Best Longboard for Dancing

Which is the Best Longboard for Dancing in 2023?

If there is something humans are good at, it’s creating remarkable ways for us to have fun. We have made the earth our big playground. In one of our attempts to create another exciting way to amuse ourselves, we come up with the best longboard for dancing.

Longboarding began in the 1950s with Hawaiian surfers, but as time passed, new skills were introduced, and dancing on a longboard became a thing. It requires a level of expertise and an ideal board.

Nowadays, you find more specialized in the market. This means getting the perfect board for yourself might prove to be an arduous task if you’re not sure what to look out for. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered on that side. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the best one for you that will help you pull off iconic moves and increase your street credibility.

Best 6 Longboards for Dancing in 2023:

To be honest, you can choose to dance on any board. But that would be you saying “I don’t care about my experience or safety, I just want to hop about on a speeding board.” That is so not cool.

Perhaps you have decided to get a good dancing board for yourself, but then you face a problem identifying the one that uniquely suits you. This is why we have taken time out to scrutinize a lot of dancing boards and have shortlisted the six best boards.

There, problem solved, you are welcome. So let’s get right into it.

1. VOLADOR 46 inch Maple | Best Longboard Deck

  • Package Dimension: 46 x 10 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 220 pounds.
  • Colors: Chief, Flamingo, Pinewood, Sketch, Spiral, Spring, Tribe, Tiger.
  • Great designing
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Solid build
  • Suitable for beginners or pros both

Here’s an elite board created using the most intricate methods known to makers. It is among the best for any trick you might have up your sleeves.

  • Setup

This is a board that supports pretty much any style you can think of (yes, it is that versatile). From “cool cruise lovers” to “crazy downhill riders”, it doesn’t matter. This excellent board has you all covered.

It also has an excellent shape that supports stability and can bear a tremendous amount of weight.

  • Deck

On this board, you’ll find one of the most spacious decks around. It is made of hard maple that gives the deck a rock-solid structure.

Alongside this, there is a slight upward concave that allows you to accelerate wildly just before executing your dance moves. The lightweight this deck possesses enables you to direct the board with minimal effort.

Don’t be fooled though; its lightweight doesn’t stop it from supporting people who weigh as much as 220 pounds.

  • Trucks and Wheels

Beneath the board are fantastic trucks that provide exceptional maneuverability. The trucks are so flexible that the riders can maintain top speed even in crowded areas while taking sharp turns without being scared of losing control. Plus, you do not have to worry about them breaking due to sudden shifts (thanks to intricate design).

Another great thing about the trucks is their adjust-ability. You can tinker with them based on the needs of any style you want to execute.

Attached to the trucks are wheels that provide all your needs from the wheels of good for dancing. They are good at dealing with significant bumps you might encounter on your terrain. Their largeness provides a balance that delights riders. Not to mention, they can travel long distances without needing a break.

2. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards

  • Package Dimension: 46  x  9 inches
  • Weight: 9.8 Pounds (Shipping Weight)
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
  • Colors: Bamboo

Crafted from a superior blend of bamboo and fiberglass materials, this one is for every board dancer out there that wishes to have a high-performing and flexible board.

  • Setup

Created with unique craftsmanship, it easily stands out amongst other dance longboards. Its unique shape and structure make it suitable for numerous cruising and carving tricks you might want to try out alongside your dance moves.

  • Deck

The deck is made up of a combination of bamboo and fiberglass, which furnishes the board with lightweight. These materials, combined with the deck’s upward concave, allow the rider to reach and maintain top speed with minimal effort.

Maneuvering this masterpiece is a simple task because of its top-notch flexibility and unique grip provided by the sandblasting covering on the deck. Don’t forget it’s a drop-through board too; it has a lower center of gravity which significantly enhances smooth riding.

Altogether, the deck is durable, and it supports excellent speed and balance. Also, it bears a weight of up to 275 pounds, making it suitable for heavy users.

  • Trucks and Wheels

Attached to this are trucks that raise the board above the ground. Consequently, the board executes sharper turns and better carving. Since the trucks provide excellent stability, all levels of dancers ranging from beginners to professionals can rock this one. It will give you high-quality aluminum 7-inch trucks and 70mm 78A high rebound urethane wheels.

