Best Longboard For Dancing | Top 6 Picks By Experts

Longboarding has always been a well-loved and exciting activity among people of all ages. Recently, dancing on longboards has become a popular activity in the US region. After dancing on longboards becoming popular, people are demanding dancing focused longboards. Well, to tell you the truth, you can use any longboard for dancing. But dancing focused longboards offer more comfort while dancing. The specialty of this longboards is they provide you with longer and wider decks. This enables the rider to showcase his or her moves with ease.

What is a Dancing Longboard?

Dancing on a longboard is involves a variety of walking and spinning moves. Longboard considered dancing when it will 42+ inches long and 12 inches wide. Because, a larger deck are more comfortable for dancing on the board. A longboard is quite similar to a skateboard but not the same. It's basically sports equipment. Longboards are longer than skateboards and are mainly used for cruising, freestyle stunts, downhill racing, and traveling. Longboard is mainly used for performing critical stunts.

Top 6 Dancing Longboards Listed Below



Deck Length

Weight Capacity


Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard


Flex One: 170-180 lbs
Flex Two: 75-200 lbs

Magneto Bamboo Longboards

Magneto Bamboo Longboard


275 lbs

Playshion 39 Inch longboard

Playshion Freestyle Longboards


245 lbs

Ten Toes Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard


175-260 lbs

Krown Krex Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard


130-150 lbs

ENKEEO 40 Inch Drop-Through Longboard

Enkeeo Downhill Cruising Freestyle Longboard


220 lbs

Types of Longboard

There are many types of longboard out there on the market. Some for cruising, some for completing daily errands, some for carving or sliding, some for performing a dance or for downhill cruising. In this article, now we are showing you the details about the top 6 dancing longboards.

1. Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard

Our Favorite Features 

  • Versatile carving machine
  • Utilitarian design
  • Paris trucks
  • Orangatang wheels
  • Length – 38.9” width – 8.6”
  • Wheelbase – 28.25”
  • 2 different color variant

If you’re looking for a longboard for dancing than the loaded boards tan tien bamboo longboard can be the first choice for you. The board has a unique and beautiful shape and is a versatile carving machine for you. The board is made of fiberglass and laminated bamboo which makes the board durable and strong. The low concave deck is user-friendly and enables the rider to perform dancing while riding.

The board is 38.4 centimeter in length and 8.6 centimeters in width. The wheelbase is around 28.25 centimeters in diameter.

You will receive a pair of Paris 180 mm, 50-degree black reverse kingpin trucks, bearings, grip tape along with the deck. The product offers 2 types of flex. Type 1 flex: 170-250 lbs and type 2: 75-200 lbs. For better flex, you can choose the type two variant. The board has two color variant: the durian color variant and the Kegel color variant.

The loaded boards Icarus bamboo longboard is strong. Flexible, lightweight and user-friendly longboard. Those who want to perform skateboard dance can easily choose this longboard. It offers more space for you to perform a dance while skateboarding. The build quality makes the board strong. Even the curves are evenly crafted. The design looks amazing. So when you are looking for a longboard for dancing than this one is the perfect match for you.


  • Offers powerful flex.
  • Strong structure, lightweight.
  • Comes with Paris trucks and Orangatang wheels.
  • Comes as a complete longboard.
  • Cons:

  • Not for kids under 10
  • 2. Magneto Bamboo Longboard

    Magneto Bamboo Longboards

    Our Favorite Features

    • Package dimension: 39.5” * 12.2” * 4.5”
    • Weight: 7.63 pounds
    • Deck: Bamboo furnished
    • 5 different colors variant

    When you are looking for a dancing focused longboards, you look for longboards which are lightweight, offers more space. The Magneto bamboo longboard is one of the best longboards out there on the market. Anyone who is looking for a longboard for dancing can easily choose this longboard.

    The deck of the longboard looks awesome. The design is simple and beautiful. It’s made of polished classic bamboo. The deck is 38.5 inch in length and 9 inches in width. So, it offers you more space for freestyle dancing. This item weighs around 7.63 pounds. So, the item is lightweight.

