Best Skateboards Reviews & In-depth Buying Guide

Right now the market is loaded with different types of skateboards which can make it really hard for people who are looking for the best skateboards of them. Are you one of them? Trust me, this article is what you were looking for. Skateboarding popularity has grown so much over the years and people of different ages are really enjoying riding the boards.

Riding boards are really awesome, you can’t even guess that if you have never stepped on a skateboard before. But the best thing about this is, along with fun rides this thing will also help you get some of your daily tasks done such as going to school, work or anywhere. If not anything, skateboards will surely get you out of the traffic jam.

As we said, hundreds of option (if not thousand) in the market would make you really confused. So before you pick a wrong skateboard and make a mess out of your hard earned money, go through our list of 10 skateboards. These 10 are the best you would find in the market right now and along with the reviews we have also covered all the aspects that you would ever need.

 So without killing any more time, let’s get to the business

Top 10 Best Skateboards of 2019 Reviewed

Creating this review list wasn’t easy for us. We had to deal with a lot of things such as all the features, user reviews, price, quality, brand authority and so on. But the toughest was comparing the price and quality. However, quality should be the first concern and we didn’t keep any skateboard on this just because of the cheap price.

1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon | Best Skateboard Under 100

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Starting the review with the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard. If you are looking for a dual-purpose skateboard than this is your thing. And people who just stepped into skateboarding world and figuring out the first skateboard for yourself, you can get started with this Powell Skateboard. It is one of the best beginner skateboards and also works perfectly for professional skateboarders.

This is a study skateboard, the deck is made of plastic and it is smaller in size. Those who want to learn tricks, this Powell skateboard could be a great addition. Plus, it is very stable which makes it one of the best kids skateboards. If you will be riding in crowded places, don’t worry. It has great balance and you would be able to take turns with ease. The Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard is very lightweight that makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere.

It comes with a durable ligament deck which is more robust and features wider polymer strap reinforcement. And that makes sure that this very skateboard won’t bend when you slide with it during any trick performance. Moreover, as it comes in a bidirectional design that allows riding from both sides.

 In order to provide you with the needed grip or traction, the manufacturer has attached a grip tape on the board. Features golden dragon 7.625 inches’ trucks which enables you to slide or turn effortlessly. The wheel size is 54 x 37-mm and made of PGD polyurethane that offers great stability.


  • Offers great stability
  • Grip tape provides with needed traction
  • Wheels roll smooth
  • Durable deck
  • High-quality trucks
  • Suitable for all levels of rider
  • Lightweight compared to some similar models


  • Wheels are little soft which might not enable you to ride faster

Our recommendation

Overall, the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard is a perfect one for all levels of skateboarders. You can also choose this if you want something for casual rides. But if you want something fast then you might switch to another model, as the soft wheels of this skateboard won’t let you ride faster.

2. RockBirds Skateboards, 31'' Pro | Best Beginner Skateboard

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Do love skateboards that comes with classy graphics? The RockBirds Skateboards, 31'' Pro Complete Skateboard has that. The stunning and unique graphic makes this skateboard fashionable. Using this will not only show people that you are a sports person but also your classy fashion sense. Plus, this one is also a great choice for the beginners.

This RockBirds Skateboard is one of the top-rated items with which users are heavily satisfied. The deck is made of 7-Canadian maple wood which quite a great material for skateboard decks, they are highly durable. This material ensures that you can ride long distances with ease. One feature that we loved the most about this skateboard is the high-density emery surface which offers both traction and waterproofness.

The grip tape is really very necessary for secure and comfortable rides. And it’s must to have on beginner’s deck. Unlike few models. This board can hold weight up to 300KGs and that’s a proof of the durability of this model. On the other hand, it comes with 4 PU wheels and the quality is top-notch. The base of this skateboard is also enough durable for beginner riders.

The base is made of ABS material which is popular for withstanding heavy impacts. With this model, you will be able to ride on woods, pavements, ramps, parks, and other terrains effortlessly. Moreover, this one comes with a carry bag and 4 in 1 toolkit. The toolkit will help you to change the wheels and trucks when needed.

The entire skateboard is lightweight enabling you to carry that with ease. Another nice thing is, the bearings are very smooth and allow you to ride faster. This board also works fine in shock absorbing that might cause from flips.


  • Top-notch deck
  • Best for beginner skateboarders
  • High-quality PU wheels
  • Smooth bearings
  • Comes with a bag and toolkit
  • Durable base


  • The truck bushes are weak

Our recommendation

The RockBirds Skateboards, 31'' Pro Complete Skateboard is definitely a good buy for beginners as it comes with all the core feature that a newbie would need. Plus, this model comes at an affordable price. On the other hand, the stylish print looks awesome and the entire thing is highly durable.

3. ANCHEER Skateboard 31" Pro Complete | Best Skateboards Under 50

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Durability is one of the most important factors that need to be considered when choosing the right skateboard. And unlike few, the ANCHEER 31 pro complete Skateboard comes with top level durability. The deck is made out of high-quality maple wood and the full-size double kick tub concave design will give you faster riding experience. It has a flat concave shape. This very model is suitable for both kid and adults.

The brand ANCHEER always offers skateboards with smooth bearing and solid bushing which makes the entire skateboard spectacular. With this skateboard, you will get a chance to try a few 360 degrees and other impressive stunts. The solid wheels will take you to a long distance with just a few simple pushes. Manufacturer has also attached a grip tape to provide you with the needed grip when riding.

It comes with extremely smooth and high-quality PU wheels and the best part is, you will be able to ride in some rough terrains too with this board. It also features ABEG-7 top-quality smooth bearings which will let you roll faster. On the other hand, solid soft PU bushing will allow you to take quick turns with ease.

