Best Longboard for Commuting in 2023

A longboard can be a convenient item that is often used as a means of transportation. It helps you move around places incredibly fast, without having to worry about the traffic. And we are well aware of how heinous our traffic conditions can get these days. Once you get the hang of using it without any trouble, you will find yourself whooshing past the traffic like the Flash himself. Figuring out the best commute is a task that must be well done.

Considering the amount of traveling you will be doing with it. Whether you are making your way to class or roaming around the neighborhood, it is safe to say longboards can take you to your destination without any worries.

Top 5 Longboards for Commuting in 2023:

Now using a longboard might be very easy for you, but it is no easy job to find the top-rated commuter longboard while you are at it. There is a vast amount of options to choose from, considering the overwhelming popularity of longboards. So many brands are at war to claim the throne. However, to make this task notably easier for you, we have come up with the best reviews after rigorously going through a substantial amount of research and testing.

1. WjlyueKing 41 Inch Commuting Board

  • Comes with a durable and reliable touch
  • It is highly responsive
  • Gives a smooth and flawless ride
  • Provides enhanced stability & security

Wjlyue-King has become a leading longboard company in the world of boarding by manufacturing products that meet the customers’ requirements. They started their production faithfully, but they still rose to fame through their motto.

To put it, their motto was to provide a first-class experience through their high durability at an affordable price. This particular product by Wjlyue-King is light weighs. That means it can be carried around without any effort. Plus, its slightly heavier aspect provides stability.

Furthermore, it has dimensions that are 41 inches by 9.5 inches. This measurement suggests that it has an extensive base with a length that is up to the mark. It significantly reduces the resistance while you cruise and sway along the streets. Feel free to enjoy the sensation of flying around. In making this longboard for commuting, a handful of layer of high-grade, long-lasting, and durable bamboo and Canadian maple has been used.

As you all know, maple is one of the harder hardwoods. It is more powerful and durable than other woods, so it takes everything life throws at it. Plus, it consists of clear grip tape so that your shoes can grip the board. It helps hold onto your longboard’s surface to provide traction. It also provides with utmost security.

One of its significant features is the drop-through trucks. It is merely a form of mounting trucks. It ensures increased stability and security by lowering the center of gravity of the user. Another plus point of Wjlyue-King invention is these 8-inch 181 aluminum trucks are aluminized with smooth varnishing and ultra-high rebound bushing.

As for the wheels, this product uses 70x51mm high rebound Urethane wheels. This wheel provides ultra-level strength when it comes to carrying weight, plus holds onto the ground as lightly as possible. Moreover, the bearing used is a durable Abec 9 Hellion with built-in spacers. This attribute provides fast and high-quality performance with higher longevity.

2. VOLADOR 40inch Maple Commuter

  • Package Dimension: 40 x 8.75 inches
  • Light Weight
  • Able to Carried Heavy Weight
  • 100% maple deck
  • Bamboo ensures durability
  • Provides stable and responsive rides
  • Three flex ratings

To start, Volador has significantly increased the competition of making the best. Their primary purpose is to ensure high-quality performance at all costs. Since the early 21st century, their sole goal is to maximize the amount of user-friendly and high-quality longboards in the market.

They have accomplished their goal and successfully maintained high accords for their innovative inventions. Perhaps you are searching for an excellent old commuter, but for some of you, performing tricks is a weakness.

And to make this matter better, Volador 40″ offers you advanced technology that makes sure your board can carve and glide its way through the streets.

Moreover, its Paris trucks are matte black and have a dimension of 180mm and an angle of 50 or 45 degrees. It allows the user to carve and freestyle effortlessly and regulates the turning response. It consists of a 7-Inch reverse kingpin truck of decks that ensures stability. They are easy to slide as the center of gravity is much lower.

The large cutouts provide the wheels with lots of clearance for deep turns and carving. Furthermore, nose and tail kicks offer opportunities for freestyle tricks. Kick tails are also crucial for sharp turns, pivots, slides, and general maneuvering in the streets.

