Why should choose Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards are great for both the beginner in skateboarding and good riders who are looking for new thrill and experience. They are very small in size to carry with you anywhere you go. If you are feeling bored with traditional skateboard then you can switch on an electric skateboard and hopefully, it will be a good try. And it will be great if you choose boosted dual+ electric skateboard that can give you the feel of the next level.

Why Upgrade to Electric Skateboard?

Riding on Electric skateboard is far easy than normal skateboard as you don’t need to push it with your feet to move forward. You can easily charge it and enjoy your ride. They also provide more security than traditional boards with its electric braking system. This type of skateboard will give you a different taste of skateboarding. If you are at a beginner level of skateboarding, then definitely electric skateboard is the best option for you. Also, you can grab your friends' attention.

When should you buy dual electric skateboard?

One thing is important here to mention that, electric skateboards are costly than non-electric boards especially the dual electric skateboards due to their high-quality features. At the beginning level, it may seem to a big investment if you don’t need to ride long distances. So, it’s probably better for you to try single-wheel electric skateboards as they are budget friendly and good enough for roaming around the city. But if you want to buy the best board with a handsome budget, then you should choose dual electric skateboard. Now, you may have a question that why you should buy duel electric skateboards spending more money? Well, it's because of they worth the money! They will pay you back with high-quality features and services. You can use them to travel anywhere as fast as traffic that means you can use them not only for fun but also as day-to-day transport! They will take you to the downhill, rough roads or the roughest terrain with high speed but you can brake gently down anywhere. All you need to have is the control and balance of staying on the board in high-speed riding. Without this experience, it will be challenging for you to control the speed of the dual electric skateboard.

What is the Best Dual Electric Skateboard?

You’ll get lots of electric skateboards on the market or online. But you have to survey online reviews videos, and articles before buying an electric skateboard. You can decide before buying but after buying you can not do anything without feeling sad! In this article, we are going to provide Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard Review, as it is one of the best and most popular electric boards in the market.

1. Boosted Dual 1500W Electric Skateboard

Boosted Duel+

Boosted dual 1500w electric skateboard can be a great one for every skateboarder who loves to ride on an electric skateboard. This skateboard provides you two powerful independent motors which are very easy to handle. If you love carving, then boosted dual 1500w is the best choice for you.

This skateboard is very faster than other motorized skateboards. You can go 18-22 Miles per hour which is really incredible. If you’re ready for craves in any type of riding like snowboarding, wakeboarding or surfboarding then definitely go with it. This is the perfect choice for getting the feeling of carving every day.

Also, this skateboard is lightweight (less than 250 lbs). So, you can easily carry it with you anywhere. If you are in the beginner stage of skateboarding, then this one will help you a lot with its learner/beginner mode. You can learn tricks on how to control a skateboard or how to ride. Once you think you're ready to go with master mode then you can change mode at any time.

​​​​Basic Features

The features you will get from this board are listed below:

Size and Weight

  • The dimension of the board is 38 x 8.5 x 5.2 inches and it weighs 15 pounds.


Battery plays a vital role on every gadget which uses battery power. This device supports fast charging. You can fully charge your skateboard within only 60 minutes which is really impressive. If you fully charge your battery one time, then you can cruise all day. Sometimes it will be depending on road conditions. With 1500 watts battery, it can go 20 miles per hour speed in 7 miles of range. So, you don't need to worry about charging.


  • The Boosted Dual electric skateboard uses special twin motor technology that provides the user with superior traction and handling. You can power through turns and carve hard anywhere and anytime with the two powerful and independent motors. The high amount of force provided by these twin motors is truly awesome to experience.

Remote Control

This skateboard supports Bluetooth. With the support of Bluetooth, you can connect your remote and control your skateboard. Also, if you want to run this skateboard manually without charging, you will also be able to do that.


This device has a very strong connection with the remote and the board. This will ensure you that you have steady communication with your controller.


This skateboard is much stronger and durable in comparison with Electric Skateboards. This Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard has a strong deck which is capable to handle more than 80 kilos. This skateboard also has larger and stronger wheels which will make your ride more reliable.

  • High s​​​​peed: The acceleration of this board is great.
  • Easy to control: Anyone can control it, even if a little boy.
  • Smooth braking: You can’t even imagine how smooth and controllable the braking is! It’s possible to dial in anything from the little resistance to a full-on-panic stop that can through you off the board if you aren't properly shifting your weight.
  • Outstanding design: A huge number of people can't tell that it’s an electric skateboard unless they take a second glance.
  • Multi-functional: There are three different settings- beginner, ECO and PRO for three levels of boarders. So no need to worry about your skills, just change the mode according to your learning level!

     Beginner: This mode is for those people who are going to start skateboarding.

     - ECO: This mode is for mid-level skateboarders who can ride but are not at pro level.

     -PRO: This mode is for those people who are expert on skateboarding. But if you don’t know how to balance electric skateboard then we recommend using it on beginner or ECO mode.

     - Adjustable speed: You can adjust the speed high to low with its controller. So, you never have to worry about speed adjustments.

     - Durable wheels: Wheels of this skateboard is larger and stronger than other electric skateboards. You can roll over cracks and debris.


  • High speed
  • Easy control
  • Different riding mode
  • Durable
  • Strong wheels
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful motors
  • User-friendly remote
  • Great carves
  • Decent battery life


  • Little expensive
  • No multiple colors


We can conclude that the board itself is a very high-quality product with excellent acceleration and braking. The cons are ignorable in front of the top of the line components and rock solid speed. It's all in all a well-built product that can be both a thrilling toy and a transportation device. If you are confused about buying it due to the cost, we will surely inspire you to go ahead and grab one! Just take it to one ride, you will be instantly sold!