Moreover, the ANCHEER 31” pro complete Skateboard also comes with 3-inch aluminum trucks which makes this unit really stable and well balanced. The overall look of this skateboard is also impressive and each part are enough durable to withstand some wear and tear. Along with all the good things, this unit has a bad part too, shown in the con section.


  • High-durability
  • The deck is made of maple wood
  • Perfect for both adult and kids
  • Solid and durable wheels
  • Smooth bearings
  • Affordable price tag
  • Classy look
  • Offers proper grip


  • The truck of this board tends to get loose

Our recommendation

The ANCHEER 31” pro complete Skateboard is a great buy if you are looking for a beginner skateboard. The stability and features it offers are outstanding. Plus, the price is also very reasonable. The truck tends to get loose but that’s not a major issue. You can tighten it every time with the toolkit. Lastly, to enjoy fantastic rides it would be a great catch.

4. SkateXS Personalized Beginner Panda Street Skateboard | Best Complete Skateboard

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SkateXS is a well-known, highly reliable kids brand which is serving the market with top quality products for very long. However, the 4. SkateXS Personalized Beginner Panda Street Skateboard is no different. This one of the best kid skateboards which really has a large fan following. Though it is a complete skateboard still it offers a bunch of customizing option.

If you want to buy your child a skateboard to advance the skill, then you can’t go wrong with this one, it is the safest skateboard you can buy for your little fella. Though it is one of the children skateboards but all the parts quality is the same as the adult skateboards. Apart from them, parents are giving highly positive reaction to this very model and that says a lot of this product quality.

This model comes in dozens of different color and graphics. It has kid-friendly graphics printed on the deck. Not only that, this skateboard also comes in three different sizes and for 5 to 7, 8 to 10 and 11 to 12 years old children’s. The whole skateboard is enough durable to withstand the daily skating activities of a kid. Plus, it is very lightweight so that your child could carry it with ease.

The manufacturer has also attached a grip tape on the deck to ensure that your kid gets needed traction to remain stable on the skateboard. And there is a small black space in the middle of the deck, where your little infant can write his or her name. The SkateXS Personalized Beginner Panda Street Skateboard is an expensive model but it delivers accurate value for the money.


  • Premium grip tape offers nice traction
  • Comes in a lot of colors
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Smooth running wheels
  • High-quality parts


  • The wheels are soft

Our recommendation

The SkateXS Personalized Beginner Panda Street Skateboard is indeed a great thing for kids. From the graphics to the wheels, everything is installed for kids use. As kids will be riding this skateboard, isn’t it safe if they ride slow? And we think the soft wheels are not a flaw, it’s an advantage. Though few users have found this model little expensive we think according to the feature that price is fair.

5. Puente 31 inch complete skateboard | Puente Skateboard Review

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This is another best kid skateboard which offers outstanding stability and control, the Puente 31 inch complete skateboard. But adults can also ride on it but its recommended for the kids. The deck of this skateboard is made of 7-layer Canadian maple wood. Canadian maple wood is one of the best deck material for skateboards. The deck is enough durable to survive most kind of wear and tears.

Not having enough grip can cause an unbalanced riding experience. You would be able to take turns and let alone performing any tricks. A full cover grip tape is attached to the entire board in order to provide you with the needed traction. This model comes with ABE 9 high-speed top-notch bearings which are super smooth which enable you to have enjoyable riding experiences.

On the other hand, it features 5 inch solid trucks. Unlike others, these trucks won’t get off or loose. They will be attached tightly to the deck even when they will encounter any hardness. As we said, along with the kids, adults can also use this skateboard, the deck can hold on to the 180 kg weight. If you are above that weight range, you better stay off this model.

Plus, as it is a complete board so you won’t have a hard time of assembling all the parts. With this skateboard, you will get outstanding stability and balance which is why this model is suitable for kids. It is a flat concave board and has tails on both sides which will let you ride this from any side. The wheels are completely shock resistant so no barriers in smooth rolls.


  • Safe to use and highly durable
  • Comes full cover grip tape
  • Offers great stability
  • Smooth bearings
  • Double kick tail
  • Board can hold on maximum 180Kg weight


  • The grip tape is not very durable

Our recommendation

The Puente 31 inch complete skateboard will be a great catch for kids or beginners below 180Kg weight. It comes with simple graphics and has all the needed features that a beginner level rider needs. And the weak grip tape is surely a flaw but when buying you can attach a durable grip tape over the existing one, that would make it even better.

6. Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom | Best Girl Skateboard

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And here comes the Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard which is one of the best girl skateboards. Want to what made this model best for girls? The graphics and stability. Girls who their skateboard to be well designed with stunning graphics, this Punisher Cherry Blossom is their thing. It comes with such an impressive design that will definitely catch people eyes.

It comes with ivory wheels which are solid and rolls smooth. And it also features alloy trucks which will definitely help you to have an enjoyable riding experience. Doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner skateboarder or a professional, this very skateboard will work find for both. The deck of this model is very durable, made of 9 ply stiff maple wood.

This skateboard has double deck concave shape which helps you will better balance and also when you try to perform challenging tricks. 5-inch metal high-quality trucks are enough capable to survive some extreme wear and tear. The size of this model is small which makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere you want and the deck has the ability to hold weight up to 200IBs, well that’s pretty low.

The ABEG-5 smooth bearings will let you ride faster and the entire design of this skateboard will give you full control. A full cover coarse grip tape is attached on the deck in order to provide you with the needed traction when you will be on the board. But we will recommend this Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard only for kid’s girl, if you are an adult this is definitely not for you.