Plus, the cambered profile and mild concave also add to making carve-oriented pleasant and responsive. What’s more, it maintains its high-performance flex ability through its top-of-the-line manufacture from a mixture of bamboo and fiberglass.

It offers three flex ratings according to your weight and choice; the lower flex suggests for those who are keen on the tricks while the upper flex is for those who prefer responsive turning. To add to the ocean of features, it also includes 70mm PU wheels. It has a firmness of 80A which signifies more control and high speed. Its lightweight composition and subdued 80A ensure a great commuter-style board.

3. PINESKY 41 Inch Complete Commuter

  • Package Dimension: 41 x 9.5 inches
  • Light Weight
  • Weight Capacity: 220+ Pounds
  • High-Quality Wheel
  • Strong ply maple wood construction
  • No rusting on trucks because of aluminum
  • Supports up to 220lbs

Being confused about which one to buy is a common problem. But it is a huge problem that most of us face while making purchases. However, PINESKY promises to eliminate this concern by introducing its products to the world.

That is the amount of confidence they have in their creation. They are providing high quality and performance at a low price for both longboard skateboards.

When it comes to the size and weight of the commuter style, it has dimensions of 41 x 9.5 inches, and the pressure is 9.5 pounds. Its broad base and great length, plus its bulk, are perfect for heavier users.

Moreover, PINESKY  designed and configured their invention with ply maple wood. It ensures significantly improved durability. It also allows you to slide and turn without experiencing any rattling or vibrations, as its strength is very high.

Furthermore, it contains 70x51mm elastic wheels. This diameter of the wheels ensures higher acceleration, responsiveness, and stability. Almost all professionals highly recommend it.

It has excellent compatibility with all types of decks. This material used in the making of the wheels comes with a different nature, which offers bounce and enough grip.

On the other hand, the high-quality aluminum trucks make the board strong. This material ensures corrosion does not occur. Also, it features sidewinder trucks that are made of double-pivot quality. There are several dazzling colors offered by PINESKY. All the colors have a glossy finish and burnished look. Lastly, PINESKY consists of pro-black grip tape. They are used for achieving the stance required to take turns at high speed. Moreover, it contains an ABEC-11 chrome steel bearing. It has been concluded that the higher the Abec rating, the more compact its tolerance. It also results in high precision.

4. Sector 9 Lookout Drop through 42″

  • Package Dimension: 36.3 x 9.75 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 6.9 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Long-lasting
  • Unique with the best designs
  • Very stable and quick to learn
  • Wider riding surface
  • Sand grit for maximum grip

Sector 9 is an incredibly proud company as its ambition and commitment have allowed them to provide customers with high-quality products and game-changing technologies.

The brand has over 20 years of experience in the field of production, and by using this experience, they have built a company for both longboard skateboards that not only satisfies the customers but put them on the pedestal at all costs.

This particular board provides a deck of 36.3 inches. If you are new to the world of longboarding, then this size is perfect for you to start learning. It also consists of laser-engraved graphics that give it a stylish look.

The model makes sure that you are cruising through the street as if you are surfing on the ocean. The manufacturers achieve this by eliminating wheel bite, which is the wheel rubbing against the bottom of the deck. Moreover, this results in sudden stoppage, and wheel well cuts have been installed at the bottom of the deck.

Moreover, the pintail shape is impressive when it comes to learning how to skate. It is optimal for carving and cruising around places; most pin-tailed boards are structured to be longer, which ensures a solid base. The combination of bamboo and maple constructs Sector 9.

Bamboo will keep on flexing, but no crack will show whatsoever regardless of its endless flexing. maple wood provides a stronger and sturdier approach. It also helps pick up speed without any effort. To ensure maximum carving power and stability at higher speed and further provide easy turning and maneuverability.

This has been mounted with high-angle Paris-style trucks. Wondering what the best longboard wheels for commuting are? Sector 9’s wheels satiate all the requirements of the customer.

If you are worried about what your feet will hold on to while you cruise through your neighborhood, then fret not because it offers a sand grit finish, which provides just that.

