Top 5 Best Longboard For Commuting in 2019

It is hard to choose the best longboard for commuting since there are dozens of models out there on the market. We agree this creates a lot of confusion in one’s mind if he/she is a beginner in longboarding.

Commuter longboards are mainly used for commuting. Sure, you can use a regular skateboard. But a commuter longboard offers more space, ability to ride etc. You can complete your daily errands easily. A commuter longboard enables one to travel or riding on pavements, roads or any other rugged areas. But choosing the ideal longboard for commuting is a tough job.

There is a solution though, We can help you to get rid of this confusion. We are going to review the best 5 longboard for commuting. We shall also include a buyer guide so that you can choose the perfect choice for yourself.

What is a commuting longboard?

Suppose you are not the type of person to perform stunts. But still, you love longboarding. You love to go on shopping or love to go on completing daily errands using your longboard. For completing such errands, you need a commuting longboard.

Here are the top 5 commuting Longboards listed Below:

Top Picks

Budget Friendly

White Wave Bamboo Longboard

  • This is Sturdy and Smooth Board!
  • It would suit both either experienced and beginners.
  • Decent trucks, bearings, wheels and good looking.
Best pick

HANA 42" Longboard

  • This board rides is perfect for carving & cruising.
  • This board is smoother than smooth.
  • The deck is beautiful.

1. Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard

  • 70mm Orangatang Wheels
  • 86A wheel hardness
  • Jehu V2 bearings
  • 180mm, 50° Paris Trucks
  • Bamboo and fiberglass
  • Drop-through truck-mount technology

The Loaded Bamboo Tan Tien Longboard is a carve-oriented board. It has an advanced trick gliding technology that makes it one of the best. Nonetheless, this longboard has several cool features to die for.

First, it has a flexible deck. The deck is made out of bamboo which gives it the best flex. It also has a drop-through truck-mount technology. This drop-through design lowers its center of gravity and makes it very stable.

This same technology lowers the truck mounting position next to the ground and makes the board easy to climb on or get out from. Even so, the usable kicks also enable the board to pack up flawlessly even in the tiniest spaces or backpacks.

It is a high-performance longboard too. Thanks to the superior construction that this board forges from a combination of bamboo and fiberglass.

The board is available in three distinct flex ratings for super cool riding customization. You can, therefore, tailor your ride according to your weight and style.

In general, the Loaded Tan Tien is reliable performance longboard that’s designed for freestyle, freeriding, carving, pumping, and commuting.

The longboard has 180mm, 50° Paris Trucks too. The matte black trucks deliver a smooth and flawless turning response which is superior to the best carving and free-styling experience.

Needless to say, the packed up 70mm Orangatang Wheels come with an 86A wheel hardness which offers them the right amount of grip. When combined with the Jehu V2 bearings, the wheels are simply electric.

NOTE: The longboard’s lower flex is best for heavy riders and aggressive tricksters. The higher flex, on the other side, is ideal for the lighter riders.


  • Light Weight
  • Compact Size
  • Easy to Handle
  • Highly Responsive Ride
  • Three flex ratings and Variations
  • Durable: Designed from Laminated Bamboo and Fiberglass


  • Requires a DIY assembly
  • Has no Grip Tape


  • Deck: High density 9 plies of Canadian maple
  • Trucks: 7 inch aluminum 180mm trucks
  • Wheels: 70mm
  • Wheelbase: 2 inches
  • Bearings: 11 ABEC
  • Item weight: 14 pounds

Having trouble with finding the perfect gift for your kid? You can gift him this Ancheer longboard. The Ancheer longboard is a great looking commuting longboard which has a pintail shape. The whole longboard is great and all.

Whether you purchase this one for a kid or for yourself. That doesn’t matter. This is a perfect commuting longboard for any given age. The deck of the longboard is made of super flexible high density 9 plies of Canadian maple which offers great maneuverability. The 78A polyurethane wheels can absorb shocks and enables the rider to enjoy a smooth ride.

