Longboard VS Skateboard

Longboard vs Skateboard

These two; Indeed an argument that ends up at a conflict which tantrums between intense sports fans, particularly those who like to dive out doing tricks at the stomping ground and those who voyage the streets, looking for the appropriate hill they can get enthuse out of stampede down. However, the newbie’s point of view, … Read more

Skater Outfits for Guys

skater outfits for guys

Though it does take inspiration from the style of skating sports outfits, skater style has little to do with the sport itself.  Known widely for the comfort and functionality, skater style relies on clothes that are loosely tailored and have a carefree design. Like many other 90’s fashion styles, this style is also coming back … Read more

How to Slide on a Longboard?

How to sliding on a longboard

If you want to take your rides to another level, then learning slide on a longboard should be one of your topmost priorities. There’s so much you can accomplish when you know how to slide – do a quick stop, drift around a curve, do a speed check while moving downhill, and a lot more. … Read more

Learn To Skateboard At 40 | Written By Expert

Old Man Skateboard

The most commonly drew picture of a scatter is a stylish messy guy around 20-aged playing various tricks with his skateboards and full of recalcitrant energy in him. Why can’t we think anything unusual than this? It is not restricted for the middle-aged person to play skating. In fact, nowadays a new type of skateboarders … Read more

How To Lubricate Bearings

How To Lubricate Bearings

The question is, how to lubricate bearings. OK, Do you know the difference between lubricating and cleaning the bearings? If you say that there is not much difference between these two, then your words are somewhat correct. Two results are almost the same. Any vehicles or skateboard are run fast due to clearing the bearing. … Read more