Best Electric Skateboard Under 500 | Reviewed For 2019 

Do you know what makes the difference between regular skateboards and electric skateboards? Due to the electric motors, the variety between the two skateboards has happened. These skateboards have a motor installed on them. Electric skateboards are great for completing day to day errands. You can transport here and there with ease. But choosing an electric skateboard is not an easy task. The job gets tough when your pocket does all the talking.

Finding the best electric skateboard under 500 bucks is not easy. Sure, there are dozens of models available on the market. But you cannot just buy them judging their price. You need a proper guideline. So we have come here to provide a perfect guideline for the electric skateboard. We shall also provide you with 10 short reviews of popular skateboard models out there on the market.

The Top 10 Electric Skateboard Listed Below



Max Speed

Weight Capacity



17 mph

250 Pounds

RazorX Cruiser


220 Pounds

Meepo E-Skateboard

29 mph

250 Pounds


17 mph

250 Pounds

Urban Electric Skateboard

Urban-Portable Mini

12 mph

250 Pounds

Miageek Youth

12 mph

140 Pounds

hiboy s11

Hiboy S22 Dual Hub-Motor

18.5 mph

240 Pounds

Premium E-Skateboard

15 mph

264 Pounds

Acton Blink Lite

15 mph

130 Pounds

WOWGO E-Skateboard

23.6 mph

280 Pounds

Electric skateboards are great for commuting or completing your daily errands. Need to go out for short trips, going to office or schools? You can use electric skateboards. The come with a motor installed on them, and you don't always need to push them. All you need to do is control the skateboard. But finding a best cheap electric skateboard is not easy. Well, there are a lot of models available on the market. But the choice is crucial in this case. Earlier we said, there are dozens of electric skateboard models out there on the market. That's where people get confused. But need not to worry, we have a solution to this matter. We have checked and picked 10 popular cheap electric skateboard models for you. Now we are going to give short reviews on these skateboards. let's get started.

1. BLITZART Huracane Electric Skateboard

  • Dimension: 38 × 10 × 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Battery: 36V 4.4 AH lithium-ion battery
  • Motor: 350W motor
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Speed limit: 17 mph

BLITZARD have been making great quality skateboards for a long time. They are also best at manufacturing good quality cheap electric skateboards. Probably this is one of the best cheap electric skateboard models out there on the market. The electric skateboard deck has a laminated bamboo and maple construction. For the deck construction, 6 plies of maple wood and 2 plies of bamboo was used. They were cold pressed together. The deck has a premium build quality. Comes with grip tape for better gripping. The deck can hold anyone weighing around 250 pounds. The skateboard will offer a lot of customization option available and you can choose from different color options.

The skateboard is equipped with a 36V 4400MAP lithium-ion battery, and it can be fully charged within 2.5 hours. You shall receive a high speed of 17 MPH, and the range of the skateboard is at least 10 miles.  The skateboard is easy to ride, and a wireless remote is included with the skateboard. Great for the price don't you think so?


  • Lightweight & durable.
  • Comes in a beautiful design.
  • Offers great and smooth riding experience.
  • Includes easy to hold the wireless remote control.
  • Equipped with a powerful motor.


  • The deck strength is not impressive
  • 2. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

    • Dimension: 29.5 × 4.3 × 8.1 inches
    • Item weight: 9.7 pounds
    • Battery: 1 lithium-ion battery
    • Motor: 125W
    • Deck length: 29.7 inches
    • Deck construction: 5 plies high-quality maple
    • Maximum speed: 10mph
    • Wheels: High-grip urethane

    When you are looking for a cheap electric skateboard, you cannot just buy one. You will want to get the best features. If you are looking for an electric which offers plenty of kicks, you can go for this beast.  Sure, this skateboards price is on the cheaper end. But it comes with a lot of features. The 29.7 inches skateboard is made using 5 plies of high-quality maple wood. A perfect skateboard for cruising around. 