Although the wheels are best suited for activities on a hard terrain because of their softness, they offer hitch-free cruising and provide a good grip on the ground.

Bearings found around the wheels and truck help provide a smooth riding experience and help dancers hit top speed quickly.

Keep in mind that it has soft wheels and the trucks might need to be loosened depending on your preference as a rider, but all around, it’s a world-class board that will keep you doling out titillating tricks for a long time to come.

3. Hana 42″ Collection

  • Package Dimension: 42 x 9 Inches
  • Item Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Riding Style: Dancing
  • Deck Materials: Bamboo with Hard Maple Core
  • Shape: Symmetric Cutout
  • Imported flexible maple deck
  • High-angle Paris-style trucks.
  • Durable 70mm wheels
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight

Looking for a revolutionary dancing board? This one fits the bill. Let’s see what makes this board highly rated.

  • Setup

A notable quality is the ruggedness of this genuinely superior that allows you to travel with it in any condition without damaging it. Its delightful easy-to-push feature ensures that you can cover long distances with it without even breaking a sweat.

Coupled with this is its large size that gives you enough room to get comfortable with your feet on it while pulling off daring tricks fearlessly. Riding on this board feels like having a dance partner; the fluidity it provides is surreal.

  • Deck

The deck is made of laminated maple that possesses an attractive design. Many owners complain about the quality of the designs on their boards and how they wear off quickly, but that’s not the case with this one. Its enthralling designs are long-lasting and do not show signs of fading away.

They are commonly put off by wheel bites when they suddenly attempt sharp turns on their dancing boards. With this board, however, you can make tight turns at high speed without breaking the rhythm you already established.

That’s not all! The super-strong deck is also able to support hefty people. It comfortably carries weight rising to 250 pounds. The grip tape pasted over it provides riders with a firm grip.

  • Trucks and Wheels

Like all other drop-through, it has a lowered center of gravity, and this provides excellent stability for riders. The trucks allow you to maneuver the board easily and hold the wheels firmly. That way, you don’t have to be scared of seeing your wheels fly off when you hit top speed.

No matter how sleek a board is, if the wheels are made of cheap materials, you’ll still have an output that’s mostly average or even below average.

Good news though! The wheels on this superior board are super-efficient. They have a smooth texture and are perfectly tailored toward delivering high speed and stability. You won’t find them wobbling while you’re on the run.

Want to hear something cool? These wheels have shock absorbers that reduce the shock you feel when you run into cracks or holes in your terrain. The top-quality bearings provide the wheels with stability. These bearings contain a high-speed lubricant that ensures your wheels roll smoothly and are kept in place. An added advantage is that the bearings do not wear off easily.

4. AODI 46″ Complete Canadian Maple Wood

  • Package Dimension: 46 x10 Inches
  • Weight: 7.94 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Fully assembled: Yes

Here’s another genuinely delightful board with special features that make it suitable for elite dance tricks. It’s called a drop-through board because it is closer to the ground.

  • Setup

Made from top-quality maple, this board has a low center of gravity. Consequently, it’s more stable compared to other boards. Its length gives you a vast amount of room to maneuver your feet while performing your favorite dance tricks on the move.

Another eye-catching characteristic of the drop-through board is the incredible stability it provides. Since a minimal amount of effort is required to maintain your balance, you’ll be more comfortable covering long distances. This makes it an outstanding choice for beginners and kids.

Added to the structural stability is an anti-skid feature on the deck that helps keep dancers from falling off.

  • Deck

The deck of a dancer’s board is one of the key features people look out for when making board purchase decisions. Herein, the maple drop-through’s deck is one of the finest you’ll find. Its maple material offers you a sturdy structure. The deck size allows for greater weight distribution.

The deck’s stable outlook isn’t its only advantage; it also has a finely outlined anti-slip surface. All in all, a user gets a durable surface that allows free-flowing carving and cruising even at ridiculously high speed. Plus, a significant assurance of safety.

In addition to this, the strength of the deck is awe-inspiring. It can comfortably carry weight reaching up to 250 pounds.

  • Trucks and Wheels

Their specially designed shock-absorbers also enable stability while riding. Attached to the trucks are large wheels that are good at dealing with little obstructions like cracks and small rocks along your terrain.

Are you a lover of speed? Then you’ll love these wheels because they are fast and allow you to glide smoothly as you pick up speed.