 The deck has a classic pintail shape. Which means you can take quick turns and control your boards’ direction. No need to worry. The 41” long deck offers a lot of space for you. You can complete your daily small errands without needing to use any other vehicle. The board is lightweight so you can carry it by yourself. Even the graphic is stunning and looks cool. One of the best longboard for commuting don’t you think so?


  • The boards deck is top mounted
  • The metal trucks have rubber coating for extra protection
  • Low center of gravity
  • Offers long turning radius
  • Bearings offer super-fast riding experience
  • The board comes fully assembled
  • Includes grip tape


  • One end is too fat
  • Sometimes you may need to face wheel bite


  • Length: 47 inches
  • Width: 9.5 inches
  • Wheelbase: flex 1 (31.25 inches), Flex 2 (32.25 inches)
  • Deck: laminated bamboo & Basalt construction
  • Trucks: Paris 180mm
  • Wheels: Orangatang 70mm stimulus
  • Wheel hardness: 80A
  • Bearings: Loaded Jehu V2

Mainly this board is for modern longboard dancing. But you can use this board for commuting. The deck is designed for proper support. The board offers a lot of space and enables the rider to increase his footwear. The board’s deck is constructed with bamboo and basalt. This construction makes the board lightweight and durable. The longboard also offers two distinct flexes. In the first flex, you will get an extra bamboo veneer which adds stiffness and damping. On the other hand, the flex two offers a little lighter riding experience. But need not to worry. Both the flex offers truck mounting options. So, you can customize the deck easily.

It comes with a pair of 180mm Paris trucks which offer quick response while turning. The Orangatang wheels on the truck offer great riding experience. The softer 80A wheels are a great companion for smooth commuting. Even the design of the board is unique, colorful and stunning. One of the best longboard for commuting, no doubt about that.


  • Durable, flexible and strong deck design
  • Comes as a full longboard
  • Offers great stability
  • Comes with two different flexes
  • Nice package setup


  • ABEC rating not specified

Hana 42" Longboard

  • Wheelbase sits at 34"
  • Paris Trucks
  • 70mm Wheels
  • Hard Maple Core
  • Stained Bamboo Deck
  • Deck measures 42"
  • Sand grit finish
  • Laser-etched graphics

The Hana Longboard Collection is another line of cool commuter longboards. It has one of the best construction designs and will give you the tweak that you need.

The longboard’s deck is made from stained bamboo. This touch gives the board a highly responsive touch. It makes the board easy to glide in, chop, pop, or even do other complex tricks on.

The deck measures 42" long. In short, it is spacious and will give you more room for movement. It is also easy to balance on even when under greater speeds.

The graphics at the top of and under the deck are super cool. They give the board a fierce touch when riding and are burned with a laser to make them durable.

The Bamboo touch comes with the Hard Maple Core which makes it super ideal for cruising, carving, dancing, and free-styling.

In addition to these is the sand grit finish. This replaces the grip tape that other boards use and are best at giving your feet enough grips when riding.

Apart from the laser-etched graphics, the board has a classic pintail shaped deck. The deck’s stained bamboo and also hard maple core will easily support high amounts of weight.

More specifically, it is the wheels that make this board awesome. They are cut into the deck’s lower layer and don’t sustain any wheel bite at all. The wheels sit on strong Paris Trucks and measure 70mm.

 The wheelbase sits at 34" which makes it awesome for any rider that’s looking for additional stability and top of the cream flexibility


  • Long-lasting
  • Unique with the best designs
  • Very stable and quick to learn
  • Wider riding surface
  • Sand grit for maximum grip


  • Slightly large for small backpacks
  • Caches dirt easily

5. White Wave Bamboo Longboard

  • Abec 9 Hellion 2 bearings
  • 180 mm (7 inches) aluminum trucks
  • Built-In Spacers
  • 70 mm x 50 mm urethane wheels
  • Bamboo and Canadian Maple deck

The White Wave Longboard is another top-rated commuter longboard. The board enjoys a superior design and has been used by very many riders too. The board is great for beginner riders, intermediate, and also pro riders.