    This electric skateboard comes with an electrical kick start, and a lithium-ion battery provides enough juice for the skateboard to run. The skateboard can run up to 10 mph and furthermore, you can run the skateboard continuously for 40 minutes without facing any trouble. The 2.4 GHz wireless remote comes with a replaceable wrist strap and offers better control over your ride. People of any given age can ride on this beautiful electric skateboard. The skateboard deck can support a rider weighing up to 220 pounds. One of the best electric skateboards under 500 bucks.


  • Lightweight and fast.
  • Offers a lot of kicks.
  • Comes with an easy kick start.
  • Wireless remote control offers a smooth riding experience.
  • Cons:

    • The battery is not so strong.

    3. Meepo Electric Skateboard

    • Power: 800 Watts
    • Top Speed: 29 mph
    • Board Weight: 16 lbs
    • Range: Up to 11 miles
    • Trucks: Shredder Trucks
    • Charging Time: 2 Hours
    • Ride Modes: 4 Ride Modes
    • Wheels: 90 mm X 56mm 82A
    • Motors: 90 mm X 55mm 82A
    • Rider Weight Limit: 250 lbs
    • Deck length: 38 inches

    Looking for an electric skateboard under 500 with lots of features? You may want to get the best of features even at a lower price. Well, sure you can get one. The Meepo is the perfect choice for you. You can call this a smart electric skateboard. You will get to know about that in no time. The motor turns on when you push the skateboard. A smart turn-on system. The deck has a comfortable size. The length of the skateboard is 38 inches. So, you will get enough space for your ride. The skateboard is like a longboard. If your weight is a little out of the ordinary, but you still love skateboarding, need not worry.  

    This skateboard can put on a heavyweight. Those who weigh around 250 pounds can use this skateboard. You can also carry the skateboard anywhere you want. The skateboard offers a super performance. The 800W dual hub motor provides enough power to surf at a max speed of 29 mph. At low speed, the skateboard can cover up to 11 miles easily. You can get 4 ride modes from this skateboard. The skateboard uses an electronic speed controller. So, you can get the best experience using this skateboard.


    • Strong and lightweight
    • Looking gorgeous
    • Super-fast and great performance
    • Great for cruising or commuting
    • Unique and sleek design


    • The weight capacity is limited, the limit is 250 lbs.

    4. BLITZART X-Plore Electric Skateboard

    • Dimension: 38 × 10 × 5 inches
    • Weight: 13 pounds
    • Motor: 350W
    • Maximum speed: 17 mph
    • Range: 5-6 miles
    • Weight capacity: 170 pounds
    • Battery: 36V 4400 Mah battery

    We come with another BLITZART electric skateboard for you. The BLITZART X-PLorer electric skateboard is great skateboard under 500 bucks. The skateboard deck has a 6-layer maple wood construction which is laminated using 2 plies of bamboo. So, the construction of the skateboard is durable and flexible. The skateboard comes with grip tape and offers great grip over your ride. The deck can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. So, you don't need to worry about your weight with this skateboard. The 350W hub motor offers a smooth and noiseless riding experience. 

    The package includes an ergonomic wireless remote which will offer a lot of features. You can control your skateboard with ease. The remote controller has a wrist tape installed on it. You don't need to worry about assembly because the skateboard comes fully assembled. This cruiser electric skateboard can reach a maximum speed of up to 17 mph. After a single charge, the skateboard can run up to 6-8 miles with ease. The 36V, 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery provides enough juice for the ride to go on.  The deck is long and wide enough for any beginner to ride on.


  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Offers smooth riding experience.
  • Comes with unique design.
  • Cons:

  • Cannot put on a lot of weight.