Handling weight and pressure isn’t a problem for the wheels. Its super-durable bearings provide exceptional support and reduce the stress on the wheels. These cool bearings also see to it that the board can endure top rotational speed; allowing you to twist and turn all you want.

Here’s a con though; due to the absence of kick tails on the board, the tricks you can perform on it are limited.

5. Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo

  • Package Dimension: 48.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: Flex 1: 150-270+ lbs Flex 2: 90-190+ lbs.
  • Colors: Version 2 – Orangatang

Are you interested in a board strictly made for dance? Then this board is your best bet.

  • Setup

Made with laminated bamboo with a cork in the middle, this massive board is a beauty to behold. It has plenty of room that allows you to dance freely without being scared of losing your footing. Although it looks bulky, it has a lightweight that enables agile movement.

The tail kicks and nose on the dance board are to die for. They are brilliantly structured to facilitate the execution of blockbuster tricks, including daring ones.

  • Deck

The exceptional features of this deck include its soft, and comfy feel that grips your feet while giving you the freedom to move the board around as you wish. It is lower to the ground, and your feet sink in slightly while you’re on it, thus allowing more comfortable pushing.

There is a soft concave that provides excellent board control too, and the large grip tape across the deck encourages riders to attempt daring tricks.

There’s more. The board comes with two different flex specifications. Flex 1 is for people who weigh 150-270+ lbs, while the Flex 2 is for those that weigh 90-190+ lbs.

  • Trucks and wheels

Well-placed grips between the trucks support tricks like carving, pirouettes, and a host of others. You could say the board was made for tricks. Its highly adaptive wheels guard against wheel bites and produce a smooth riding experience.

6. WHOME PRO 42″

  • Package Dimension: 42 x 9 inch
  • Weight: 7.4 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 330 Pounds
  • Colors: 4 Different Colors are available

Skateboard and longboard enthusiasts know about Whome; it’s a well-reputable brand that manufactures a wide variety of boarding accessories. For those who are looking for a long-distance comfortable rolling experience, this 42-inch has many features to offer.

  • Setup

It offers you a 42-inch long platform to dance, crave, cruise, and maneuver comfortably. Its contours will make you feel much more secure and allow you to move around easily.

The deck and trucks feel very durable. In fact, the trucks will provide you with great stability, which is crucial for newbies and beginners. If you prefer going with speed, its faster commuting characteristic will surely impress you.

  • Deck

Whome made this beauty with 8 ply Alpine hard rock maple deck, and it feels very premium. Due to its lightweight structure, you will be able to freely dance on it without any struggle. Additionally, it can take you on the road at a faster speed than others.

The deck is perfectly teamed with an aluminum alloy truck. Its 31.5-inch wheelbase makes it very stable even when you attempt to show off some risky tricks and skills.

Although it’s a lightweight board, there is nothing to worry about the durability. It’s well-structured and enough sturdy to take a load of up to 330lbs.

  • Trucks

The PU wheels on this are pretty large; thus, there will be no complaints regarding the speed. As I said before, the board feels very stable due to the wide wheelbase.

If bearings are one of your concerns, it got high precision ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings that ensure top performance regardless of your skill. Its 7-inch truck got aluminum alloy construction along with a carbon steel shaft. So, not only the deck assures you of the durability, the trucks are even serious ones.

Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Longboard for Dancing:

Picking the perfect one can be stressful and confusing. You need to know what to look out for so you can make an informed decision and get yourself a good dancing board that will meet all your needs.

What then should you consider?

The Board’s Deck

Dancing boards involve a lot of movement, so you need a roomy deck. The goal is to get one that provides enough freedom for you to perform all your favorite tricks while also considering factors like your height.

Longer boards are better for taller people, and short ones are preferable for short riders.

Also, a combination of a big deck and wide wheelbase guard against wobbles when the board is speeding across a terrain. Boards with decks that are closer to the ground are better for dance tricks, but it’s easier to push them, so look out for the deck’s height too.


It is advisable to go for dance boards that strike a balance between flex and stability. It fit this bill are made of bamboo alone or a blend of bamboo and maple or fiberglass.


Consider the terrain you’ll mostly be longboarding in. Soft wheels are better suited to rough terrains while hard wheels move more efficiently on smooth surfaces. The size of the wheels also matters. Humongous wheels might impede acceleration, and that’s one thing you do not want.