In my opinion, this board is one of the ultimate cruising boards. It is highly responsive and will work well for guys who want to chop or carve.

First, the board has a very beautiful bamboo design. The bamboo sits at the top and at the bottom of the deck. It gives the deck a maximum flex which is the ultimate thing for longboarding tricks.

The bamboo also gives the board a durable touch. It makes the board highly reliable and an awesome model to work with.

The board is made of fast Abec 9 Hellion 2 bearings. The bearings give the board a smooth touch and a flawless ride even on the toughest terrains. More importantly, the board has built-in spacers that give them the fiery glide.

In addition to these, the board also has wide trucks. The 180 mm (7 inches) aluminum trucks come polished and have greater rebound bushings.

 The wheels are big they are the 70 mm x 50 mm urethane wheels. They are durable and will specifically support the Bamboo and Canadian Maple deck better.


  • Gives you the maximum flex
  • Best for longboarding tricks
  • Comes with a durable and reliable touch
  • Gives a smooth and flawless ride
  • It is highly responsive


  • Pick speed very fast
  • Not very ideal for people who are starting out


Performing stunts on longboard may not suit you. But riding on a longboard, going on long-ride can always offer you a great experience. Many people think that a longboard is mainly for performing stunts. But that is not the case. There are different styles on the deck and you can easily pick the right one according to your use.

Some likes cruising or somebody may like to complete his daily errands with the longboard. Choosing the best longboard for commuting can be a difficult task if you are a beginner. Certainly, you don’t want to purchase a longboard that doesn’t fit you. If you do that you will not be able to ride the board. So before purchasing a commuting longboard, you need to know about the basics.

We are going to include a buying guide to help you with solving this confusion. After the end of this buying guide, you will know everything you need to consider before buying a longboard for commuting.

Now! What’s your choice?

 Before you think of purchasing a commuting longboard, you need to make a choice. This choice defines how you should collect information. You can purchase a pre-assembled longboard or you can make your own skateboard. It's up to your choice. Choosing a pre-assembled longboard may be a good option for beginners. But if they want to make a longboard they need to know about the hardware of the commuting longboard. We are going to talk about both options. After that, the whole decision is yours, to begin with.

Choosing a Pre-Assembled Longboard for Commuting

Suppose, you are a beginner in longboarding and you want to own one for yourself. Going for the pre-assembled longboards might be the best choice for you. There are dozens of longboards out there on the market. You can check out the five commuting longboard, we reviewed earlier on the content.

But before purchasing one, you need to check out the hardware and customer review. It is the hardware of the longboard that defines the quality of the longboard. Drop through design, or pintail shape decks are the perfect deck for commuting. The wheels hardness should be around 75a to 80a. You need to check out the trucks and bearings ABEC rating. When it comes to choosing pre-assembled longboard you can check out the customer reviews of the item.

When you have selected one, you should check it out on youtube or any other website. You will get a good idea about the longboard.

 Sometimes you need to assemble the board. But that’s not a tough job to pull off. If you just follow the instructions, you will be able to assemble the longboard easily. But most of the time. The longboard comes fully assembled. So need not to worry about anything.

Things To Consider Before Buying Commuter Longboard

There are people always wants to get the best. Rather than relying on the manufacturer, you can buy different components by yourself and assemble them together. But this is not an easy job. All custom longboards may not be as perfect as you think of it to be. Sometimes you may face problems using the longboard. Maybe the reason lies behind construction skill. You can surely assemble a longboard by yourself. You can different components from different manufacturer and assemble the board by yourself. But there still might be something missing. Anyway, if you can make your own skateboard by buying components from the market that’s a great idea! But you need to consider some major things before buying these components. We are going to help you with this thing.