    The longboard comes as a full longboard. The design may look simple but is strong enough to provide you a smooth surfing experience. The max weight capacity of the board is 275 lbs. So need to worry about its weight capacity.

    It is more of a freestyle board but can handle downhill rides perfectly. The deck features a drop through truck design. This enables the rider to ride smoothly and perform dancing stunts with ease. The board can carve very fast. So dancing while riding is not too tough at all.


  • Perfect for fun carving and tight turns.
  • Flexible and strong.
  • The deck is not too long or not too short.
  • Cons:

    • The wheels do not roll for very long time.

    3. Playshion Freestyle Longboards

    Playshion 39 Inch longboard

    Our Favorite Features

    • Dimension: 39 * 9.1 * 4 inches
    • Item weight: 6.95 pounds
    • Wheels: 70 * 50mm SHR 78A polyurethane wheels

    Freestyle longboard cruisers are a perfect choice for dancing on longboards. Playshion longboards are new in business but provide better quality products. So they are gaining popularity day by day.

    Especially the deck offers plenty of features. Comes with a beautifully designed and a slight concave deck to offer smooth riding experience. The overall board weighs around 6.95 pounds. The length of the board is 39 inches and 9.1 inches in width. So this board offers more space for you to perform dancing stunts. All the components used on the longboard are lightweight so it makes the board quite lightweight. The deck is made up of 7 plies of strong maple woods. You will love the durable and wheels. The 70*50 mm SHR polyurethane wheels give a nice and stable ride. Not only that these special wheels pick up a lot of speed.  The trucks measure 7 inches and along with the wheels, the riding experience is smooth. The maximum weight capacity of the longboard is 245 lbs but it is not mentioned by the manufacturer.

    You can choose 7 different color & design variants for your longboard deck. If you have a strict budget and looking for a longboard offering cool design and features, you can always go for this one. Those who like to perform dancing while longboarding can purchase this item. It comes as a full longboard. Assembling the longboard is easy.


  • Suitable for riders of any given age.
  • Slightly concave deck.
  • Customization option.
  • Flat and symmetrical design.
  • Cons:

  • May need to lube up the wheels and bearings.
  • 4. Ten Toes Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard

    Our Favorite Features

    • Maple and bamboo construction
    • Solid maneuverability
    • A milled wheel that reduces impact of wheel bite
    • 70mm wheels
    • Item weight: 8 pounds
    • Dimension: 44.1 * 9.4 * 5.1 inches

    Many people want to get extra space while dancing on their longboard. But the average length of other dancing features is around 33 to 39 inches. But this ten toes emporium zed bamboo longboard offers you more space. The longboard deck comes with 12 vintage Americana design which gives you a soothing feel of sunny Los Angeles.

    The length of the board is 44 inches in length and 9.4 inches in width. For some extra length, you might feel it is a little heavy though. The item weighs around 8 pounds. The wheels are 70 mm in diameters and the 7 inches trucks are made of lightweight aluminum.

    The longboard deck is made of 8 plies of maple wood combining with furnished bamboo. The construction materials make the board both lightweight and durable. It has a top-notch quick tail to provide a stable and sturdy ride. The 70 mm polyurethane shock absorbent wheels enable you to move freely while surfing or performing your dance moves freely. This stylish and well-made longboard is the perfect choice for dancing. Those who are a beginner in performing dancing stunts can purchase this board. The board is stable, a little bit heavy but offers a lot of space for you. We want to mention this Ten Toes Board as the best longboard for dancing.


  • Offers more space for you to perform dance stunts.
  • Comes with 26 inches axel to axel wheelbase.
  • Perfect board for beginner longboard dancers.
  • Cool vintage Americana designs.
  • Cons:

  • Weighs a little more than other boards.
  • 5. Krown Krex Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard

    Our Favorite Features

    • Canadian maple & Bamboo construction
    • 9.25 inches * 41 inches freestyle dancing shape
    • 71mm 78A white wheels
    • 7 inches black trucks
    • Weighs 7.7 pounds

    Dancing on longboard has become a popular activity among many people who know how to dance. But when they look for longboards that are danced focused they sometimes end up with a strict budget. But what is the solution to this matter? So we have picked the right longboard for you. The Krown Krex Bamboo longboard is a price point skateboard offering great flexibility to the rider who likes to dance or ride.