  • Best for girls
  • Impressive graphics
  • Smooth wheels and bearings
  • Durable deck and truck
  • Double-deck design
  • Full cover grip tape
  • Offers great stability and control


  • The graphics might get off with continuous feet scratches

Our recommendation

Before anything, the Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard is not a choice for adults, it is only for kids. From design to wheels, this unit has got everything amazing. Moreover, it is very lightweight so you would be able to carry it anywhere you want. And not to forget, most of the paintings or artwork gets off because of foot scratched and that’s pretty normal.

7. Kpc Pro Skateboard Complete Review | Best Cheap Skateboard

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Are you on a tight budget and looking for the best one at that budget? Here comes kpc pro skateboard complete, it is one of the best cheap skateboards. It comes at a really inexpensive price and still offers a stable and smooth riding experience. The best part of this very skateboard is its control. Even a beginner will be able to ride this one smoothly with proper control.

 A big thanks go to the manufacturer who did compromise the quality of the deck even at such a low price. The deck is made of Canadian maple wood which is highly durable and has 200kgs weight holding capacity. And if you are above that, you should not choose this one. Plus, the deck width is 31 inches so you are having enough foot space.

Most satisfying part is, this model comes in 13 different colors, allowing you to choose your preferred one. The graphics printed on the board also look quite attractive. Let’s move on to the bottom part. It comes with 52mm solid wheels and ABEC-5 smooth rolling bearings. Both the wheels and bearings will roll smooth offering you the real pleasure of riding a skateboard.

Moreover, in order to ensure that the rider gets enough grip, the manufacturer have attached a grip tape on the deck. Do you have tall feet? Don’t worry the deck got you covered. The deck with is 7.75 inches allowing you to place your feet comfortably. This KPC skateboard is perfect for both beginner and intermediate skateboarders. Plus, you can perform trick flips too with this board, it is enough durable to withstand those falls.


  • Cheap skateboard
  • Top-notch deck
  • Appropriate foot space
  • Offers nice stability and control
  • Perfect for both beginner and immediate skateboarders
  • Durable wheels


  • Weak grip tape might get teared easily

Our recommendation

There is no doubt that the kpc pro skateboard complete is one of the best cheap skateboards. Look at the features, have you expected that much from a product of such low price? Our suggestion would be to buy an extra grip tape with the skateboard and wrap it over the existing one and you are all set.

8. Merkapa Complete Skateboard | Best Kids Skateboards

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And another kids skateboard, the Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard. There are a couple of reasons why this very unit is for kids. First one is, the wheels of this skateboard comes with multiple LED lights which lights up once the wheels starts rolling. And the deck comes with various bright colors. It comes fully assembled and once you done buying it, you are ready to hit the street.

Not only kids, this skateboard can be used by adults too but nor for professionals. But the deck can hold on to only 180Kgs so anyone above that weight should avoid. The LED lights don’t come with any batteries and they don’t need any batteries. The size is small and very lightweight which makes it easier for kids to carry it anywhere.

The bearings are very smooth and the wheels are solid, these types of wheels are suitable for riding in skate parks, ramp, and other smooth surfaces. Don’t use this skateboard on rough terrains. The deck is very durable and has a grip tape so that you will be stable on the board. On the other hand, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy it, it comes at an affordable price.


  • Colorful impressive deck
  • LED lights in the wheel
  • Smooth bearing and solid wheels
  • LEDs don’t require any battery
  • Comes with grip tape


  • The deck is unbendable, so don’t try to perform any flip tricks

Our recommendation 

The Merkapa 22 Complete Skateboard is one of the best penny board for kids. We won’t recommend this model for professional use and performing flips, as the deck is unbend-able, flips or tricks might break it. And make sure you don’t use it in rough terrains.

9. RIMABLE Complete 22 Skateboard | Best Cruiser Skateboard

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Are you looking for a skateboard just to roam around the city? We have one for you, the RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard. It is a cruiser skateboard and best for taking casual rides. This very skateboard delivers superb value for the money by offering you smooth and hassle-free rides. The size is small which enables you to carry it with ease to anywhere.

 Any level of skateboarder can use this one but we wouldn’t recommend this one for kids. However, it comes with impressive color combinations which will give anyone a hard time getting their eyes off. It features a stiff and solid mini-deck which can hold weight up to 198LBS. And the best part is, it comes in 23 different graphics and colors, allowing you to choose the one you like, there are very few brands which offers such flexibility.

The deck of this model is made of completely plastic which is highly durable and bendable, so if you want to try some flip tricks, you are good to go. As cruiser skateboards come with a kick tail, this one is no different. The kicktail will help you to take quick turns, perform slides and tricks. The trucks of this skateboard are aluminum made and the size is 3 inch. Moreover, the screws of this entire board are also better than most models.

The size of the deck is 22 inch in length and 6 inch in width, which ensures that you would have plenty of space for your feet. It also features solid PU wheels which are made of high-quality materials. Plus, the bearings are very fast ready to give you smooth rides.


  • Perfect for different kind of riders
  • Comes with a lot of color and graphics options
  • Kicktail helps in taking quick turns
  • Solid and durable wheels
  • Smooth rolling bearings
  • Easy to control and lightweight


  • You can use this skateboard on rough terrains

Our recommendation

The RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard is very popular for their stunning graphics. Choosing this model will give people around you a positive vibe about your fashion sense. The price is very reasonable; it offers a lot of amazing features. Any kind of rider can choose this model but make sure you don’t use it on rough surfaces.

10. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard | best cruiser skateboard under 100

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The last skateboard of this review list. You will see most review list includes this Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard. Credit goes to the designer of this model, what a classy color combination and design. It is a mini cruiser skateboard which comes in affordable price but still meets people’s expectations. It is a combination of both retro and classic style.

