Best Freeride Longboard in 2020 | Reviewed By Experts

Have you ever heard of stand-up slides, foot braking or hands down slides on longboards? These are the skills you need to perform freeride with your longboard. Freeride is similar to dancing. Back in the old days, long boarders liked to perform freestyle rides. They are also popular in modern days. But choosing the Best freeride longboard is tough. In this content, we are going to give a highlight of freeride longboards. We are going to provide 5 short reviews on popular models available in the market. After the short review, we shall discuss how you can choose the perfect freeride longboard for yourself. Which means we are going to help you with a buyer guideline. We are hoping that after the end of this content, you will get to know all the necessary things to buy a freeride longboard. Let's get started.

Top 5 Free Style Longboard Listed Below




Weight Capacity


Santa Cruz Lion God


220-250 lbs

Volador 42 inch



250 lbs

Sector 9 Aperture


220 lbs

Rayne Brightside



Atom Drop Through


275 lbs

5 Popular Freeride Longboards Review

Earlier we said that freeride longboards include techniques such as stand up slide, hands downslide and board brake. But you need a freeride friendly longboard to perform freeride. If you are a beginner in freeriding, the choice gets tough. You can find dozens of popular models available in the shop. But you need to come to a decision. If you are thinking of purchasing a freeride longboard from a single manufacturer, we can help you. We shall provide you with short reviews of 5 popular longboard models.

1. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard

  • Length: 40 inches
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Deck construction: 9 plies maple
  • Weight: 5.03 pounds
  • Deck design: Drop through
  • Trucks: Road Rider 180 trucks
  • Wheels: 75mm OJ Thunder Juice

When you look for a longboard for freeriding, you want the deck's style to be a drop through design. You will need a lightweight but durable longboard. But as I said earlier, finding a freeride longboard is tough. You may always not receive the best features. If you think on the bright side, the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta complete longboard can be the perfect choice for you. The deck of the longboard is made using 9 plies of maple. Still, the longboard deck is lightweight. The longboard deck weighs around 5.5 pounds. The longboard deck is 40 inches long and provides enough width to place your foot. The graphics on the board looks stunning. The aluminum trucks and wheels provide a hassle-free, fast and smooth riding experience. This is great for kids or who is a beginner in longboarding.


  • The board is lightweight
  • Graphic on the longboard looks gorgeous
  • Easy to ride
  • Very fast
  • Can put a great amount of weight
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Cons:

  • The longboard deck isn't much durable

  • 2. Volador Complete Freeride longboard

    Volador 42 inch
    • Deck construction: 8 plies hard rock maple
    • Deck length: 42 inches
    • Deck width: 9 inches
    • Trucks: 7 inches reverse kingpin
    • Wheels: PU
    • Wheel diameter: 70×52mm
    • Wheel Hardness: 78A
    • Weight: 7.19 pounds

    Whether you are looking for a cruiser longboard or a freeride longboard, this longboard can be the perfect match for you. The Volador complete freeride longboard comes as a full longboard. Which means you don't need to assemble the longboard. This longboard can provide you a swift and joyful riding experience even if you are a beginner. The longboard deck has an 8 plies hard maple construction. These plies of woods were cold pressed together to give the deck a camber concave design. The hardware of the longboard is premium. The freeride longboard is not only lightweight but also durable. The graphic on the longboard is stunning and creative. If you like beautiful artwork on your longboard and want additional freeriding features, you can go for this longboard.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Comes with stunning artworks
  • Made from environment-friendly materials
  • Cons:

    • Don't suggest tricks on a cruiser

    3. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Complete Freeride longboard

    • Length: 36 inches
    • Width: 9 inches
    • Deck style: Drop through
    • Trucks: Gullwing Sidewinder
    • Wheel diameter: 69mm
    • Wheel hardness: 80A
    • Bearings: ABEC 5

    Drop through decks are the best choice for freeride performance. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Freeride longboard is one of the best freeride longboard for any beginner. Whenever you look for a freeride longboard, you would want a lightweight and durable longboard deck with good quality wheels and trucks. The 36 inches deck offers you a stable and perfect riding experience. The trucks come with double-kingpin which allows you to take quick turns whenever you want. The longboard is lightweight so hands downslide cannot get better with this board. The board comes with good quality grip tape and lets you get the best grip. the wheel color may vary, but the 80A wheels provide great and smooth freeriding experience.


  • Lightweight but durable
  • Comes with double kingpin trucks
  • Offers great carve
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Includes grip tape
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Spare parts available
  • Cons:

  • Length is not comfortable
  • 4. Rayne Brightside Freeride Downhill Longboard

    • Length: 36 inches
    • Width: 9.25 inches
    • Wheels: 3D wheels
    • Weight: 4.1 pounds
    • Wheelbase: 21.5 inches

    Who says a longboard cannot be strong as steel but at the same time cannot be lightweight? Look on the bright side! The Rayne Brightside freeride longboard comes as a fully assembled longboard. It has a vertically laminated bamboo core in the deck, and the whole longboard is laminated using pre-tensioned fiberglass. This feature makes the longboard both lightweight and durable. The board will provide you with long-lasting service. The 3D wheels on the board will offer a wheel bite free riding experience. The longboard deck is stiff, but no need to worry, stiff longboard deck offers great stability. You will get a stable riding experience using this board. If you are looking for a long-lasting service from your freeride longboard, this is your beast.


