will allow you to perform the Shuvits, Ollies, and the Flips better. The longboard should have a mellow concave and a narrow deck width as it will let you more space enabling free foot movement along the deck, as you do not want your feet to be frozen while trying to Longboard dance.

High-angle Trucks and Drop-through Mounting:

Despite the longer wheelbase, high-angle Trucks allow you to make quick turns and give a lively ride. Drop-through mounting keeps the deck lower, creating a Lower Center of Gravity. It makes it more stable for you at higher speed giving a more comfortable foot break.


Talking of wheels, that is also an essential part of Longboard Build. As we’re looking for more stability for stunts, we’ll be looking for smaller wheels. Smaller wheels give you a decent bit of acceleration. Smaller wheels keep the weight down; it’s vital when you start to get the board off the ground. These make a smooth and comfortable ride.

What about the Longboard Dance Tricks?

Now getting those all right, it is time for the real talk now, the Longboard tricks. You must have watched quite a lot of dancing videos on youtube to get fired up already.

There are plenty of Longboard tricks, such as Peter Pan, Chop the Wood, The Look back, Spin Big, Cross Stepping, The Shanker, Walk the Plank, G-Turn Variations, and many more in the Longboard tricks list.

The Best Part about Dancing is that you can also customize your dance move once you learn the necessary steps. Now here are some longboard tricks for beginners. You can try them out once you get the hang of it.

Chopping the Wood:

It will challenge your balance, but learning it can help you a lot. To perform Chop the Wood, you’ll need to use one foot off the board while using the only foot to balance during the ride.

Spin Big:

It’s quite similar to the old school longboard tricks called big spn. What you need to do is to use your body to be more specific the shoulder to do a full spin, and the board will do a half turn. The board spins 180 degrees while your body spins 360 degrees here.

Cross Stepping:

Cross Stepping is an essential trick that will make it easier for you to unlock the other tracks later on. All you need to do is to place your foot alternating between putting them forward and backward.


For people who want to try out some nifty tricks and love challenging themselves, longboard dancing is a great way to do so. This guide on how to longboard dance can help you with getting started. So get your longboard and hit the road.

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