How to Clean Bearings | 5 Simple Step Guide By Expert

Any kinds of thing will have lasted for a long time while it will get the proper care and maintenance. Consider this same thing in the terms of bearing. If you are taking care of the bearings properly, then a bearing can be used for a long time. And the protection for these metals is really very useful. Because these bearings are made of iron and if it is not clear, it attacks rust very quickly. If the rusty attack, then the bearings will not be rotated like the previous speed. Suppose you drive your skateboard in the rain and then leave it without any cleanliness. In a very short time, your bearings will be attacked by rust and when you drive the next time the speed of the wheels will be reduced. We have found through long researches that most people want to know about how to clean bearings. So we want to explain this with long discussion and the process in detail.

How To Remove Skateboard Bearings

Free bearings from wheels

To clear the bearings, first bearings should be separated from the wheel. That means the bearing is in the inner part of the wheel. Before cleaning up the bearings, you have to open the bearings from the wheel. Slide the wheel with a little pressure. Use the amount of energy which amount of power is required to open the bottle. Once the wheel is opened, take out the bearing from the wheel. When you will complete opening the bearings then take off the shield of the bearings. There are dual shields for most of the bearings. This dual shield is used for bearing safety. If you have good luck then you can get single shield bearings. It’s a lot easier to open a single shield. And if the shield is made with rubber, then you can easily open it. But be careful when opening the shield from bearing. Now it’s time to clean the bearings when it will be separated. This is the manual method. If you wish, you can use the tools to separate the bearings from the wheel.

Tools Might Be Required

Use various tools to make your work even faster. You can quickly remove the wheel by using pliers or screwdriver. But the easiest way is to use the ratchet. Most truck workers use this device to remove the wheel from the truck. Someone calls it to skate tool.


  • Take down the nut of the wheel with the ratchet.
  • Now open the nut with your hands.
  • Take the nut and washer in the safe place.
  • Separate the bearings with needle nose pliers.

 How To Clean Skateboard Bearings

  1. The main dirt and grime have to be cleaned manually at the beginning of cleaning the bearing. If the amount of dirt is normal, take a paper in hand and clean the bearings with papers. If this method is not working then follow another method. Take a plate and clean it as well. Then take some solvent or alcohol in the plate. Then put the bearing in this plate. If the bearing is immersed in the whole solvent, then lift it and then clean it with a paper. Now you see that all kinds of dirt and fat content are being eradicated from bearing. You can also use a few more substances. One of the best components is methylated spirits. You can also clean the fat and grime from the bearing by lemon juice.
  2. Take acetone in the same way in the plate if you want to clean the bearings with acetone. However, this chemical substance is a bit acidic. So take the gloves on hand before using it. Then dive the bearing in the pot for 2 minutes. Now all the dirt is easily eroded from the body of the bearings.
  3. Using the above two methods, soaking the bearing in acetone or alcohol filled pot; after some time remove the bearings from the pot. Put the bearing for some time on a dry paper. And give enough time to dry the bearing. Now graze smoothly on the bearings with any light clothes. Any kind of dirt is being cleared from bearing.

Bearing Assembling

  • When the dirt and garbage dirt will be removed from bearings, it may take 10 to 15 minutes for drying. But you can use any pump machine to make it faster. Take a bearing in hand and pressure the pump machine to make the air. The bearing will dry up very soon.
  • Bearing consists of slippery material. With which the bearings move very quickly and smoothly. When you clean the bearings with different materials, these lubricants have been removed from the bearing. So use lubricant oil to make the bearings slippery as before. Insert this oil into each of the balls inside the bearings. The oil can be penetrated in every ball of the brain

bearings remove

  • Apply the shield of bearings as before. You can add the shield as you removed. But don’t make any pressure. Try to attach with creating pressure very gently. If the shield is bared with bearings, check whether there is a gap between the bearings and the shield. Apply the bearing in the same place where it was before. Use the same tools if necessary.
  • Now arrange the wheel with the skateboard. Take back the nut and washer from where those were preserved during the opening of the wheel.
  • Check whether the wheel is moving at the right level as before. First, take your skateboard on your hand. Then turn the skateboard upside down and try to rotate the wheel with your hand. If the wheel is properly applied, the wheel will rotate very nicely, otherwise, it will not rotate. If you notice that it is tight during rotating the wheel, then it should be understood that it is not properly applied.

There are several types of oils to keep the speed of bearing at the right level. By using which, the balls of the bearings become more slippery. And the bearing will rotate quickly. What could be the oil?

 Skateboard Bearing Oil

When you run the skateboard during the rainy season, there will be water on the street. And this water will be bred with bearings and invaded various dirt and fat. Then the rust will bear in the bearings and the skateboard will not run fast. In one stage, the bearings will not rotate and it must be omitted. To survive with its hand be sure to clean regular bearing and will have to use different types of oil. It could be lubricant oil, alcohol mixed oil, acetone etc. If you adopt the above methods, you will be fully expert in this regard.

Important Note

  • It is a good idea to use the necessary tools to open the wheel.
  • Keep the nut and washer in the safe place.
  • Use gloves while using the chemical.
  • Use a thin pin when separating the shield from the bearings.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can wd40 oil be used at the skateboard bearings?

-Your bearing should have been slippery. That is why such kind of oil should be used which will make the bearing slippery. So silicon-based oil should be used. But wd40 will dry your bearings and the bearing will attack by more dirt and grime. According to many skateboard users, it is better not to use this oil.

  • Can bearing be cleaned with water?

-If you clean the bearing with water, it will dry easily. And the water is not slippery or oily liquids. As a result, after cleaning the bearings with water, the bearings will dry very quickly and again the dirt will be added. So, avoid cleaning the bearings by using water.

  • What tools might be needed to differentiate the bearing from the wheel?

-Screwdriver, needle nose pliers, skate tool, ratchet, pliers etc. Besides, small pins can be used to separate the shield from the bearing.

  • Does bearing spacers are needed for the skateboard?

-It is fitted between the wheel and the centre of the bearings. As a result, the bearings are much stronger and rotate very smoothly.

  • Which is the best bearing cleaner?

-Alcohol is the easiest and safest to use.

Final Word

If you take care of your body as well as the body is healthy and vigorous, just like that you need proper care in everything. You’ll notice those when you will see the gardener, he cleaning the gardening tools every day. In order to prevent the rust attack for the machines. The same thing should be done in the case of the bearings. When you use Skateboard, the Skateboard’s wheel will be invaded with various garbage dirt.  And it needs to be cleaned very quickly. Otherwise, your skateboard’s bearings will be wasted at any time. So clean the bearings regularly. It was the main topics to clean your bearings in how to clean bearings article. I hope you will be able to fulfil this issue very quickly and will be careful about your bearings clean regularly.

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