Unlike most, the manufacturer has used a technology in building the entire skateboard. The technology is called Skatro flex, using this technology manufacturer have made a plastic made deck which is both durable and bendable at the same and that is not something we often see. The deck will be a great help when you need stability and will perform challenging trick flips.

The bearings of this skateboard are ABEC 7 skatro bearings which are way too durable and faster than other steel made bearings. These bearings will allow you to ride faster and smoother. And along with that manufacturer have integrated 59 mm urethane wheels and those wheels are ready to withstand all kind of wear and tears. The trucks installed in this skateboard are also top-notch 3-inch aluminum made.

 On the other hand, the entire thing is very lightweight, you would be able to carry it in plan, bus, train, subway and so on effortlessly. Another satisfying part of this skateboard is, it comes with a T-tool which is necessary to disassemble or assemble different parts of the skateboard. This Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard is really a flexible and versatile skateboard that comes at an affordable price,


  • Inexpensive price
  • Skatro flex technology used in the deck
  • High-quality bearings and wheels
  • Suitable for riding almost in any terrains
  • Comes with a T-tool
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • You might find the wheels a bit slippery at the beginning

Our recommendation

Your investment won’t go wrong with this Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard. It comes with all the core features that an ideal skateboard should have. It has a kick tail which helps a lot in taking quick turns and performing tricks. With few days of use, the slipperiness on the wheels will be gone. Every single part of this skateboards are high-quality. Plus, it also comes with a T-tool, what else do you expect?

10 Best Skateboard Brands

Since the market is filled with a plethora of skateboards, the easiest and winning way to pick the best one is picking by the brand authority. Highly reputed brands won’t ever produce anything that doesn’t deliver proper value and yes it’s true that they could be a little expensive. But that worth it in the long run. Anyways, we have listed down 5 best brand for skateboards which has proved to be the trusted by their outstanding product and services.

  1. Element Skateboards

The Element is the most popular skateboard brand which is serving the market for really very long. In 1992 this brand is founded by a professional skateboarder Johnny Schillereff. His goal was to spread the awareness of the skateboarding; it was his vision.

They have started their journey with complete skateboards and later they added the different variations. Many ups and down came but they didn’t stop. They kept producing top-notch products and now over 20 professional skateboarders are working on that company.

  1. Plan B Skateboards

Not only this brand name is unique, but they also offer a bunch of unique products too. PlanB brand was founded by a professional skateboarder Mike Ternasky in 1991, who died in a car accident in 1994. The company was off for a couple of years and them another two professional skateboarders Colin McKay and Danny Way started the company in 2005.

This brand skateboards are always recognizable by their out of the box logo. They offer skateboards in varieties of graphics so that people can choose one that describes them best. Plan B has top-quality customer support and people are really satisfied with their products.

  1. Creature Skateboards

This brand was launched in 1994 by Russ Pope, Jason Adams, Barket Barrett and Darren Navarrette. All of them was professional skateboarders. For some reason, the company went off and revived again in the 2000s. Creature is famous for they Horror type themes on their clothes and skateboards. All of their skateboards and clothes comes with outstanding graphics.

  1. Blind Skateboards

Blind brand is reliable skateboard manufacturer of professional skateboards for hardcore riders. Was formed in 1989 by Mark Gonzales. Their products are distributed by Dwindle distribution. All of their products are top-notch, you will hardly find few people that has complain about blind’s product quality. Blind is satisfying their customers with high-quality products from very long and many professional skateboarders chose this brand for their skateboards.

  1. Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz skateboards are famous all over the world for their Screaming hand logo which is designed by legendary designer Jim Philips. He also has designed most of art works comes in the skateboard deck. This brand was founded in 1973 and distributed by NHS Inc. Santa Cruz is one of the old classy skateboard brands. Over 16 professional skateboarders are working in this brand to ensure the top-notch quality.

  1. Quest

Though there are a lot longboard manufacturing brands available we have chosen quest for a good reason and that is their customer service. They probably have the best customer service. They give the highest priority to their customers and takes their feedbacks seriously to make any change if needed. Once you are stuck in between something related to skateboard just make a call to their support, they will take care of that nicely.

We are only talking about their support that doesn’t mean their products are average. There are also have their power in the skateboard industry and they are ruling the industry with effective and affordable product from a very long time.

  1. Remable

Well, this brand is famous for their eye-catching designs and like the quest, they are also one who listens to their customers carefully and takes them seriously. They are a top brand for producing beginner skateboards. From the deck's durability to the bearings smoothness, they do everything to provide a beginner with outstanding experience of riding skateboard.

Although Remable is a manufacturer of complete skateboards they still keep space for some modifications. Plus, they offer a lot of color option which very few brands offer.

  1. Powell

Powell is one of the oldest skateboard manufacturing companies who has been in the market for really very long. This brand was established in 1978 and till now they are providing their customers with the best products. They come with different varieties of skateboards suitable for different needs but the one thing that most people don’t like about this brand is, they price their product higher than others.

  1. Punisher

They made beginner level skateboards, they are not into making skateboards for challenging trick flips. Punisher is famous for their satisfying cool looking graphics and they are one of those few brands which produce skateboards especially for girls. And they put a lot of focus on making the deck of any skateboards. They use ABEC series bearing into their products, these bearings are highly-durable and smooth.

  1. SCSK8
Here comes another brand who are making beginner skateboards for over 40 years. The best thing about the SCSK8 is, the price all of their products reasonably. They also produce different types of skateboards but they focus more on the longboards. However, even after pricing skateboards reasonably, they don’t compromise the quality.