    • The longboard deck is long-lasting
    • Offer great turns or curves
    • The wheels can avoid wheel bite
    •  Durable & Lightweight


    • The longboard deck is stiff

    5. Atom Drop Through Freeride longboard

    • Deck length: 40 inches
    • Deck construction: maple
    • Item weight: 7.85 pounds
    • Trucks: 7 inches aluminum

    Any freeride longboard needs to be both lightweight and durable. The board needs to offer stability and smooth riding experience. Drop through deck styles are perfect for freeriding. The Atom drop through longboard is the perfect match for any freestyle rider.  The longboard has a 40-inch drop through deck. The deck is fully laminated using maple wood. The longboard looks gorgeous. The board offer a lot of place for you to place your foot. The good quality wheels on the longboard can avoid wheel bite. You don't need to assemble the longboard. It comes fully assembled. You shall receive a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Perfect partner for your freeriding.


    • Great for downhill free style cruising
    • Comes as a complete longboard
    • Great longboard for freeriding
    • No need to assemble the board


  • Needs to push a lot if you are not in a downhill area
  • Buying Guideline | How To Choose The Best Freeride Longboard

    We all know that we cannot buy a product if we don't know about the product. So, staying in the dark is a pain sometimes. But there is always a solution. You can ask someone. If you have no friends who know about freeride longboards, you can always ask the internet. But we can ease the problem a little bit for you. You need to know about freeriding longboards if you want to perform freeriding. First, you need to know about the hardware. After that, you need to consider some important things before buying one for yourself. In this part of the content, we are going to give you a complete buyer guideline. We are going to talk about the hardware of freeriding longboards. Then, we are going to talk about additional consideration you need to make before buying your freeride longboard.

    The Hardware Of Freeride Longboard

    You need to know about the hardware before you purchase a freeride longboard. A vast Knowledge over the hardware of a longboard can help you to choose the perfect match for you. All longboards are pretty much the same. But they have a few differences according to their use. So, if you want to know about the differences, you need to know about the hardware. The three important part of a longboard is the deck, wheels and the trucks. Now we are going to talk about these parts.

    • The Deck of The Freeride Longboard

    The deck is one of the most important parts of the freeriding longboard. The deck is the place where you place your foot and operate your ride. You need to know about freeride longboards construction, deck style, concave, weight, and weight capacity before buying a freeridelongboard. Now we are going to talk about these features.

    Deck Construction

    Manufacturers mainly use maple or bamboo to construct the longboard deck. Some manufacturer uses carbon fiber to build a longboard deck. Maple wood longboards are durable and long-lasting but not that much lightweight. On the other hand, bamboo decks are lightweight, but they are not long-lasting. So, going for the bamboo maple hybrid longboard deck is the best option. These hybrid longboards are both lightweight and durable. So, you can perform freestyle stunts easily.

    Deck Size

    The size of a freeride longboard is important. You need extra space to place your foot on the board. When you perform freestyle stunts, you need to get a smooth footing area on the deck. Generally, freeride longboard length is within 36 to 42 inches. You should be around 9 inches at least.

    Decks Concave

    You need a low concave for your freestyle longboard. When you are performing freestyle stunts, or you are interested in freeriding, you need the longboard to be stable. A stable ride is a must for any beginner in freeriding. Low concave decks offer stable riding experience. So, going for low concave decks are the best choice for freeride longboard.

    Deck Style

    Freeride is another form of downhill longboarding. You need to reduce your riding speed to perform this style of longboarding. The longboard deck style is very important because it can define the riding style. Commuter, cruiser, freeride longboard offer the same support. You need to choose the deck style for getting the right control over your freeride longboard. There are 3 types of deck style for freeride longboards - drop through, top mounted and drop platform longboard deck.

    The drop through decks is lightweight. The construction of these decks makes the board both thin and lightweight. The deck platform is a little low which offers smooth riding experience.  You will get a lot of flex from these decks. For freeride longboard, going for the low flex longboard deck is the best choice. On the other hand, drop through decks are stable. They are a little heavy, but you will get a stable riding experience. Top-mounted longboard deck is the opposite of drop through decks. They offer fast riding experience.

    Deck Flex 

    When you are looking for a freeride longboard, you need to consider the flex of the longboard deck. You can find 3 types of flex from the longboard deck.  You will find high flex, medium flex, and low flex longboard deck.

    Suppose you ride on rugged areas. You need your longboard to absorb a lot of shocks. Low flex deck can absorb a lot of shocks. Medium flex deck is the perfect longboard deck for any style of longboarding. High flex longboard decks cannot absorb a lot of shocks. For freeride longboards, medium flex longboard deck is a perfect choice.