  • 5. Urban-Portable Mini Electric Skateboard

    Urban Electric Skateboard
    • Package dimension: 18.9 × 10.4 × 6 inches
    • Weight: 9.24 pounds
    • Maximum speed: 12 MPH
    • Max range: 7-10 miles
    • Motor: hub 150W motor
    • Charging time: 1 hour

    Looking for a something unique design? The design you have never seen before? Than this skateboard can be the best choice for you. The length of the skateboard is just 17 inches. So, you can easily pack it in your bag pack or carry it with your hands. The skateboard is very lightweight and weighs around 7 pounds. The FAA approved 52.8 WH lithium-ion battery provides enough juice to run 7-10 miles with a single charge. 

    The skateboard can pull off a max speed of 12 MPH. Though the skateboard looks quite small in size, the Canadian maple deck construction makes the board durable. The deck can hold a person weighing around 250 pounds. Size really doesn't matter in terms of this skateboard. Electric skateboard comes with additional risks. But need not worry, you will receive a one-year warranty from this skateboard manufacturer.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great for completing daily errands
  • Unique and cool design
  • Powerful hub motor
  • No need to worry about assembly
  • Cons:

  • Maybe a little small for beginners.
  • 6. Miageek Youth Electric Skateboard

    • Color: Black
    • Dimension: 35.4 × 9.1 × 4.7 inches
    • Deck: maple deck
    • Wheel: PU wheel
    • Wheel diameter: 2.95 inches
    • Max weight capacity: 286.6 pounds
    • Max speed: 10-20 km/h
    • Range: 10km
    • Motor: 250W
    • Battery: Ip54 24V 200 mah
    • Charge time: 2 hours
    • Weight: 11 pounds

    When you're looking for an electric skateboard under 500 bucks, you may need to sacrifice something. We are not saying that it is impossible to get one, but you can get a good quality skateboard for yourself. The Miageek skateboard is the best choice when your pocket does all the talking. The special feature of this skateboard is that it looks like a regular skateboard. They hid the battery inside the skateboard deck. So, the skateboard looks like a regular skateboard. The deck of the skateboard is made using 7-plies of Canadian maple wood. So, the deck is tough and flexible.

    The deck offers a kick tail and has a low concave for better riding experience. It has an IP54 water-resistant battery which can save you in a watery environment. The 24V 2200 mah lithium-ion battery provides enough energy for the skateboard to move on. The skateboard can reach up to a max speed of 10-20 km/h, and the range of the skateboard is 10 km. The durable polyurethane wheels provide a smooth riding experience. You will get a one-year warranty for extra safety measures. You can choose this cheap electric skateboard when your pocket does all the talking.


  • Has a tough deck
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Very compact and easy to hold up
  • Cons:

  • May be a little heavy
  • 7. Hiboy S22 Dual Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard

    hiboy s11
    • Dimension: 36 × 9.4 × 5.5 inches
    • Weight: 16.5 pounds
    • Motor: 350W dual hub motor
    • Battery: IP54 lithium-ion battery
    • Maximum speed: 18.5 mph
    • Range: 13 miles

    Cheap electric skateboards always come with some additional risk or lose. But you can't help it. You need to lose something in order to gain some. Anyway, when you are looking for a commuter electric skateboard, you can easily purchase this one. The Hiboy S22 electric skateboard has good build quality, and on top of that, the skateboard provides you with smooth riding experience. The skateboard is equipped with a 350W dual hub motor which allows you to have a smooth ride. 

    The skateboard is stable, lightweight and durable. Even if you are worried about their service, no need to worry, you will receive a one-year warranty. If you find any issues with the skateboard after purchasing, they will offer you 30 days cash back guarantee. The board can reach a high speed of 18.5 mph, and it can cover 13 miles with just a single charge. The skateboard package includes 2 lithium-ion batteries for you.


