Best Longboard for Sliding in 2023

If your pal has been able to pull that trick off, then why can’t you? Both of you’ve got the same kind of ‘experience’ here after all. We don’t see anything that can stop you from reaching his levels.

Wait a minute! So, you’re saying this whole time he’s been able to do that just because he’s got the longboard? Well, then the problem is solved. All you have to do is pick one for yourself.

But now the question is, which one do you have in mind? If the answer is none, then let us get you to the finest one you’ve ridden so far. Don’t worry; there won’t be any shortage of options that you can’t pick from.

Best 5 Longboards for Sliding in 2023:

A longboard isn’t a piece of diamond that you’ll have to break a sweat to grab. But it’s nothing that you can grab with closed eyes either as there are hundreds of them. So, to get you on the right one, we’ve made a list of the top 5. Now you pick which one you want to ride.

1. VOLADOR 42” Freeride Longboard

  • Highly flexible while boarding.
  • Capable of absorbing shocks.
  • Comes with solid reverse kingpin trucks.
  • Trucks can be adjusted easily.
  • Excellent-quality bearings ensure complete smoothness.

When you’re an admirer of awesome designs, you simply can’t ignore something like the 42” Freeride Longboard from VOLADOR. But if you’re thinking the design is the only thing this piece has to offer, then you have no idea what’s waiting ahead.

The first thing we can’t help mentioning is its camber deck. If you were craving something not only super flex but also shock-absorbing, then this is it. So, you won’t have to take a headache while trying new tricks.

Seeing something like adjustable trucks clearly says that you’ve got the total freedom on improving maneuverability. But the makers thought of taking that at the peak with 7” reverse kingpin trucks made of genuine aluminum. And in case you need some adjustments, you can adjust them to 50° or 45° easily.

And those amazing wheels! Team VOLADOR has simply done a fabulous job by getting the 70x51mm PU wheels with 78A durometer hardness. But will they be enough to keep it smoother? Don’t worry; the high-quality ABEC-9 precision bearings are here to back you up.

2. DINBIN 41” Drop Through

  • Made of stronger material.
  • Good load capacity.
  • Comes with better control and stability.
  • Wheels are highly durable.
  • Great maneuverability.

If you’re thinking of putting your step in the world of longboarding, you better grab something precise, flexible, and strong in the first place. Looking for a suggestion? Then we don’t know too many of the options that can meet those criteria like the 41” drop-through from DINBIN.

To push the max load capacity higher, team DINBIN has given this one the 8-ply flex-hardwood maple deck. And the result came out as nothing but an amazing carrying capacity of 220 lbs.

But the sturdiness is useless if the trucks and bushing ain’t any good. Therefore, the makers again made a wiser move by putting 7” aluminum trucks in it along with ultra-high rebound bushings. So, the last thing you’ll have to worry about while riding it is better to control and stability.

One thing we couldn’t help admiring is team DINBIN’s understanding of wheel quality. They’ve put 70x51mm 85A PU easy-to-adjust wheels on this one to keep the boarding smooth as butter. Along with these highly durable wheels, its ABEC-11 precision bearings have taken the smoothness to a whole other level.

And what to say about its maneuverability? Doesn’t matter what you’re planning to try like cruising, freeride, slide, freestyle, or downhill; this 41” X 9” longboard will be perfect for each one of them.

3. Atom 41” Longboard

  • Comes with a wide deck.
  • Decently sturdy construction.
  • Comparatively comfortable and stable.
  • Comes with high-quality bearings.
  • Ensures a safe and smooth ride.

No matter how good you are with your longboard, getting one with fragile construction is more than enough to pull you down. But what if you could get something not only decently strong but also brings in everything you could’ve asked for in a longboard? Yes, we’re talking about a 41” Longboard from Atom.

The first thing that’ll literally amaze you about this Ultra-low-riding longboard is its stability. With the close-to-ground position, it lowers the chances of you losing your balance, even if you’re trying to do the craziest trick of yours.

A fair share of the appreciation for the stability goes to its impressively constructed deck as well. But don’t think that the wide 41” deck is done with its magic on the stability alone. It has made sure that you get all the sturdiness and comfort at the same time while taking a tour around the city.

Now let’s give a glance over one of the most important parts of this longboard -bearings. If we’re not wrong, ABEC-9 bearings are considered among the high-quality bearings around. As team Atom has put them in this one, you can be sure that none of the safety or smoothness will run short while you ride it.

To get some extra points on the maneuverability, the makers have added the RKP (Reverse KingPin) longboard trucks with 245mm axles. This means, from now on all you’ll get is flawless boarding.

4. Playshion 39” Freestyle Longboard

  • Ensures a smoother ride.
  • Can carry a good amount of weight.
  • Easy to control and balance.
  • Makes the ride more comfortable.
  • Comes with strong construction.

So, what are you planning to get started with? Is it cruising, sliding, downhill, freeride, freestyle, or curving? In every way, what can help you to dominate your roads is something like the Playshion Freestyle Longboard.

Looks like team Playshion has used their experience wisely on this 39” X 9.1” longboard by getting it a symmetrical and flat design. Plus, the slight concave on its middle has made it easy as pie to secure the position of your feet and keep the balance or control on point.

And the construction? The makers didn’t forget to put a touch of perfection there with a strong 8-Ply maple deck, which is also super flexible. Plus, it has a carrying capacity of 250 lbs. Do you still think it’ll have any problem with keeping up?

