Ice Skating VS Rollerblading

Ice skating vs rollerblading

Ice skating and rollerblading both are techniques or recreations of gliding across a surface on skates or skating boots. These sports of skating have been popular for centuries. When it comes to the histories of both of them, the origin of ice skating dates thousands of years back while rollerblading which is a commonly used … Read more

How to Longboard Dance | Step by Step Guide With Tutorial

longboard dance

Here is the truth; nothing looks more relaxed than dancing freestyle with longboards on the roads. It shows off you are well balanced, and your coordination is something that people will envy. But how to longboard dance if you haven’t had any prior experience even with the longboards, let alone dancing? It’s why we are … Read more

How to Ride a Longboard?

how to longboard

With properly learning, you can have the utmost excitement and a new level of enjoyment. It is neither an easy job nor so hard. All you need to know the basics of this sport, follow the tips, and practice enough time to adjust your body with the board. I have arranged a complete guideline and … Read more

Best Skateboarders of All Time!

Chris Cole

No rules, no goals, no referees, no boundaries; yes, I’m talking about skateboarding. It’s a well-recognized sport, especially in the USA. Skateboard enthusiasts view it more than a sport; they consider it as an art with full freedom to show creativity. Now defiantly you are thinking who are the best skateboarders of all time? Keep … Read more

How to Ride a Skateboard?


Certainly, learning how to do with the skateboard when younger is much easier — because it’s all just plays at that point — that does not mean that adults cannot learn to do board as well. Acquiring a new skill isn’t easy. Skateboarding is indeed a very challenging, very exhilarating, and tremendous means to hang … Read more