    The board has a combined bamboo & Canadian maple construction. The board is 41 inches in length and offers more space for the rider. The width of the board is 9.25 in inches. The 7 inches black trucks with speed bearings hold the 71 mm 78a white wheels and ABEC 7 bearings perfectly. The components used on the longboard are lightweight enough. The board weighs around 7.7 pounds. The top of the board is coated with long-lasting spray or grit. The board offers a lot of grips and the rider can enjoy a stable ride.

    It comes with a simple design but strong deck. You can enjoy freestyle rides and perform any dancing stunts. You don’t even need to worry about assembling the longboard. The board comes fully assembled. You can purchase the board at a very reasonable price. Those who have a strict budget can purchase this flexible and stable board.


  • Enables stable riding experience.
  • Flexible and lightweight.
  • Comes at a decent price.
  • Cons:

  • Gets dirty real fast.
  • 6. Enkeeo Downhill Cruising Freestyle Longboard

    ENKEEO 40 Inch Drop-Through Longboard

    Our Favorite Features

    • 9 inches wide & 40 inches long
    • Weighs 7.3 pounds
    • Height: about 4.1 inches
    • 70mm * 51mm ABEC-11 rating
    • 5 different color variants

    Some skateboarders want to own a longboard both with a lot of features and cool design. When you are a freestyle rider or a longboard dancer, you can always go for this longboard. The ENKEEO downhill longboard offers great features along with the beautifully designed deck. This longboard is a complete board for downhill cruising or freestyle stunts. You can get a lot of space while performing a dance.

    Now let's talk about the deck. The deck is made of 9 plies of flex laminated maple wood. Its top surface has cool and amazing graphics but the surface is not slippery. You don’t even need to worry about an uneven surface; bumpy roads as the build quality make the board quite strong to surf on a rugged surface. Top of the deck is designed with amazing art and comes in 7 different colors variant.

     Now let's talk about the other components on the longboard. The board is 40 inches long and 9 inches wide. The board comes fully assembled. So you don’t need to worry about assembling the board. The board comes with 70 mm wheels and the board highs 4.1 inches. The ABEC 11 bearings used on the wheels offer a smoother and faster surfing experience. The 7-inch trucks along with 2 rubber ring can absorb a lot of shocks while riding. This makes easy for you to perform a dance or put a lot of pressure on the deck while surfing. You don’t even need to worry about the maximum weight capacity of the board. This board can hold up to 220 lbs of weight which is perfect for an adult.


  • Unique and beautiful design.
  • Can absorb a lot of weight.
  • The wheels and bearings offer smooth surfing experience.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Cons:

  • Need to adjust the wheels for stability.
  • The question among most people is how to buy a longboard for dancing, which models are the perfect matches for dancing? We know all about your confusions and questions going through your mind. So, we’ve prepared content for the best longboard for dancing. If you read this article, you will get to know all the necessary things you need to know before buying a dancing focused longboard, which models are best out there on the market. So, let’s begin.

    How To Choose a Perfect Dancing Longboard Deck?

    This is a tough question to answer. Before choosing a longboard deck you need to check out some features. The deck needs to be symmetrical. Low concave decks are perfect for dancing. Top mounted and drop through decks are the perfect match for dancing. So, before choosing the best longboard decks, you need to check out the style and design.