But first:

Before you start making your own longboard you need to decide which style riding you would prefer on your longboard. This is an important thing to consider before making your own longboards. The deck and other components vary in different styles of riding. In this buying guide we shall only talk about the features of commuting longboard. You can say this buying guide for making the best longboard for commuting by yourself.

Age limit: Well certainly you cannot ride on a longboard meant for kids. A kid cannot ride on a longboard which is meant for adults. So you need to check out the age limit.

Weight and weight capacity: The weight of the whole commuter longboard should be 13 pounds at maximum. Well, much longboard weight capacity is always not specified. But you need to check out if it can hold your weight or not.

Spare parts: You need to check if the spare parts are available on the market or not. If you have purchased a pre-assembled longboard you need to ensure that if you can purchase the spare parts or not. If not, can you get an alternative?

Things To Consider Before Making Commuter Longboard

You need to consider two things before buying components. First of all, you need to know about the hardware. After that, you need to know about the things necessary for your own skills. We are going to talk about them separately.

Hardware Of Commuting Longboards

When it comes to hardware, we just talk about the deck, wheels and the trucks. So let’s check them out.

About the commuting longboard deck:

The deck is the most important part of the longboard. The deck is the place where you place your foot and propel the longboard. In longboards, the deck offers more space and length than the regular skateboard. If you want to make a longboard mainly for commuting, you need to know about the built quality. Shape, style and many other things. The construction material also matters here. Now let’s check what you need to consider before buying a deck for your commuting longboard.

The deck construction: Longboard decks are mainly made of bamboo or maple wood. Sometimes some manufacturer uses carbon fiber to make a longboard deck, which is a little expensive. Most of the longboard is made out of maple wood. As maple wood is reliable and durable, this is the most common material to make the deck. If you want a long-lasting longboard you can go with the maple wood deck.

On the other hand, bamboo decks are getting popular day by day. Bamboo longboard decks are lightweight and offer more flex than maple wood deck. A bamboo deck is much thinner. Most of the longboard made out of bamboo is laminated properly. You can go for a bamboo constructed longboard if you want.

You can get a carbon fiber longboard deck if you want, but you have to pay a lot of cash for it.

Some of the decks are hybrid. Bamboo and maple hybrid construction is gaining popularity. This types of the board offer both durability and support. It’s your choice.

Deck shape: Deck shape is an important thing to consider before buying a commuting longboard deck. The deck shape defines what style the rider can follow while riding the longboard. For commuting longboard, the lower center of gravity is a must. So the drop through and Drop decks are the perfect matches for commuting.

A drop deck offers a stable ride. These decks look a little weird though. These types of decks enable the rider to lower the center of his gravity and lets him have a stable ride. The drop deck top mounts their trucks, so you don’t need to worry about wheel-bites.

On the other hand, the drop through design is the most popular design out there. The trucks are mounted through the board and this lowers the deck height. In this types of deck, you need don’t need to put your feet on the ground at random. Commuting longboard means you will complete your daily errands or go on traveling with the board. If you need to use your feet simultaneously, that won’t offer you the best of experience. 

Deck length and width: When it comes to commuting longboards, the length and width play an important role. The length of the commuting longboard should vary from 37 inches to 42 inches. But when it comes to width, it should be at least 9 inches or more. You need extra space to place your feet on the board.

Board flex: You can get 3 types of flex depending on the construction of the deck. First, comes the soft. Second the medium flex and third the stiff flex.

The soft flex can absorb a lot of shocks. The medium flex can maintain stability as well as the speed. Moreover, the medium flex enables the rider to push or carve. If you are riding in rugged areas, you will get good shock absorption. On the other hand, the stiff flex offers more stability at high speeds.

When you are looking for commuting longboard decks, you can go with medium flex decks. This will help you ride in any given area. You can even perform some stunts on the way to your traveling.

About the commuting longboard trucks:

Trucks are a pair of a component which sticks the longboard deck with the wheels. This is a very important component for your longboard. The trucks have different sections, such as the kingpin size, material, size, bushing, hangers etc.