Complete vs Custom skateboard

Complete vs custom skateboard? Most people end up getting confused in this part when they try to figure out the best skateboards for them. Both of these types have their own set of benefits and drawback, however, we have made a comparison between these.

Custom Skateboards: before anything let us clear out one thing, if you are a newbie then custom skateboards are not just your thing. These skateboards require a lot of knowledge, skill, and money. If you are a professional or intermediate skateboarder, then you can go after these boards. A custom skateboard would be a great choice for you if you want to build one on your way.

For building a custom skateboard, you have purchased all the elements separately such as deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, risers, etc. And all you have to do is, giving the maker instruction. If you are professional, you would be able to build the entire thing all by yourself that would be amazing because no one knows better than you about your needs.

You can add your favorite color or graphics on it. But you got to be very careful when choosing the materials of every part. The best part of having a customized skateboard is that will fit perfectly on you. If you perform tricks or ride often, you will make it that way. Although it takes a good amount of money and time but delivers outstanding value.

Complete Skateboard: These skateboards are for beginners. As the name suggests these boards come pre-build. Right after buying one you are all set to roll. These boards are way too affordable than the custom skateboards, though it doesn’t come with all the special materials that come with custom skateboards. As mentioned earlier, these boards are for beginners so they really don’t need professional parts on the first go.

On the other hand, most of the complete boards are very easy to balance which is really great for noobs. If you want, you can still customize your complete board by dissembling its previous parts and adding new parts.

How to Buy the Best Skateboard?

Getting your hand on the right skateboard is not as easy as it seems, not too tough either. All you need to know is the trick. When buying the right board, there are a hell lot of things to go through. That’s both irritating and time-consuming but we can’t help it. We have demonstrated all the pieces of information’s that anyone would ever need. Go through the entire section in order to end up having the best skateboard for you. Let’s get started.


Skateboards come in a variety of designs and each brand has its own kind of design. A famous skateboard brand Enjoy puts their very own panda logo in all their productions. Dozens of design will make you confused. Now make a question to yourself, what kind of design you like? So knowing what kind of designs attract you the most will be a helping hand in choosing the design.

Few brands even took it even further. There are a bunch of brands who offers 10 different colors on the same design. Allowing you to choose your desired color and Krown is one of them who offers a lot of color options. However, there are popular designs Cherry blossom, padded pugs, fiery dragons, checkered boxes. As you will be riding the board for years, make sure you choose the design you like.


Like the design, there are dozens of sizes too. Some are for adults and some for kids. Although there are some units which are suitable for both kid and adults. Kids skateboards sizes are around 7-inch x 28 inch, where regular size is 7.5-inch x 31 inch – 8.5-inch x 32.5 inch. Choose the right size for you, don’t pick the wrong size by getting overwhelmed by the design.


Choosing a sturdy and durable wood material is highly important if you want your skateboard to last long. A durable one will be able to withstand some beating and falls when you’ll be trying some tricks. Some latest skateboards come in Canadian Maple wood, these boards decks are made of a couple of layers which makes it highly durable.

There are some skateboards which come with the metal skateboard trucks, you can choose one of them too as these highly supports the skateboards deck.


Your skateboarding experience can give you a hard idea of which one to choose. If you are a fresher just discovered that you want to step on a skateboard them mini-complete skateboard, cruiser or longboard skateboards will be great for you. It wouldn’t be wise to spend a larger chunk of money on your very first skateboard and these skateboards are inexpensive.

Another reason why are we Mimi-complete and longboards is, they will make you feel comfortable and will help you to keep balance when you will push the board and will ride on it. Intermediate player will have little idea about which one to go with if they have been riding skateboards for any length of time.

An advanced player can choose any skateboard. Professional players are more likely to adopt new tricks and challenges every time, so should definitely look for something light and highly durable. They should pay attention to every single element of a skateboard.

Though most professional player doesn’t go for complete skateboards, they build their own customized skateboard where they install all the parts that perfectly meets their needs. Customized skateboards are awesome; they will make you feel you are the boss when you ride with it. However, if you are a newbie don’t even think about this.


Your skating style can say a lot about which skateboard should you choose. Skateboard lovers are divided into few groups by different riding styles. Knowing your style will help you to choose the wheel, trucks, board according to that which will beneficial to you. There are some popular styles which are the street, vert, longboarding and technical. Which one is yours?

Height and weight

Your height and weight also should be taken into account when shopping for a skateboard. You should choose a skateboard that will be able to withstand effortlessly the weight you are supposed to put on it. All the skateboards are suitable for different weight and height, be wise when you choose one.

How to Choose the Right Skateboard Deck?

As you know skateboard is a combination of a lot of parts, truck, deck, bearings, etc. So for professionals its mandatory to choose all the right parts. We will cover up all the parts in the later sections but for now, let’s come to the deck.

The deck is the flat board on the skateboard where you are supposed to stand. For different tricks and riding styles, there are different types of decks available. We have demonstrated all the criteria that are necessary to check in order to get the right deck.

If you are a beginner and just leaning toward skateboarding, then it would be wise to decide which kind of skateboard do you need. And how are you going to decide that? Simple, what is the purpose of getting a skateboard? Is it just for easy transportation or doing tricks or facing challenges? Seems complicated? Read below it will become simple.

Types of Skateboards

Short-boards: These are the short style skateboards which are shaped and design for doing different tricks. If you love or want to become street or park rider, then short-boards would be a good catch for you.

Cruiser: These board comes with a kick-tail and designed for simple cruising around the city. They come with mid-length decks but highly versatile and maneuverable. Looking for a skateboard for cruising the street? Go with Cruiser skateboards.

Old school boards: Old school boards are unbalanced one which comes with flat nose and kick-tail. These boards are great for ramp or pool skating or for street carving.