  • Water resistance batteries.
  • Offers a long-time riding power.
  • Comes with stunning graphics.
  • Spare parts available.
  • Cons:

  • A little heavy
  • 8. Premium Electric Skateboard

    • Weight: 15.4 pounds
    • Size: 37 × 10.6 × 5.5 inches
    • Battery: IP54 110-240V 4000 mah
    • Max speed: 12-15 mph
    • Range: 6mph (low speed)
    • Motor: 350W Brushless dual motor

    When you look for the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars, you need to make some consideration. But when you are looking for a skateboard which is pre-assembled by the manufacturer, you need to check out the features first. We have come here with a great looking cheap electric skateboard. the skateboard looks great. The deck of the longboard is made using 7 layers of hard maple wood. So, you can say the skateboard is tough and compact. 

    The electric skateboard can offer you super performance. With just a single charge, the skateboard can run up to 15 miles with ease. The maximum speed of this little beast is 15 mph. The skateboard can put on a lot of weight. If you weigh around 265 pounds, this is the perfect match for you. The 350W dual brushless motor is removable, and if the battery goes out of use, you can purchase another battery. The skateboard deck has built-in LED lights, and they look great. You just need to use your wireless remote control. The PU wheels provide a smooth and perfect riding experience.


    • Comes with beautiful LED
    • Comes fully assembled
    • Lightweight, compact and durable
    • For smooth and awesome ride


    • Automatically power off after few minutes without using.

    9. Acton Blink Lite Electric Skateboard

    • Dimension: 10.4 7.1 30.7 inches
    • Weight: 7.72 pounds
    • Battery: 1 lithium-ion battery
    • Weight capacity: 130 pounds
    • Max speed: 15 mph
    • Range: 5 miles

    Introducing the world's lightest skateboard for youngsters. This skateboard is very lightweight but still tough. Mainly the target of this skateboard is teens, kids or students weighing around 130 pounds. If you want to get your kid an electric skateboard so that they can cruise around in town or go to school, this is the perfect skateboard. 

    The skateboard weighs around 7.7 pounds and is portable. Your kid can easily pack it up in their bag pack. The Bluetooth remote control offers better navigation while riding. The single lithium-ion battery takes 2 hours to get a full charge. After a single charge, the skateboard can run a distance of 5 miles. The skateboard can reach a top speed of 10 mph. This is a perfect cruiser electric skateboard for you.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Great for cruising
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Super-fast
  • Cons:

    • Design is not likable for all

    10. WOWGO Electric Skateboard

    • Deck construction: 8-plies of maple
    • Max weight capacity: 280 pounds
    • Range: 10-12 miles
    • Top speed: 38 km/h (top speed)
    • Battery: lithium-ion battery

    Well, saving the best for the last is always a good idea. Probably this is the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars you will find available on the market. The main focus of this skateboard is to provide the best riding experience. Unlike other electric skateboards, the skateboard is water resistant, and you can ride the skateboard on rainy days. The deck of the skateboard is made using hard Canadian maple. So, the longboard deck is tough. The deck can hold up to 280 pounds of weight. The battery is powerful and provides enough juice for the skateboard to run 10-12 miles after a single charge. You will get 3 riding modes using this skateboard. The wireless remote controller has a LED screen, and you can control the skateboard easily. The screen has 4 battery indicators. Overall, this is a great cheap electric skateboard. The board can reach a top speed of 23.6 MP/h. A great skateboard for riders or performers.


  • Fast and lightweight
  • Powerful batter
  • Easy to navigate
  • Cons:

    • Contact with water is not good. (Wheel little slippery in water)

    Buyer Guideline: All About Buying An Electric Skateboard

    If you get a perfect guideline, you can buy just about anything you want. But finding a proper guideline is not easy. The same goes for an electric skateboard. People are tired of traffic jams. The busy life never wants to spoil any time. So, people are looking for alternative vehicles. Some like to use a bicycle, some like scooters. But recently, skateboards are gaining popularity.  Electric skateboard, on the other hand, gains the upper hand. 

    People like to use an electric skateboard for completing daily errands. But if you are a beginner and you have a strict budget, you may need to face trouble choosing one. You need to know about the hardware of the electric skateboard and also need to look some important things about you. We shall help you with a guideline. We hope after reading this part, you will be able to choose the perfect match for yourself.