Pay attention to the shape of the wheels too. Wheels are of two types: square lips and round wheels. For dancing, round lips are preferable because they provide excellent smoothness and respond faster when you’re taking tight turns and attempting advanced tricks.

The Board’s Shape

Ideal dancing boards should have a mild concave so you won’t lose your footing while trying for moves. Boards with an almost flat deck allow you to hop, spin and land comfortably without necessarily disrupting the rhythm you have set.

Check for Kick Tails

Generally, boards without kick tails provide more stability but those do not offer riders the option of performing advanced tricks. For an expert who’s looking for an opportunity to try out exciting tricks and stunts, a board with kick tails is the ideal choice.

However, if you are yet to grasp the techniques involved in riding a dance board, then you might want to go for one without kick tails so that you can enjoy greater stability while you learn how to ride hard.


Money is always a factor, of course. You should have a budgeted amount for your board. There are affordably priced in the market that will serve you well. All you need do is look in the right places.

But if you can afford the luxury of purchasing a pricey one, why not? Ensure you buy from trusted dealers, though.

Special Features of Best Dancing Longboard:

Is all the fuss about choosing a longboard suitable for executing dance moves worth it? You bet it is! It is created with dancers in mind have features that set them apart and facilitate the smooth execution of dance moves.

Let’s take a quick look at why these are so desirable:

  • Longboards are typically huge. They have longer and broader decks than the average. This is so you will have ample room to walk the board, spin, cross feet and perform other skills while the dance board is in motion.
  • Their substantial size ensures that you have a stable platform that can bear your weight and help you change direction easily as you shift around to perform your moves.
  • A dancer board also has a kicktail for manuals; it allows you to combine freestyle moves with your dancing. With this, you can perform maneuvers like the “shove-its” and “ghost-rides” by merely kicking the tail or nose of your board while you are in motion. More tricks, more fun!
  • This is a considerable advantage. Because for dance tricks, you require a massive board that provides stability. It can roll smoothly on uneven terrain and still stay on course.
  • Another peculiar feature of this is its mildly concave deck. This ensures that your feet have sufficient room to move around on the deck while you are shifting in between moves. Every dancer requires a platform that supports a quick withdrawal of their feet for easy maneuvering.
  • They have bigger wheels that allow the board to roll for a longer time, thereby giving the dancer more time to execute moves, adjust his position and regain balance while in motion.

If you are going to be dancing, then you should have the perfect board that will guarantee a delightful experience, don’t you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep it in good condition?

A lot of things go into this, but here are a few basic things you can do to maintain the quality of your dancing board.

  • Ride in terrains that your wheels are designed to handle easily
  • Inspect the bearings often to ensure they are spinning correctly and replace them when worn.
  • Check bushings to ascertain if they have become flat or stiff.

How do I stop my trucks from squeaking?”

This squeaking sound is probably due to friction. You’ll need to disassemble the trucks by taking the hanger off the baseplate of the board. Then apply wax around the pivot cup and reassemble the truck when you’re done. That should stop the awkward sound.

Do I need protective pads for dancing?

Yes, you do. You can never be too careful. But then if you think you won’t be trying any daring tricks or going through rough terrain, you may choose to ride without them.

How do I maintain the nose and tail?

Nose and tail guards are available for some boards, but they’re pricey. You can improvise by wrapping very strong forms of duct tape around the nose and tail of the board to protect them. This will have to be done very often because duct tape wears quickly.

I keep hearing “durometer”, what does it mean?

It’s simply the unit of measurement we use to indicate the hardness of wheels – a measure of how hard or soft the wheels of a dancing board are. They guide in making informed decisions when selecting the wheels based on terrain and personal preference.

There’s this saying: “the board chooses its rider” – okay we made that up, but the point is; relax. Know what to look for, but don’t be nervous or scared that you’ll pick the wrong board. Only lookout for a top-quality board that’s calling out to you and splash the cash to make sure it’s yours.

The excitement and thrill that come from executing dance moves on a moving platform are irresistible. You already have the desire for this exhilarating sport. What’s left? Hopefully, now you know which is the best dancing longboard.

So, Arm yourself with the perfect dance board. Go get it already!

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