Longboards: Don’t want to perform any kind of tricks and just want a board to roam or use as a transporter? Cruiser and longboards both would be a great option for this. Although there are some longboards which are specially shaped and designed for downhill racing. These boards tend to be very low profile and comes with wheel cutouts and that allows large wheels to be attached.

Choosing The Deck

Decks come in various sizes but most come in between 7 to 10 inches wide. Which size should you choose? You have to decide the size of the deck depending on what will you be skating and what’s your style. Below we have shown the factors that are needed.

Width: You should not choose a skateboard by the length instead of width, this is a common mistake that most newbie makes. Most of the skateboards deck comes in 7.5 inches to 8.25 inches, that’s the average width of the deck. The perfect width for you will depend on your size and riding style.

Buying a wider deck which is too wide for your shoe size and height will require more power to ride the board smoothly. Plus, that will make riding and learning tricks both difficult. On the other hand, if you pick a deck that is too narrow for your shoe size and height, you’ll find it very hard to balance.

Normally, adult and teen riders to consider having a deck of at least 7.5 inches’ width. And wider decks are for larger skateboarders and vert or ramps skateboarder. Smaller decks are suitable for the street skaters.

Length: The distance from the nose tip to kicktail tip is the length of the deck. Only highly advanced players pay attention to the length, otherwise, length is not that important.

Wheelbase: The distance between the inner mount holes is called wheelbase and this distance determines how far the wheels will be located. The average wheelbase measurement is 13 inches to 15 inches. There are some decks which come with only one set of holes and some come with multiple holes for trucks. Wheelbase plays a big role in the performance on the board, however, these are complicated things and definitely not for newbies. Advanced players can choose the ideal wheelbase by their experience.

Nose and tail: Nose is the front side and tail is the back side of the skateboard. Some skateboards make it hard to differentiate the nose and tails, though some come with graphics which can help to detect.

Concave Shape

When it comes down to the performance of the skateboard, the shape of the deck matters a lot. Concave shapes will give you better foot-lock with the skateboard which will allow you to perform some challenging tricks, turns and flips. The manufacturers are always experimenting with the new shapes to see which one turns out to be very useful. However, below we have described some of the popular shapes of the deck.

Radial Concave: It is a popular shape which is seen is most skateboards. The deck is U-shaped curve, not that deeper curve but some come with a more deeper curve. The radial concave shape will give the skateboarder better grip so that he or she can adapt any kind of riding style.

Progressive Concave: This shape is almost similar to the radial concave shape but not completely. The curve of the progressive concave is little more dramatic. It comes with a steep wall on the rail which is combined with the wider base, this allows you to stand securely and better foot-locking.

W-Concave: As the name suggests, the shape looks a bit like W, but this shape is not extended to the entire skateboard length but the area at the tail. As it is W-shaped it has an extra curve in the center line which helps to transfer energy from heel to toe. And that means this shape will allow you to take super turns.

Tub Concave: These are also known as flat-concave. The only difference between radial and tub concave is, like radial it doesn’t have a gentle curve, instead the rails are sharply angled. Tub concave shaped skateboard will keep your feet flattered which will enable you to take quick turns.

Asymmetrical Concave: The rails of this skateboard have risen at different angles which enables the rider to use the complete heel energy to turn.

Choosing The Wheels

A very important part of any skateboard are wheels, the wheel size will be playing a great role in your everyday skating. Wheels are generally made of polyurethane and come in different sizes, colors and durability ratings. Go below to know which size wheels are perfect for you.

Choosing the wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter is measured by MM (millimeters) and average wheel size is 50 to 70 mm. And the lower the number the smaller the wheels. How fast will you be accelerating and how tight will you be taking turns, highly depends on the wheel diameters. Smaller wheels are perfect for street and technical skating, as they are lower to the ground they are easy to control.

If you are a new skateboarder and use it only for casual ride or transportation, then you should go for the larger wheels. Large diameters will offer faster speed and proper balance than the smaller ones. However, the height and weight of the skateboarders also need to be considered when choosing the wheels.

50mm – 53mm: These are smaller wheels and best for performing tricks. Smaller wheels are very stable but slower.

54mm to 53mm: If you are a beginner or a heavy rider who would be skating on the streets, parks or ramps, this diameter will be perfect for you.

60mm: Well, these are for the professionals who ride a longboard, old school, dirt-boards or downhill. Basically, these wheels are designed for rougher surfaces.

Choosing the wheel durometer

The hardness of the wheels is measured by durometers. Durometer is needed to specify if that particular set of wheels are right for longboards or skateboards. Most of the manufacturers use A scale durometer. Average wheels’ durometer is 99a, the higher the number the harder the wheel is.

There are a bunch of manufacturers who use B scale instead of A scale. Their durometers are shown like this 80b. Moreover, some manufacturer experiments with dual-durometer wheels in order to offer even better riding experience. In dual-durometer wheels, inside section measures in one standard of hardness and another one on the outside. These kinds of wheels offer great speed and durability.

To give you a clear idea of why durability matters, the harder the wheels the faster you will be riding, soft wheels are slower. Hard wheels are for smooth and plain surfaces such as skate park. On the other hand, soft wheels are for casual surfaces.

78a – 87a: Wheels with these durometers are soft which are perfect for rough surfaces, and also suitable for longboards and street boards. These wheels are designed for smooth rides.

88a – 95a: These wheels have both speed and grip. Plus, these wheels are great for beginners who mostly rides on skate parks, ramps, pools or any other smooth surfaces.

96a – 99a: Little hard wheels with less grip. But the grip is still nice. Beginners might find these wheels a little bit challenging as they are not meant for rough surfaces.