    • Trucks of the Freeride Longboard

    If you want the best freeride longboard, you need the longboards hardware to provide you best of supports. After the deck, you need to check out the trucks of your freeride longboard. Trucks are a pair of materials that attach the wheels and deck together. So, you need this part to be durable. Now we are going to talk about this hardware.

    Construction material

    Generally, manufacturers use aluminum to make trucks. But you will find metal trucks. Some manufacturer uses carbon fiber to manufacture a pair of trucks. But the aluminum trucks are perfect for your freeride longboard. Metal trucks are a little heavy. Carbon fiber trucks are not cheap. So, an aluminum longboard is the best choice for you.

    Truck Size 

    There is two size available for longboard trucks. You can get a 180mm trucks or 150mm trucks. But the size of the trucks depends on the longboard’s width. If the width of the longboard deck is more than 9 inches, you should choose 180mm trucks. But if the width of the longboard deck is less than 9 inches, you should go for the 1500mm trucks. Generally, freeride longboard deck is around 9 inches. So the truck size should be 180mm.

    Trucks Kingpin

    You will find two types of kingpin on a longboard. First, you have the standard kingpin, and second, you have the reverse kingpin. Back in the old days, when the longboards didn't offer a lot of features, manufacturers used standard kingpin on the trucks. But it is no wonder to see standard kingpin on the modern age. You will find cheap longboards which come with the standard kingpin. Standard kingpin offers less control over your ride. On the other hand, reverse kingpin offers great control over your ride. So, going for the reverse kingpin is the best choice.

    • Wheels of The Freeride Longboard

    Without the wheels, you cannot run your longboard. Some people think that they can use any wheels on their longboard. This is mainly a misconception among people. You need to check out the wheel size, wheel hardness, wheel diameter, wheel shape, and many other things before buying a freeride longboard. Now, we are going to talk about these features.

    Wheel Size 

    You need to check the diameter of the wheels before purchasing your freeride longboard. There are small wheels, large wheels. You can use small wheels on larger longboard decks. You can use small wheels on smaller decks too. But you cannot use large wheels on the small longboard decks. If you do that, the wheels may cause wheel bite. Wheel bite is a pain. For freeriding longboards, the diameter of the longboard wheels should be around 68-72mm. But you should choose your wheels size depending on the deck’s length.

    Wheel Durometer 

    Durometer refers to the hardness of the wheels. The durometer range starts from 70A (very soft) to 90A (very hard). The durometer of your wheels depends on your weight. If you weigh around 135-175 pounds, you will need 80A-85A wheels. If your weight is less than 135 pounds, choosing the 70A-80A wheels can be a good choice. People who weight more than 175 pounds should choose 80A-86A durometer wheels.

    Wheel Width 

    If you want to find the best freeride longboard, you need to check the longboard width. Wider width wheels offer resistance against slides. But freeride includes slides. So, choosing slimmer width wheels is a good option.

    Wheel Leap Shape 

    You need round lip wheels for your freeride longboard.

    Wheel Bearings 

    You can use any bearing on your longboard. Wheel bearings are not that important. But still, they are important. Confusing, right? Well, wheel bearings are rated according to their construction quality and materials. The ABEC ratings give us an idea about their build quality. Generally, freeride longboards come with ABEC 5 rating bearings. You can go for higher rating bearings. It's up to you.

    Some Other Important Consideration

    Now you know about the hardware of a freeride longboard. But before you purchase a freeride longboard, you need to make some consideration. Now we are going to talk about them in short.

    Weight And Weight Capacity 

    You need to check the weight capacity of your freeriding longboard. If the board cannot hold your weight, you cannot get a good riding experience. Generally, freeride longboards weight is around 5 to 9 pounds. You need a lightweight longboard for freeriding. Make sure you check out the weight and weight capacity.

    Spare Parts

    You cannot use the pre-installed parts forever. One day or another, any part will be damaged. But when that happens, you need to find the alternatives. Before you buy a freeride longboard, you need to get the idea of spare parts. If there are no spare parts, you need to check out the alternatives. Otherwise, you might face trouble.


    • What is freeriding on longboard?

    Freeride is often referred to as longboard dancing. When a longboard rider changes his stance, he may need to twist or spin his body. Hands downslide, sliding, stand up sliding is popular freeride styles.

    • Why do I need a drop through deck for freeride?

    The answer is simple. Drop through decks are a little lower. These decks have a lower concave. So, they offer stability over your ride. For freeriding, you need your longboard to be stable. If not, you cannot change your stance smoothly. If you are a beginner in freeriding, the problem gets more complex. So, drop through decks are perfect for freeriding.

    Final Verdict

    Longboarding has been one of the most popular sporting activities for decades. Many people prefer longboard over skateboard because they offer more space for the rider. There are different styles in longboarding and freeride is one of them. When you are a beginner in freeride longboarding finding the best freeride longboard can be a hard nut to crack. You need a proper guideline so that you can buy a freeride longboard.

    In this content, we tried to help you with a solution. First, we featured 5 popular freeride longboard models available on the market. After that, we included a buyer guideline where we discussed about freeriding longboard hardware. We hope that you are happy to reach a conclusion. If you have any more doubt, you can start reading content again from the start.