Penny Board Vs Skateboard | Head to Head In-Depth Comparison


Skateboarding is fun, surfing the street with the wheels is something that only regular skateboarders can feel. But that amazing feel requires a lot of sacrifices, patience, and dedication. You cannot ride like a pro, in the beginning, however, let’s not get to that part. If you are a pro on skateboarding, this article might … Read more

Ice Skating VS Rollerblading

Ice skating vs rollerblading

Ice skating and rollerblading both are techniques or recreations of gliding across a surface on skates or skating boots. These sports of skating have been popular for centuries. When it comes to the histories of both of them, the origin of ice skating dates thousands of years back while rollerblading which is a commonly used … Read more

Longboard VS Skateboard

Longboard vs Skateboard

These two; Indeed an argument that ends up at a conflict that tantrums between intense sports fans, particularly those who like to dive out doing tricks at the stomping ground and those who voyage the streets, looking for the appropriate hill they can get enthuse out of stampede down. However, the newbie’s point of view, … Read more