    Buying Guide Of Best Longboard for Dancing

    When you are looking for a longboard for dancing there are a lot of items available out there on the market. But before that, you need to know some important things before purchasing one for yourself. We discussed earlier in this content that freestyle longboards are a perfect choice for longboard dancing. But there more to that. You need to know the perfect information to buy a longboard for dancing.  You have to check out the deck, trucks, wheels, longboard bearings, easements before buying a longboard for dancing. We shall discuss these things in brief shortly. Every longboard is made up of pretty much the same components. But the additional features make all the changes. We are going to discuss these things in brief so that you can pick the right longboard for dancing.

    Longboard Hardware and Others

  • The deck: First of all, the deck is an important part of the longboard. But how to choose the best longboard deck for dancing? We shall talk about this thing. The deck is the place where you place yourself for riding. Longboards are mainly made of robust woods such as maple or birch. Sometimes furnished bamboo and maple wood is used combined for better durability and to make the deck lightweight. Usually, 7-9 plies of woods are glued and pressed together to make the deck. So when you are looking for a longboard that is dancing focused you should check out the deck first. You need your deck to be strong and stable. The nose and kick tail is an essential feature for you. The board's edges need to be well crafted and furnished. You need your stepping point to be comfortable. To perform a dance in your longboard you need your longboards to shape symmetrical. Low concave decks are perfect for dancing. The deck flex is an important matter. You need to check if the deck comes with a grip tape or not. If it doesn’t you need to purchase it separately. For dancing on your longboard, you need to purchase the top mounted or drop through decks. You need to consider these things before buying a longboard for dancing.

  • Weight and weight capacity: You need to consider the weight of your longboard before purchasing one. Check out the weight of the full board before buying a longboard. Lightweight boards offer better support while surfing or performing your cool dancing stunts. Weight capacity is another thing to check as you will not feel comfortable if the board doesn’t suit your weight.

  • Wheels: Wheels help the board to roam smoothly. The wheels are the real deal. You need to check out the wheels size first. After that, you need to check the wheels shape, wheels durability too. For longboards, the diameter of the wheel should be from 60mm to 100mm. You need 60-75mm wheels on your longboard if you want to perform a dance. After that, you need to be cautious about wheel bites. Wheel bite means the friction between your deck and the wheels. This may sometimes lead to any serious casualties. So, check out this matter. Now with the hardness of the wheels. The hardness range of longboard wheels ranges from 75A to 90A. The 75A range wheels are super soft. Soft wheels provide extra grip and comfort. On the other hand, hard wheels are great for sliding. If you want to buy a dancing longboard you need the longboard wheels to be soft. Not too soft though. We recommend you should look for wheels having 80A to 85A hardness.

  • Wheel shape: The shape of the wheels of your dancing longboard also plays a valuable role. You need sharp lipped wheels to perform a dance on your longboard. This provides more stability and grip while surfing.

  • Wheel bearings: Well, there’s nothing more to talk about bearings. You can use any bearing in your longboard. But just get a glance at the bearings ABEC ratings. The ABEC ratings give a clear idea of how well the product was manufactured.

  • Trucks: Trucks are the very important part of your longboard. Trucks keep the deck attached with the wheels. It is the trucks that decide the movement of the deck. Before checking out the kingpin you need to know about the construction of the truck. The truck is mainly made up of kingpin, baseplate, hanger, and bushings. By combining all this, you get the truck. The baseplate mainly works as a suspension for your longboard. Now when you are buying a dancing longboard you need the truck to have the same width like the deck. After that check out the kingpin. There are two types of kingpin available. The standard kingpin is less responsive to the rider. On the other hand, the reverse kingpin will provide a quick and direct response. So you need your longboard to be responsive. So check out the kingpin also.

  • Price: There is a lot of dancing longboard items out there on the market. So there’s a lot of confusion among buyers. They say which model to choose from. To tell you the truth, it all depends on your budget. The budget and price is a key factor here. When you made up your mind to own one dancing longboard you need to have a fixed budget. Remember that, the higher price never decides the quality of the product. You can buy a good quality product even at a strict budget. You may miss out some additional features or premium feeling. But if you get quality goods, the premium features don’t matter anyway. It’s your budget that counts. After fixing up your budget you need to check out the available items according to your budget. By this way, you will be able to pick your perfect match.