    Electric Skateboard Hardware

    When you are thinking of buying an electric skateboard, you need to know about the hardware. Without knowing the hardware, you cannot choose a skateboard. Mainly, beginner skateboarders face these types of problems. They are often confused and thinks that cheap electric skateboards are not good. But the price is not the main factor here. You need to check out the hardware and their quality. Now, we are going to talk about the hardware of a skateboard. There are five main parts of an electric skateboard. The deck, the wheels, the trucks, the motor, and the battery. We are going to talk about them. We hope that this will help you to choose a cheap electric skateboard for yourself under $500.

    • Deck of the electric skateboard: The deck of the skateboard is a very important part of the skateboard. You can place your foot on the deck and stay while you’re riding. Mainly the deck is very important for a skateboard. Now, we are going to talk about the skateboard deck.
    • Deck construction: For any electric skateboard under 500, the deck construction is very important. Maple wood, bamboo, carbon fiber, aluminum are the main materials when it comes to building a skateboard deck. For your electric skateboard, the deck needs to be tough and compact. Maple wood decks are tough, but they are a little heavy. Bamboo decks are lightweight but not long-lasting. But you can find maple and bamboo hybrid construction decks. They are both lightweight and tough. So, going for bamboo maple decks are the best choice.
    • Beck size: The size of the skateboard deck depends on the age and height of the rider. The size includes the length and width of the skateboard. Generally, most skateboards length is around 28 to 33 inches. On the other hand, the width of the skateboard is around 7 to 10 inches. If you are a beginner, you should go for 9-10 inches width skateboards.
    • Deck wheelbase: The wheelbase is the mounting distance of the two trucks. The wheelbase depends on the shape of the skateboard. Generally, the wheelbase of the electric skateboard is around 13.5 to 16 inches. The length may vary for different shapes but for beginners that’s, not a big deal.
    • Deck nose and tail: The nose and tail of the longboard is another important thing to consider before buying a skateboard. Generally, skateboard tail and nose length measure around 5 to 7 inches. Some skateboard doesn't come with a kicktail. A kicktail offers great support while sliding or stopping your skateboard. So, check them out.
    • Deck shape: The deck shape depends on your use. What style of riding you would prefer for your skateboard. There is cruiser skateboard, carving skateboard, sliding skateboard, freeride skateboard, dancing skateboard, racing skateboard and many more. Carver skateboards have a pintail or fishtail. They look like a flat board. Slider skateboard shape is like a flat piece of board. Freeride skateboards have a unique shape. Drop through and low concave design makes freeriding longboards stable. It is hard to find a dancing skateboard. But as we said, you need to pick the skateboard shape according to your riding style.
    • Deck concave: Concave is the curve of your standing surface of your skateboard. The concave helps your feet to get a good grip while riding. Every deck has a varying degree of concaves. Make sure your concave is comfortable with you.


    Wheels help the skateboard to navigate smoothly. Wheels are a very important part of a skateboard. When you purchase a skateboard, you need to check out the diameter of the skateboard wheels, the shape, and the size. You also need to make sure the quality of the wheels is good. Because when you buy the best electric skateboard under 500 bucks. You need to check out these features.