But what about having a smooth ride? Well, the 70x51mm PU wheels got that covered for you. And don’t think it’s doing that without its high-quality ABEC-9 bearings. By the way, don’t forget to count its adjustable 7” aluminum trucks in with soft brushing. After all, that’s what will get you all the comfort while riding.

5. Slendor 42 inch Drop Through Longboard

  • Made of highly durable materials.
  • Comes with a decent wheelbase.
  • Maintains perfection on balance.
  • Has the perfect width and length.
  • Weighs only 6.03 pounds.

There’s a list of top longboards, and not keeping the name Slendor 42-inch Drop Through on it is kind of impossible. This time the brand has brought something a little more than amazing.

Like the name, its features are equally impressive. Well, as the deck is the first thing that draws your attention, we should start with it then. Team Slendor got the flat drop-down deck made of premium materials that can easily deal with the wear ahead.

And don’t even think about putting it on the ‘random’ class of performance as it comes with the 70 mm wheelbase. Plus, it has a hardness rating of 85A. This means, that no matter whether the route is soft or rough, this bad boy can keep up easily.

Thankfully, the makers got it the Road-Rider 180 Trucks. So, these super-sturdy trucks ain’t going to let you down in the middle of the road and keep the balance on a perfect level. But to be honest, we can’t deny the contribution of its 42” length and 9” width to that whole stability thing.

You might never have noticed that the weight can pull the boarding performance down too, but team Slendor did. This is why they’ve kept their weight to just 6.03 Pounds to pull off a better performance.

Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Sliding Longboard:

Remember, you’re going to put your bucks on it. Then why would you get something that is less than the best? Want to grab the finest sliding longboard? Well, that ain’t anything impossible if you know just what to check out and we’re just about to bring that up. Let’s get started then?

Deck Type

You’ll see a ton of types in longboards while you’ll start looking for yours. But we ain’t going to eat up your time by saying all those names. If you need the longboard for sliding, then all you have to do is check out if the one you’re looking at has a drop-through deck or not. After all, that’s what you need for better sliding.

Deck Size

Like the type, you’re going to see a lot of numbers on the size as well. So, if it’s the sliding board that you’re looking for, then make sure that the length of the board is between 38” – 42”. And for the width, it has to be 8” – 10”.

Wheel Size and Durometer

Well, it’s time to have a peek at the wheel size and diameter. For longboarding, pick one with a size of 70 – 80 mm diameter, and its durometer hardness has to be something between 70a to 90a.

Trucks and Bearings

If it’s the question of balance and smoothness, you just can’t take the trucks and bearings lightly. So, if you’re not in the mood to compromise the balance, grab a longboard that has trucks with a size of 180 mm at least.

And the bearings? Well, that’s the key to your ride’s smoothness. So if you want the perfect smoothness while touring the town, grab a longboard that has bearings with ABEC 7-11 rating.

Can You Slide on Any Longboard?

Well, nobody is stopping you from trying it on any random longboard, and we’re not saying you can’t give it a try either. But the thing is, it’ll get harder or easier based on the longboard you’re grabbing.

So, if that doesn’t bother you, then you’re free to give sliding a shot on any longboard. But in case you want to be perfect, then we don’t think anything can serve you better than the sliding boards.

They come with the drop-through deck and the right wheels with the perfect hardness. Plus, they’re great with balance and stability. So, if you’re expecting a fall in the middle of the road, that’s kind of tough to happen if you’ve got one of these under your feet.

What Wheels are Best for Sliding Longboard?

Look, even if you’re grabbing the best longboards it’ll be good as nothing if it comes with the wrong wheel. By the way, the word ‘wrong’ here doesn’t indicate the size of the wheel only but the quality as well.

So, rather than relying on any specific brand, you better know what makes a wheel better for sliding. For both sliding and freeride, you need something loose, but at the same time strong as well. And don’t even think about looking at ‘expensive’ rows as no matter what you do, they ain’t going to last forever.

Make sure the one you’re picking has a narrow contact patch and also width. Plus, it needs to have a strong core along with a hard or medium durometer. In the question of diameter, check out if it’s something between 70-80mm or not. Count the Bevelled edges in as well, if you want it to hit the peak of its performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should be the ideal size of a longboard?

You’ll get to see longboards that come in sizes between 33” to 54” and are free to pick any of them. But if you’re planning to master the sliding part, then getting one between 38” to 42” will be perfect.

  1. How to understand if the longboard is good for high-speed running or not?

If it’s the high speed that you’re looking for in your next longboard, then make sure it comes with wheels that have a 70mm+ diameter along with a 75a+ durometer. Don’t forget to check if the bearings have ABEC 7+ rating or not.

  1. What does the durometer indicate in the wheels?

It indicates the level of hardness of the wheels.

  1. Are longboards for beginners good for tricks?

Usually, longboards for beginners are made suitable enough for cruising, sliding, downhill, freeride, freestyle, and curving. But they’re often not the best choice for tricks.

  1. How to pick the soft or hard wheels for the longboard?

If you want the soft one, then pick something with a durometer rating between 75 – 80a. But if you like it hard, something within the range of 83-88a will be better.

At the end of the day, it’s you who’ll have to grab his/her own ride. To be honest, we don’t think you need to settle for anything but the best. And we bet you can do that more easily now as you’re not clueless as before about how to get the right one. So, pick right, ride safe!

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