101a: Well, these are for professionals. Very hard wheels and fast too and less to no grip. These wheels are only for smooth surfaces such as park, ramp, or so and definitely not for rough surfaces.

Choosing Skateboard Trucks

Another most important element of custom skateboards are the trucks or the metal axels which will be holding the wheels during countering all the wear and tear. You will see trucks mounted underneath the deck and wheels are attached to it. As most of the thing of your skateboarding depends on your wheels, then don’t you think it’s important to pay attention to those elements who will be holding them?

On the other hand, they will be withstanding all the hardness you will encounter in your daily skating, bad trucks won’t be able to hold on to extreme wear and tear, which is why choosing the right trucks is mandatory.

Height: Truck profile height means the distance in between the bottom part of the deck. Now what height will work for you will depend on how you ride. Normally, medium height trucks work fine for most skateboarders but depending on your need you can go for both high and low, though they are perfect for different styles.

Do you often perform flip tricks or will be? And want extra stability when you land? Then you should go for the low profile truck heights. Mid-size height is perfect for almost every skateboards. And lastly, high height is for those who are professionals in cruising and carving.

Width: Pick the wrong width of the trucks and you are ready to create the most awful experience of skateboarding. Trucks width correspond directly to the deck's width. If you choose trucks that are too narrow, you will have a very tough time balancing that and forget about performing tricks. On the other hand, if you choose trucks that are too wide, then there is high chance that wheels will come in contact with your shoes.

Durability: Materials are what ensures any products durability and its completely natural to not having enough knowledge about the materials. But the best alternative would be to purchase from well reputed top-rated brands. They might cost you a little extra but that worth it.

Choosing Skateboards Bearings

If you are buying a complete skateboard, you are not going to need this. This is for those who want customized skateboards. Bearings stay in the middle of the wheels and these are the things which spin smoothly. There are a few factors you should take into consideration while choosing the bearings, given below.

Materials: Bearings comes in two materials steel and ceramic. It would be wise to choose the steel bearing as they are highly durable and economical option. They also require good care, keep them always clean, well-lubricated, dry in order to make sure they last longer.

On the flip side, ceramic bearings are also a good option. Heat energy has a low impact on these and they are smoother than the steel bearings.

Size: Assessing the size of the bearing is as important as the size of the wheels. The 608 standard is the most commonly used bearing size which comes with 8mm core, 22mm outer diameter, and 7mm width. This size matches almost all the skateboard wheels. On the other hand, some skateboarders also assess all the smaller parts of the bearing such as, C-ring, inner ring, steel balls, ball retainer, shield, in order to ensure the best skateboard for them.

Skateboard Hardware

These are also known as mounting hardware. Mounting hardware is a necessary and useful tool, mostly needed when connecting the trucks to the decks. All trucks need 4 locknuts and bolts, so if you are looking forward to buying hardware for your custom skateboard then remember hardware are often sold in sets of 8 parts. But if you want you can also buy parts individually when needed.

Wait, what sizes of hardware you are planning to buy? Does that size suit your skateboard? Size plays a big role here too. The right size depends on the kind of skateboard you own. If you own a shortboard then the ideal hardware size would be one inch. For cruiser or longboards go for hardware that is 1 and 1/8 inches.

Grip Tape

The grip tape in skateboards can be defined as a grainy sheet which one part resembles sandpaper and the other side is sticky. Grip tapes are meant to be attached to the entire deck in order to give you proper grip or traction. Doesn’t matter what is your skating type or what kind of skateboard do you use, grip tapes are needed for everyone who want to stay on the board all the time. And it’must for beginners, it will help them to keep the balance and feet on the board.

There are no factors or anything that you should check before buying the grip tape. You just have to guess by touching it. Try to pick little thicker tapes they would be able to withstand roughness. But the best thing would be to pick one from a well-known brand. Reliable brands would not provide you witlow-classss products. And they can also cost a good amount of money too. So if you want to get your hand on the perfect one, don’t go after the cheap ones.

 If you have amazing design on your skateboard deck, grip tape might hide that as most of the grip tape comes in black. But there are a bunch of clear tape too which are perfect for those who want to show the design. There are some other grip tapes to which are called die-cut grip tape, these will also display the color and design of the skateboard. Make sure the grip tape will cover your entire deck.

Riser Pads

Riser pads are also called Riser. These pads are solid plastic pads which are meant to be inserted in between the trucks and deck of the skateboard. Doing this will increase the overall height of your board. Wheel bite is most common situation in skateboarding, wheel bite is when the wheels come in touch with deck and rubs it when taking any turn or performing tricks. Riser pads can reduce that, as it creates a gap between the deck and the trucks.

Not only that, wheel bite can cause accident too as during the situation wheels are tend to lose the motion because of the hard touch of the deck. And wheel bite is harmful for both the wheels and the deck. So risers are a great solution to a great problem.

Do you need riser pads? How would you going to decide that? Well, that’s very simple. If you own a skateboard that comes with larger wheels then that might cause wheel bite and riser pads are necessary for you. So you should buy riser pads if you have longboard or cruiser skateboard because they generally come with large wheels.

But if you have a shortboard and you perform different tricks, then you too should insert risers. Because there are chances of wheel bite too when the board lands on the ground after a trick flip. Riser pads also works as shock absorbers.

Before buying riser pads you have to check your wheel size and the board length. Once you have checked that, you would know what should be the distance of the board from the wheels and then insert pads as many as needed to reach to the needed height.


Price is always an issue for most people, not everyone has millions on the bank account. If you are on a tight budget, there is no chance that you could buy an expensive model. But just because of the price don’t ignore the quality. Most people go mad after cheap products which are good for nothing and they end up spending more bucks in the long run.