    • Wheel size: You can use big wheels on big size skateboards. I mean the height and length. But you cannot use a bigger size wheel on a smaller size skateboard. This may cause wheel bite. For cruise skateboards, the diameter should be around 54 to 65mm. For longboards, the size should be around 65-75mm. If you are looking to commute with your skateboard, you should find wheels diameter within 50-5mm. But the diameter depends on your skateboards size. Make sure the size of the skateboard deck is suitable for your wheels or not.
    • Wheel durometer: Durometer mainly indicates the hardness of your wheels. Wheels hardness depends on the surface and the weight of the rider. The durometer range varies from 70A to 90A. The A is the indicator of hardness. 70A indicates super soft wheels. 90A indicated super soft wheels. Soft wheels are shock absorbent. If you are riding on a rugged or uneven area, you need to look for softer wheels. But on a smooth surface, hard wheels are great. If your weight is around 135-175 pounds, you should choose a wheel with 80 to 85A hardness. But for riders weighing less than 135 pounds should pick wheels hardness around 70 to 80A hard. If the rider's weight is a little too much, like weighing over 175 pounds, he should pick a hard wheel. The surface and your weight will define the durometer.
    • Wheel shape: Sharp lip wheel shape provides better stability over your ride. There are other styles of wheel shape. But you should go for this lip shape.
    • Bearings: The bearings have different ABEC rating. There are no universal bearing models for your skateboard. You can use just about any bearings on your skateboard. But the ABEC rating defines the build quality of the bearings. Standard cheap electric skateboards come with ABEC 5 ratings.


    Trucks are a very important pair of equipment. They stuck the deck and wheels together. You need to know about the trucks before purchasing a skateboard.

    • Materials: Trucks are mainly made using metal, aluminum or carbon fiber. You should choose materials according to your skateboard deck. But standard skateboard trucks are made using aluminum. They can absorb shock and can stay rust free. As the electric skateboard comes with a motor and battery, you need to make sure the truck is made using aluminum. Carbon fiber trucks are not cheap. So, you will not get them.
    • Trucks size: Well, you can use 150mm skateboard trucks. They will fit perfectly on the skateboard. The size is not a very much issue for an electric skateboard.
    • KingpinYou will find two types of kingpin on your skateboard. There is the traditional kingpin and a reverse kingpin. In the early skateboarding era, people used standard kingpin on their trucks. Standard kingpin offers less support on your ride. If you want to slide or curve, you will not get the best support. But it is no wonder to see standard kingpin on modern skateboards. But going for reverse kingpin skateboards is a good choice. Reverse kingpin enables the rider to have proper control over his turns or slides.


    The battery is very important for an electric skateboard. You need to check out the battery before you purchase a cheap electric skateboard. Mainly 36V battery is used in a cheap electric skateboard. You will not get a battery exceeding 4400 mah. But that is enough for you. Make sure you check out the user experience.


    You will find two types of motors on the electric skateboard. There is the belt driven skateboard and hub motor. The problem with belt driven skateboards is that you cannot push the skateboard when the battery is dead. So, if you choose a belt driven motor, you cannot use the skateboard if the battery gets dead. But if you get a removable battery on your skateboard, you will not face too many problems.

    But on the other hand, hub motor provides better pushing option even after the battery is dead. The skateboard may provide a little resistance while pushing. But that will not be a big problem for you. So, when you are looking for electric skateboard under 500 dollars, you should choose a hub motor. Cheap electric skateboards come with the various battery issue. So, you need to buy within a safer zone. Hub motors are more efficient than belt driven motors. Check out the output power as well as the quality.

    Top 10 Best Electric Skateboard Brands

    Skateboarding is a colorful sport alright. Only a skateboard lover can understand the excitement. If you are an active skateboarder, you will always need to buy skateboard accessories. Skateboarding depends mainly on the skateboard you ride on. Choosing the perfect skateboard is tough for beginners. Sometimes even the professionals face difficulty in selecting the best skateboard for them.

    Well, surely you can get the best electric skateboard for yourself by following a buying guideline. But sometimes you can rely on the brands for a while. Top electric skateboard brands reached the best margin by providing best quality products. There is a lot of skateboard product manufacturer out there on the market. But quite a few of them stand on top of the others. These brands provide great quality skateboard products, maintain their quality, comes with unique and stunning deck design and many more. Some manufacturer is popular, but you cannot call them brands. Now we are going to give you a list of top 10 skateboard brands currently ruling the skateboard market. It would have been nice if we could give you a short description of the brands. But you will find info about them online.