5. Quest Totem 36″

  • Package Dimension: 37.01 x 10.51 x 5.98 inches
  • Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Able to Carried Heavy Weight
  • Offers two distinct flexes
  • Large platform
  • High endurance, strength, and stability

It says more about the reliability and efficiency of the company when two of its products show up in a review. Quest Totem have proved the quality and performance of products over and over again to their customers.

Also, it provides a whopping 37.01 inches by 10.51 inches platform; you are welcome to do continuous and undisturbed legwork on this vast platform. Its nose and kick, which are incorporated with urethane bumpers, not only allow you to do an indefinite amount of trickery but also provide protection from any damage.

It concave allows dancing and freestyle. The sturdy bamboo and composite construction make for lighter, stronger decks that have flex.

Flex means how soft and rigid the board is. A soft board will have more flex, and riders should cruise, carve, and dance.

Quest Totem offers two distinctive flex. Flex one provides a stiffer overview with an extra bamboo layer, which means it lets you remain on your board even while you pull out stunts. However, flex two does not contain the extra bamboo layer. It makes more lightweight and bouncier.

It is configured with reverse kingpin trucks. It allows you to do more controlled and smooth turning and makes your responses much more perfect. So, whether you are commuting from one place to another easily, this feature makes it so much easier for you. When it comes to the wheels, no one does it better than Quest Totem. It consists of orangutan wheels with a size of 65x51mm. The 80A is ideal for commuting and cruising. However, you can opt for an 86A version, if you are more into freestyle sliding and tricks.

Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Longboard for Commuting:

To answer this question, you need to understand a few crucial details. Before making a big purchase, it is ideal to familiarize yourself with the features and factors that provide the building block. This part of the process is as essential for the novice as it is for every pro enthusiast.


What are the ideal types? A common question asked by most of the devotees. It mostly depends on the manner you prefer to ride, so there’s no right or wrong to be exact. It relies heavily on your comfort level.

  • Downhill

Well, it is as scary as it sounds. Rest assured, it is not ideal for beginners. It helps you with each absolute high speed in no time. To ensure stability, it consists of a flat outlook and has long wheelbases. They tend to have stiff necks and rough grip tapes.

The wheels offer hard edges that make sure the grip is perfectly stable at high speed. It is perfect for your freestyle spirit to opt for a downhill.

  • Cruiser

Most of us prefer using it for commuting through the streets and making it to places much more quickly. For novices, this is recommended due to its increased security.

Through the act of cruising and carving through the sloping alleys, you can enjoy your experience more efficient. If you are unaware of precisely what you want, then these have been built with the whole focus of the board being about simple, enjoyable cruising.

Deck Material

The construction material is an essential factor. It provides you with durability and firmness considering your choice. And your preference plays a huge role. While sorting through the material, it is incredibly crucial to understand and determine your riding style.

Also, the way you choose to help influence your decision on the material choice since different matter provides a different level of comfort zone.


There is a notable increase in the number of bamboo. Most of your fellow user tends to opt for bamboo for various reasons. If you are someone who is seeking out both lightweight and strength at the same time, then bamboo bestows upon you just that.

These decks are strong enough to make your flexing experience much more superior. It provides excellent service involvement including commuting, dancing, and cruising.

No amount of flexing will result in any damage to your board; Along with its durability, bamboo is eco-friendly as it prevents soil erosion.


If you already had experience purchasing before, then you will be familiar with maple. It is the most common material used.

While performing the jumps and flying tricks on your sleeve, you eliminate the worry of breaking your board or causing any damage to you as a matter of fact. It provides an outstanding amount of sturdiness. Along with this feature, it serves as the most durable wood for the experience to be optimum.


Trucks are T-shaped metal piece that is fastened with wheels and mounted onto the underside of the deck. The magnitude of these trucks can be measured by the hanger width or the axle width.

The vehicles hold significant impact, considering the style depends remarkably on them. There are two tracks available. As for the hanger width, the hanger width is required to match the width of the board. The axle of the truck goes through the hanger.

Subsequently, the baseplate angle of the truck determines the ability to control the turns. The baseplate is the topmost part of the truck that is secured to the deck. It is suggested to have a moderate or higher baseplate angle to ensure stellar carving and cruising with utmost reliability.