  • Assembly: Some longboard comes fully assembled. That means it comes as a full longboard. Sometimes you need to assemble the longboard. Or you can buy the parts from different manufacturers and assemble them. By this way, you can get a customized longboard. Assembling the board is not a hard nut to crack. Just follow the user manual.

  • Freestyle support: You need your longboard to support freestyle stunts such as dancing or board walking. Every longboard doesn’t support freestyle tricks. So when you are looking for a dancing longboard you need to check out that the longboard supports freestyle stunts or not.

  • Age limit: Age limit is one important thing to consider before buying a longboard. Longboard comes with different sizes. Age and physic matters. Different aged people develop different physic. According to one's physic, one can handle the balance of the longboard. You cannot expect a child to control a longboard. Besides your own weight and height matters when it comes to longboards.

  • FAQs

    • What is longboard used for?

    Longboards are mainly used for freestyle ridings, dancing or cruising. Longboard offers more stable stunts than skateboards. When someone is riding on a skateboard he might not always get the best of support. Longboards offer more stability while performing stunts.

    • How much do longboard cost?

    Not too much actually. The price range starts from 90-150 dollars if you are a beginner. But if you are a pro the price range starts from $200 to $500. It’s upon your skills. For those who perform stunts needs longboards with special features. Well, the price of any longboard depends on its build quality and features. The price also depends on the types of longboards. There are several types of longboards out there on the market.

    • Why are longboards so expensive?

    The components used on the longboards are very expensive. The wheels, trucks and other hardware’s used on the longboards make the longboard expensive. Longboards last for more time than skateboards. The components used on longboards are long-lasting.  Maybe this is another reason for the longboard to be expensive.

    • How long my longboard should be?

    Longboards can sometimes easily reach a size of 5 feet or more. Choosing the right sized longboard is an essential thing before choosing a longboard. By choosing the right sized longboard you get to learn tricks with ease.

    • What should a beginner should get first: a regular skateboard or a longboard? 

    The choice depends fully on your activities. There’s a slight difference between a skateboard and a longboard. Longboards are longer than a regular skateboard. Longboards are perfect for longtime cruising, downhill sliding or carvings, you can perform a dance with it. If you want to ride in skate parks and perform some tricks, you can choose a regular skateboard. But if you are looking things out of the ordinary, you can pick the longboard. But to tell you the truth, there is no particular board type for beginners. It’s upon the rider’s choice. 

    • How to maintain a wooden or bamboo longboard in rainy climate?

    Maintaining a wooden or bamboo longboard is quite tough. You need to protect the wheels and trucks of your longboard. Try avoiding rugged surface while riding. You can wipe the bearings and trucks with alcohol to keep the components neat.

    • Why do I need dancing focused longboard to perform dance?

    The manufacturers manufacture longboard focusing on their activity. There's a lot of verity in the design of the decks. It’s the deck's design that matters here. You need extra moving space while performing a dance. You cannot perform dance steps on modern concave. Or many people face trouble in modern concaves. But lower concaves are perfect for performing stunts. To perform dance you also need the deck to be top mounted or drop through. This will avail you a lot of space. So you need to purchase longboards that are dancing focused if you want to perform dancing.

    Final Verdict

    Longboarding has always been a fun activity. From the ’80s the hype increased rapidly. Though it had its ups and downs. But now longboarding is a fun thing to do. Longboard dancing has become popular in recent years. But you need dancing focused longboards to perform a dance. In this content, we talked a lot about how to choose the perfect longboard for dancing. We featured 6 different longboard models which are focused mainly on dancing. We described the best longboard decks along with some important questions you ask before purchasing a longboard.

    We hope that this content helped you in reducing your confusion. The most important part is that it’s your choice that wins in the end. We can guide you with suitable information. The rest lays on your own shoulders.

    Dancing focused longboards offer extra space and more stable riding experience with some additional features. You will find a lot of top models out there on the market. You can choose the items from this content or you can stroll on the web. The choice is yours, to begin with.