How To Make a Skateboard Rack | Step By Step Process

diy skateboard rack

Hey Guys, if you have skateboard more than just one and need to store them up, then you must read this content. I am going to let you know the easy steps of how to make a skateboard rack. Well. Few numbers of skateboards you can simply hang on the garage wall or store somewhere. But for several skateboards storing or displaying your collection of skateboards needs a DIY skateboard rack. This will help you to beautifully organize your boards as well as display them in quite a disciplined manner. It’s nothing so complex or magical task to do. Here is the smartest and convenient way of making it.

Required materials and tools

A skateboard rack is a convenient and cost-effective idea for keeping your boards organized and out of way. This can easily hang up in the wall of your garage, storeroom, or even in the bedroom. The rack holds your boards in a horizontal position and you can lessen or rise up it according to the number of boards. Here is the list of the materials and tools you must gather for making a skateboard rack:

  • 4ft x 2 x 4 inches 2 pcs wooden boards-oak or pine is preferable
  • 2ft x 1 x 6 inches 2 pcs wooden board- preferably oak or pine wood
  • 10-inches length cut wood dowels, each of 1-inch diameter
  • 8 -2-inch wood screws- 8 pcs
  • 6 -2-inch drywall screws- 4 pcs
  • Wood glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Circular saw or hand saw
  • Drill machine
  • Drill bit- 1 inch & 3/8 inch
  • Finishing coat

DIY Skateboard Rack

Before you start building the frame, decide where to hang the rack. Generally, it is good to locate the top position of vertical support at 4 to 6 feet from the ceiling towards the ground. You can change the location as per your own choice. You need to mark both of the top vertical supports in this method with a 2 feet gap in between.

Placing Your Boards

After marking the standing support position where you are going to mount your skateboard rack, it is time to line your boards. With the wide of 4 inches on a parallel surface, place the board of 2ft x 4 x 4 inches. With having 6 inches starting at both top and at lower of the two 2ft x 2 x 4-inch boards, place it onto the 4-foot boards. These are the horizontal boards that would stay attached to the wall. After that, for the purpose of getting rid of the horizontal boards’ edges line them up.

Drill the Holes

For drilling two beginner holes you should use the 3/8 inch drill bit. Make sure that you drill holes at every top as well as the bottom of every horizontal board. In total there will be 8 holes. To make confirm that the horizontal boards are placed towards the vertical boards, tighten a wood screw of 8 inches into every single starter hole. Inverse the rack over which means the horizontal boards are on the plane ground.

Cover with the finishing coat

Nice smooth finishing, you can use a boiled linseed oil coat followed by 6 to 7 thin coats of homemade formula. This is a formula of 1:1 ratio of Mineral Spirit and Clear Gloss Minwax Polyurethane. Furbish it gently between approximately every single coat.

Attaching the rack on the wall

Starting from the top beginning, mark with a pencil at the side of 8 inches down of each vertical board. Although there will be six pencil marks, you will have to use only five of them. Drill a 1 ½ inch hole by using the 1-inch drill bit on those 5 pencil marks. And now take a profuse quantity of wood glue and apply it to each whole. After that adjoin the wooden dowels into the holes and check that they are stiffened in the right position.  For drilling on the horizontal boards use a 3/8 inch drill bit. Drill 2 holes each of 16 inches on every horizontal board apart from each other. Finally, it is ready to attach to the wall.

At this stage make sure few important points while keeping the rack opposite the wall.

  • With the help of the previous marks of pencils on the wall, check that the vertical boards are lined up accordingly.
  • Add two 6 inch dry screws on the holes placed in both upper left and right side of the rack
  • Check if you are screwing at the right wall beam
  • Check again if the rack is level and suitable to provide support to its size and weight
  • Attach the rack with these two drywall screws

Helpful Tips

Having a finely made skateboard rack, you must be ensured that you stick the dowels out the accurate length from the rack. You need to be careful about making every hole at the perfect depth. Without a perfect measurement and distance range, all your effort can put in vain. Wrap up 1 1/ 2 inches from the top of the drill bit with a bit of masking tape. This will help you at the time you make a hole. While you drill, follow on the taped section and proceed to drill until this section meets up with the wood.

So, my friend, this is a primary guide to make a skateboard rack. Though you can make according to your imagination or plan, I have tried here to put an easier way to make skateboard rack that will help you keep your huge collection of skateboard or longboard nicely organized. It is so simple to make and so stylish to look at. Just make sure that you do all the measurements and drilling works with accurate depth, size, and distance. I am sure with this tutorial content of mine you are going to make a beautiful skateboard rack very easily.

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