Keeping an eye out for the wheels is extremely necessary. Both you and your board have a huge amount of dependency on the wheels.

Wheels are made to handle rougher surfaces as smoothly as possible due to them being large. An optimal speed can be achieved easily through these large wheels.


The diameter solely depends on your personal choice and riding technique to make matters more interesting. With that being said, the width is an essential aspect. The number is directly proportional to the size of the wheel.

And as you are well aware by now, bigger wheels achieve higher speeds quicker than smaller wheels. However, smaller wheels can be helpful for beginners.


As for the durometer, it estimates merely the measure of the wheel’s toughness. Harder and tougher wheels are highly recommended to attain elevated speed quickly. Although softer wheels are much more reliable for those, who enjoy the grip and stability while commuting through the area.


Wheels come in various forms to satisfy your preference and riding style. Wheels that offer a rounded lip shape help you glide through the slides ever so smoothly.

However, it might cause problems while making turns as gripping becomes hard with no edges. It is an excellent choice for cruising and freestyle riding. Another form of wheel is the one with straight edges; the feature is in the name.

It provides more exceptional grip and security due to its added borders. For downhill riders, this is their ideal wheel choice.


For those who are still unsure what bearings are, it merely means the spinning of the wheel as the moves. Bearing is a prominent part of your boards as they inhibit motion and without motion.

One of the most crucial factors that you have to be aware of regarding bearings is their tolerance rating system. The ABEC rating system does the measurement of tolerance as far as the bearing is concerned.

The higher the ABEC rate, the more precise and accurate the bearing will be. The rating system includes categories of 1,3,5,7 and 9, with nine being the highest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard?

Well, the shape. If you get a look at both of them, the outlook differences are crystal clear. Skateboards curve upwards at both ends, while longboards tend to have all sorts of shapes and forms to choose from. They have no distinct curving like the skateboards.

However, they consist of two narrow strips at both ends for a stronger grip. Longboards tend to be 35 to 60 inches long and 9 to 10 inches wide. Skateboards are small. Its size varies from 28 to 34 inches and 7 to 10 inches. Longboards have bigger wheels than skateboards. More Info here.

  • Is longboarding dangerous?

It solely depends on you and your way of using longboards. As long as you are on the safe side and previously had an incredible teacher who taught you well, you have nothing to worry about. Longboarding can only mount to be dangerous if you are reckless and ignore the safety precautions.

And remember, practice makes everyone perfect.

  • Do I need to wear a helmet?

Better safe than sorry. And yes, you do. Whether you prefer low speed or high speed, it is advised to wear a helmet at all times. You have to think about your protection first.

Gloves are another safety precaution that you have to maintain if you are someone who likes to slide more often. It is highly advised to get yourself a pair of gloves to prevent any injuries to your hands. Knee and elbow pads are optional, but it is a necessity for beginners.

Perhaps, it is safer for you to wear these pads and roam the area to ensure better judgment over your body.

  • Is a longboard good for exercise?

Many enthusiasts consider this recreational activity as a part of their workout routine because it has so many positive effects on the body. It burns 4 to 7 calories per minute. Moreover, it provides you with great cardio and amounts of significant strength exercise. Details here.

It also increases the flexibility of your body, making it an ideal aerobic activity. Along with its faster and quicker approach to places, it provides you with a healthy physique, and that equals a more extended life. Who does not want that?

  • What size longboard should I get?

The size of the longboard correlates with the style of your riding. The shorter board offers quick turns. But if you are someone who likes cruising and carving at high speed, then a larger board is more suitable.

Your height is also an important issue here. Shorter people should opt for shorter longboards to ensure the utmost stability. However, tall people can also use these longboards.

What is the best? After all, is said and done, we hope you have found your answer. And finally, we are at the end of this journey. This article’s main aim was to assist you in the decision to purchase the best commuter longboard.

And by our navigation through this excruciating process and putting into consideration all the features and factors, it’s time for you to make the final purchase.

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