Truck size: There are two sizes available for longboard trucks. One the 180mm and the other 150mm. If the longboard decks width is 9 inches or more you can go with the 180mm version. But for cruiser longboards, the deck is a little slimmer. So you can use the 150mm version.

For commuting longboards generally, you should go with the 180mm trucks.

Kingpin: Well, there is the standard kingpin and reverse kingpin. Well, you will not see a truck with standard kingpin nowadays. But it’s not a rare sight to see standard kingpin on longboards.

A standard kingpin was used on the older version of longboards. This kingpin offers less control while riding. The control while sliding or turning is not always accurate. On the other hand, you will receive better control while turning or carving via reverse kingpin. So going for the reverse kingpin is a better choice I think.

About commuting longboard wheels:

When you want to make your longboard or even want to purchase a pre-assembled longboard you need to check out the longboard wheels. The wheels provide great riding experience. When we say about wheels we don’t mean the colors. We shall mention the wheels diameter, durometer, and shape.

Wheel diameter: Well, you cannot use big wheels on smaller longboards. Because this will cause wheel bite and you may face serious casualties. But you can easily use smaller wheels on larger longboards.

For commuting longboards, the diameter of the longboard should be around 40 inches if the deck is larger. For medium decks, the size should be around 34-42 inches. For smaller decks, the diameter should be around 34 inches.

Wheel durometer: The durometer of the wheels mainly refer to the hardness of the wheels. The counting starts from 70A (super soft) to 90A (super hard). For commuting longboards, you need the wheels to be shock absorbent. But what durometer wheels should you choose for your longboard depends on your weight. Riders weighing 135 to 175 lbs should go for 80a-85a durometer wheels. For the riders weighing less than 135lbs should choose 70a to 80a durometer wheels. For the last one, riders weighing more than 175lbs should purchase wheels ranging from 80a to 86a.

Wheel shape: Going for sharp lip shape wheels is a better option in this case. They provide great stability and let you perform long rides without the need to face any difficulty.

Wheel bearings: You can use any bearings for your longboard. But the quality of construction is a thing to consider. That’s why ABEC rating comes into play. The ABEC rating defines the quality of the bearing. Generally going for ABEC-7 bearings is a good choice in this case.


  • What style deck should I get for my commuting longboard?

Well, you can go for drop design or drop through design. This style of decks offers a lower center of gravity and enables the rider to enjoy a more stable riding experience.

  • Can I make my own commuting longboard?

Sure you can. You can make a commuting longboard at home or even make a customized commuting longboard. But customized longboards are easy to complete rather than making one at home.

  • What is a grip tape?

Grip tape is a simple tape used on the deck. This helps the rider to get a good grip. If you want to take quick turns or perform dancing or any other freestyle, the grip tape will help you to get a firm grip with the deck.

  • Can I perform stunts using my commuting longboard?

You can perform stunts using your commuting longboard. Commuting longboards generally offers freestyle, cruising or downhill riding. So you can perform stunts via your commuting longboard.

Final Verdict 

You’ve just reached the end of this content:

Longboarding is a popular activity among everybody. Who doesn’t love longboarding? Everybody does. But there always has been a difference in the activity. Some prefer cruising, some cruising, some completing daily errands or some just likes to perform stunts.

Choosing the best longboard for commuting is quite tough. There are dozens of items out there available on the market. Some people don’t even rely on one manufacturer. They like to assemble a custom made longboard. But as we have said earlier, there is a difference in styles. So this leads to one simple decision. There is a difference in the longboard construction too.

In this content, we focused on commuting longboards. First, we reviewed 5 of the best longboard for commuting. You can check them out if you like to purchase a pre-assembled longboard. But if you want to make a longboard for yourself you need to know about the commuter longboards hardware. We included a buying guide for you to ease the matter. Hope this helps you with finding the perfect commuting longboard you desire.