Good things will require a good amount of money and that’s pretty natural. If you don’t have enough budget to buy a medium quality skateboard, we would recommend you to wait a bit more and gather more money.

Needed Skateboarding Equipment List

In order to have safe and better skateboarding experience,ce there are some other things too that you should buy along with the skateboard such as glass, bag, pads, etc. Most newbie skateboarders hit the road right after just buying the skateboard which doesn’t make any sense. You should wear safety gears at least. Have a look below.

Bag: If you offer do skateboarding than investing on a top-notch backpack is must for you. Trust me, you will be thanking me later. You can ride with all the needed items in your bag such as, water bottle, books, laptops, etc. A S-Backpack becomes more important for you if you will be riding to work on your skateboard.

Moreover, if you pick a large skate bag you will be able to carry your skateboard on it when you won’t feel like carrying or riding it. But make sure you choose the one which is damage and waterproof. Don’t go after cheap bags just because they are cheap. Take a look at the RockBirds Skateboards, 31'' Pro Complete Skateboard, a nice bag comes with it.

Shoes: If you want a secure and comfortable ride, then a pair of good shoes will be the best addition to your daily skating life. Good skating shoes will keep your feet safe from any kind of unexpected accidents. And when buying shoes for skateboarding, pay your maximum attention on picking the right sole. Your sole should be comfortable and durable enough to withstand any kind of hardness.

Helmet: Another highly important gear in order to ensure safe riding every day. Most newbie skateboarders overlook the helmet when it is the only thing that would save the most sensitive part of our body from unexpected accidents. Choose a lightweight helmet so that you don’t feel uncomfortable wearing that but maker sure that’s enough durable to save your head from a hard hit.

Pads: For your knee and elbow safety, you will also need to invest on knee and elbow pads. Elbow and knee injuries are the most common injuries that happens most with the newbies when learning skateboarding or practicing any tricks. Choose a pair of knee and elbow pad with which you feel comfortable. Pick knee pads that you can slide in easily, if possible purchase Velcro strap.

Eye-protection: Any tiny element can touch your eyes or even go inside when you ride a skateboard in a speed. And that could lead to some serious accidents. Why taking such risk? Using a normal sunglass when riding can end all the problems. Moreover, a sun glass will give you protection from sun rays too.

Tool kit: Problem doesn’t always come with a pre-notice and which is why remaining prepared is necessary. Every time you skate keep a tool kit with you. Tool kits comes with all the needed things to repair or maintain the skateboard. If you face any problem during your ride or middle of the road, the tool kit will be your best helping hand. The Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard comes with T-tool kit.

How to Assemble a Skateboard?

Although, assembling custom skateboard might seem really complicated at the beginning but actually its very simple. We have demonstrated all the steps you need to follow below, take a look.

Step 1: The very first thing you would want to do is checking if you have all the necessary items or not. Once you have everything, now gather them and place each of them separately, it would be easier to pick the needed item.

Step 2: Now pick the grip tape and attach it to the deck. Set the grip tape properly so that it covers the entire foot area of the deck.

Step 3: Your deck will have holes in it and as you have already attached the grip tape over the deck, you have to punch the hole through the tape.

Step 4: After that mount the truck into the deck with the help of the screwdriver or any other tool.

Step 5: When you are attaching things, hold the hardware and make sure they stay in the place when you are adding the trucks. For fastening the nuts, you can use a socket wrench.

Step 6: Now time to install the bearings. After adding the bearings, attach the wheels to the trucks.

Step 7: You are done building a skateboard. And now it’s time to test but before you stepped onto it ensure that the screws and the tape is even. Make sure all the trucks and wheels are tight enough. And they go for the ride.

 Don’t just get on the road at the first time. Ride a few days around your home to see how well that’s actually working. If everything seems good, then you can ride on the road.

Why Should You Use a Skateboard?

Riding skateboards has several benefits. You will get both health and mental benefit. Not only skateboarding, any kind of sports are beneficial to use. Sports keeps us healthy and sharp. However, below we have listed some major benefits of riding skateboards, give it a look.

Endurance: Every time you are pushing the board with your leg, taking turns, gaining speed or trying to perform any trick or flips with a skateboard, your physical endurance is increasing. And that is really helpful in the long run.

Flexibility: Skateboarding will make all your body parts flexible. With every movement, your body flexibility is increasing which will help anyone to concentrate on things sharply.

Calorie burns: Skateboarding is an effective sport for burning calories. We burn calories with every movement we make in daily life and when you will be on skateboarding your entire body will be functioning which will burn calories. Skateboarding is indeed a fun way to burn calories.

Easy travel: Skateboards are great for travelling here to there. You can go to work or school or roam around the city with the skateboard. If not anything, skateboards will help you to avoid traffic jams.


  • Which skateboard should I choose?

That depends on your need. If you want a skateboard just for casual rides, then you can go for longboards. And if you want more intensity in the riding game such as performing challenging tricks then a shortboard might be a good catch for you.

  • How durable skateboards are?

The more high-quality material manufacturers use in the building process, the more durable they are. They are some high-quality materials which ensures the durability such as Canadian maple wood, the best material for the deck and so on.

  • How much do a skate board cost?

Different skateboard comes at different price levels. But most complete skateboards come at fifty to hundred dollars. If you want a custom skateboard, that will cost more.

Final Verdict 

Time to wrap up. Did you get the best skateboard for yourself? Let us know through the comment section. We have covered all the aspects anyone would ever need and hope that helped. If one follows the given buying guide, he or she will definitely get their hand on the right skateboard. Just reading the buying guide won’t help you from anywhere, you have to implement that knowledge in buying process in order to end up with the best one.