    Here is the list of top 10 of the best electric skateboard brands:

    1. Swagtron Swagboard
    2. Boosted Dual+
    3. Acton Blink
    4. Blitzart
    5. RazorX
    6. Meepo
    7. Hiboy
    8. WOWGO
    9. Inboard
    10. Evolve

    These are the popular electric skateboard brands currently ruling over the skateboard market. Some of the brands started their journey from the early '90s and still doing business. Some of them are new in the business alright but gained trust quickly by providing great quality products. You can check out their website if you want and look for their customer review. You will understand why they are popular brands on the market.

    Some Other Consideration

    You cannot just rely on your knowledge about hardware of the electric skateboard. You need to make some important consideration before choosing an electric skateboard at a lower price. We are going to talk about them now.


    Looking for an electric skateboard under 500 dollars are not easy. You may need to face trouble with making a decision. Cheap electric skateboards come with the additional risk involved. So, you might want to get a warranty from the manufacturer. Some electric skateboards offer limited warranty and even cashback offer. Which means, if you face any problem using the skateboard, you can change it back within a month. So, you might check out the warranty. But don't get hyped up. You should also check out their terms and policies.


    Sure! You can get a cheap electric skateboard. There are dozens of models out there available. But remember one thing, all cheap products are not the same. They have some differences between them. You never know when you will get a premium quality product within a cheaper price. You need your skateboard to be strong and durable. Skateboard needs to be portable. Check out the battery, deck construction, and overall materials before purchasing your electric skateboard. You can check out the features and customer review from the web. This will help you to get a good idea about the product. Pick up a skateboard that suits your riding style. We talked about the hardware, earlier in this content. So, you can check them out. Always remember, a lower price is not the indicator of the overall performance. Yes, you may need to sacrifice some additional features, but still, you can get a good product.

    Water resistance

    Electric alliances involve additional risk. So if your skateboard is not water resistant, you need your electric skateboard to be water resistant. Some skateboard under 500 dollars come with IP54 battery for better performance. So, making sure that the skateboard is water resistant in a watery environment is important. But every cheap electric skateboard is not water resistant. So, before you buy an electric skateboard, make sure the skateboard is water resistance. Otherwise, you cannot use it on water condition. You don't want to ruin your riding just for water. Or do you?

    Customization and spare parts

    Customization option plays a vital role while purchasing a skateboard. You need your skateboard to have customization option. If you can customize your skateboard, you will be able to upgrade your skateboard later in the future. Make sure you get spare parts for your skateboard. The reason is that you cannot use a single part forever. So you need to check out the spare parts and their alternatives. Every manufacturer does not offer spare parts. So, make sure the manufacturer provides a spare part or not. If not, can you use any alternative part? Or can you can any alternative to the product? Make sure you get them fully checked.


    • What is the difference between a regular skateboard and an electric skateboard?

    An electric skateboard comes with a preinstalled motor. The motor is powered by a battery. The skateboard looks identical to a regular skateboard. The motor is hidden under the deck of the skateboard.

    • What type of motor should I choose for my electrical skateboard?

    You will see two types of motors in an electric skateboard. First is the belt operating the motor and the other hub motor. Belt operated motor is good for cruising. But if the battery is dead you will not be able to push the skateboard. On the other hand, hub motor electric skateboards can be pushed even after the battery is dead.

    Final Verdict

    We have just reached the conclusion part. Buying the best electric skateboard under 500 bucks may seem a hard nut to crack, but we came up with a solution. We gave you short reviews of 10 popular cheap electric skateboard models. But still, we tried to give you a buyer guideline. In the buyer guideline, we focused on the electric hardware. 

    We also talked about the important things you need to consider before buying an electric skateboard. For the last part, we gave you an answer on some frequently asked questions. We hope that you are happy to reach a conclusion and you will now be able to buy the perfect cheap electric skateboard within a strict budget. If you are a beginner or not, that doesn't matter. You just follow the right instructions and you too can get a cool electric skateboard within a small budget.